Child Of Asculapia


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The beginning is in an unfamiliar world with a name unknown. In the dirty sewer there, I woke up in the embrace of street children. Cheat? No such thing. All I have is the vague memory of a kid named ‘Diethard Becker’ and the power of an ‘Asculapia Priest’ associated with him. To survive, I must turn this into a somewhat usable power.

Asculapia’s two hands.

One heals, one takes.

He is eternally one.

Even if divided into many, he is one. Forever the only one.

Within one, discover the many.

Feel the many as one.

There, there will be a beginning and an end.


Oh flickering candle in the wind, die with a single thought!

What is created by the mother all aims for death!

Fiery blood, disappear already, and rejoice in it.

Death is joy, liberation from all difficulties.

Heart, let your fiery blood scatter to the heavens.

Fall gracefully!

The woman with pale lips. True nature is a snake. A goddess, ‘Asculapia,’ governing revenge and healing, a self-sacrificing and despicable deity, eternal blessings (calamities) be upon her!

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12/15/23 Novel Cranel c4
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12/15/23 Novel Cranel c2
12/15/23 Novel Cranel c