Clearing the Game at the End of the World


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Professor Park, a Wasteland solo survivor for the past 7 years.

Depleted supplies. A broken generator. A crazy gang tracking him down.

At the brink of death, he makes a desperate decision!

“Shit! You call this a game?!”

To go inside a game!

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세상의 끝에서 클리어를 외치다
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10 Reviews

Dec 11, 2022
Status: c36
Wow, this is by far the best newly translated novel I have seen. It's very realistic for it's premise, the character interactions are very funny and realistic, and the MC actually do stuff to survive in the real world so far, not simply stuck inside the game world.

It's also not just one sided fun and games, the MC is also grounded in real deep trauma, as you expect from people trying to survive an apocalypse.

Definitely give this a read. (Hopefully the quality of the story won't drop)
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Apr 01, 2023
Status: c134
Everything about this novel is amazing. The world of post apocalypse and the world of the dark fantasy (i guess) game, their both respective stories, characters interactions, the main character, the plot. Genuinely everything is to the point.

This my first review on this website and I created an account just to make this review so more people could learn about this novel.

(English is my second language and I am sorry if I made any mistakes).

And also guys please show some activity here on novelupdates, translators said kn discord that... more>> they will be cutting the amount of chapters released in a week to 3 until this novel gets more recognition, so I beg you to read and rate this novel <<less
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Think Positive
Think Positi
Mar 18, 2023
Status: c77
This having 4 stars goes to show that you can't trust user reviews. Both stories are pretty good and complement each other nicely.

Not a power-fantasy for the tiktok-brains out there, the MC is probably more OP outside of the game than in it. But as he's a loner (at first) in the wasteland, he's among the most vulnerable still.

Many good and unique story elements, and the characters are maybe 3, 5-4/5, but character interactions are 5/5.
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Nov 21, 2022
Status: c27
I am a fan of post-apocalyptic, fantasy, sci-fi, and a good story.

This one has all of it so I gave 5 stars. (Although it less than 30 free ch atm)

Good story so far, the in-game experience not like most other VR story where they get OP stat character, or regressing to be successful OP VR player, MC just a veteran casual player *that have skill like most pro veteran players but not the most top elite like other novels*, started to play the not-so-safe immersive game again because poverty... more>> strikes at the worst moment in post-apocalypse.


Using random character traits (and one of a viewer pick) he tried to survive in the immersive (brain breaking) game.

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God Emorly
God Emorly
Nov 17, 2022
Status: c33
I am a very picky reader and there aren't many novels which I don't drop because they are overdramatic or too slow paced ect.

But this is an unexpected new gem I have found which for one is very good at building tension ... more>>

for example our protagonist found himself in a battlefield with the physique comparable to that of a little child but because of his trait honorary knight he could'nt run away naturally he finds a way to overcome that

which felt similar in nature to gems like sword pilgrim or a newer one such as a love letter from the future.

It also excels at being realistic or better said congruent so that every powerup feels rightfully earned and satisfying.

Almost all characters seem interesting, memorable ande the chat which is used for streaming purposes can be extremely hilarious. #Ilovespeedwagon

Altough naturally it isn't without flaws and as of right now the translation is not the best but good enough for someone that wont read MTL novels.

And sometimes the things happening inside the story can feel kind of all over the place but even through all that I am hyped for more and hope I might have made someone else hyped as well. <<less
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Jul 02, 2023
Status: c132
Twists, nice. World-building, also nice—both in and out of the game. Character development and relationships between them, real nice. The protagonist also reminds me of a certain Marbel/Sonii character (I butchered the spellings but I hope some will get it).
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Jun 30, 2023
Status: c112
This being rated only 4.2 while other much worse novels get 4.5 and above ratings is totally bizarre. Like, I can't figure out how anyone with enough literacy and comprehension ability would rate this 1-2 stars, because even if you don't like the subject matter, you can't deny that this is one well written novel. The author knows what he's doing and clearly knows which direction he's going to take this to, which is much more than I could say for some other well-known novels with high ratings.

Right from the... more>> start anyone who's read enough light novels would know the author's not just another run of the mill korean light novelist regurgitating the same old tropes without the skills to back it up. It honestly feels more like a western YA dystopian novel sometimes but backed up with the highs and hype that makes k light novels so addictive.

Both the game world and the real world are written very well. The protagonist has that typical tragic backstory and suicidal/self-sacrificing tendencies but he's also very different from the many other annoying protagonists with these traits because the author managed to create someone who is much more realistic and grounded. And I do like that the his deeds and past get discovered/revealed pretty quickly by the people irl since it would be unrealistic otherwise. In short, it doesn't dilly dally and delay the development of the plot just for the sake of filling the word count.

The translation is great, although from about chapter 10 to 40-50? Can't exactly remember but it drops down to mtl quality, which greatly hurts the enjoyment, but luckily it picked back up and so far is back to being excellent.

I feel like a have a ton of words to say for this novel but I also don't really want to spoil anything so if you happen to read this just. Go read it. Give it a try. It's truly the best k novel I've read in recent years. I think all the written reviews being long ass wall-of-texts with 5-star rating speaks for itself. <<less
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Feb 29, 2024
Status: Completed
This is a story about one man (our MC professor park) surviving the harsh wasteland of post ww3 and finding the truth of the war

The story is good, lots of comedy and seriousness, there is alot of mental health issues brought up post ww3 (example: after the nukes fells, the most common death post-war was depression)

The story can be divided by two parts, game world and real world (but they later overlap in the end), game world is where the main journey to find the truth of ww3 begins,... more>> while real world is dealing with all the problems post ww3 in the most realistic way possible, so I will judge both story arc differently

Game world (GG)

Destroit game or GG (or destroi depending which translation you use cause I read mtl), is the reason why post-war humans survives, this game is pretty much SAO deep dive but wayyyy better, so better in fact that the first year of this game release, it bankcrupt all video game companies, somehow managing to keep russia afloat (the creator of GG game is russian, and the world is set somewhere around 2060~ish after ww3 and before ww3, in this world, russia is kinda bankcrupt but still somehow afloat due to the immense money that GG is collecting and this directly contributing to the dead russian economy. Thats how much profit GG was bringing)

Apparently the were so wealthy that they managed to build a bunker where all the GG servers located and survived the nukes and pretty much the reason why the internet is still a thing in this world, now the non spoiler background is done lets talk about GG side of story

The story is good but became bad at the end, so the creator destroit prepared 7 worlds to clear but he release GG 3 years before the bombs drops so yeah it was never fully cleared because people were dying, GG itself was hard base game, you cant save scum it, you cant hack it cause it has a super ai that can increase the difficulty depending on your playstyle (example: if you invent gunpowder, the enemies will immediately have fully automatic 21st century weapons to counter that invention) safe to say, modern knowlegde isnt allowed and you have to play by the rules and our MC had no choice to replay this game due to debts and the harsh radioactive wastelands, by streaming the f*cking game, thats right, at the end of the world, entertainment becomes so rare that goddamn streaming is one of the best ways to make money, I wont spoil much but know this that the first chapter 1 to 250 is the best part about the story, purely because our MC didnt have much goal other than entertaining the audience (us and the chat area 47 lmao), the world building is good, the characters are great, the banter between our MC and chat (area 47 group) was amazing and generally a good read until...

Real world (post ww3)

This is the dark fantasy, harsh reality and why our MC is playing the game in the first place, its amazing, the author really put 120% imagining was its like living post ww3 in the year of 2060+, the tech and the obvious Fallout, Wasteland, Stalker games inspiration was put in there 200% but with extra mental health, I like this part of story, author has clearly experience mental health issue in the past due to how he portrays it, with how people cope with post-ww3 (playing GG), how people adapted the wasteland as their new earth, how groups form in times of trouble, as a post-apocalyptic games/story enjoyer this gets a 10/10 for me



it all comes crashing down with the orpheus super weapon arc


There is this thing with korean novels that the MC becomes a savior complex and I am f*cking done with this trope and I thought I can run away from this after seeing the MC personality in the first 250 chapters but f*ck...

Yep post chapter 300 our lovely MC becomes a savior complex MC, now dont get me wrong, if you like savior complex MC then go ahead and read it cause I guarantee you will enjoy it more than me but for me its where story starts to crack


long story short, MC decides to save both the real world and GG world from complete deletion and this requires him to play GG for hundreds of years due to the system artificially ramping up the difficulty to impossible levels, and in the end of the story he sacrifices his entire soul just to meet getroit himself and yeah ending with him not marrying dana in the real world sucks ass, one of the few stories with unsatisfying ending due to MC becoming full ret*rd savior complex


Final thoughts

Its rush, world 3 clear is somewhere around

chap 380

, MC has to clear 7 worlds, this novel has 528 chapters, expect something that you like previous chapter becoming less common in the future chapters and the more I press next, the feeling of the story progression didnt match the chapter number becomes very real especially in chap 430

Overall solid read for chap 1 to 250,

orpheus kinda killed the vibes of "just tryna survive in the wasteland" to "a story about saving both worlds", ending is a mixed bag, purely dependent on how much you like ultimate sacrifice (i dont like it).

average read for 250 to end

Will I recomend it? Yes but do beware if youre coming here for Fallout/Wasteland/Stalker vibes, you will be dissapointed at the end. <<less
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neit gnov
neit gnov
Jan 01, 2024
Status: Completed
I love Hyde and Professor Park. The world building is good. It is now in my all time favourite list.
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Aug 20, 2023
Status: c154
This is my first novel on the apocalyptic genre I usually tend to avoid them but I really liked this one and I still do, me finding this novel was one of my really lucky moments and im greatful for the translator that this novel is getting translated

This is my first ever review so it is going to be lacking

First of all I read this novel because of the game aspect it promised and it really did have that I usually tend to guess what happens next in the timeline... more>> of the novel but this time I couldn't the direction of the plot and storyline went to aspects I never imagined (in a good sense)

But maybe that's just because this my first novel on apocalyptic genre

Its pretty realistic on how the characters react and their emotions though because of that it could come up as a harsh or dark storyline but the comedic aspect evens it out

The world of this novel is pretty big in this point in the novel we just explored 3 or 4 out of 45 or so areas there are plenty of hints and points were the author can continue the storyline in plus the unexpected things the author creates

(like I couldn't even imagine some of them how did you even thinked of them I was pleasantly surprised)

I couldn't find any serious plot holes to talk about

It's a great novel but it is suitable for some people and not the other the world of novel is pretty messed up because of war and you know the end of the world the sense of humor is a little dark and mature and things get explained even though it could take some time

Sorry for the long review I hope it could help at least some people and just so you know English is my third language, I am human, this is my first time and I can make mistakes, so can you <<less
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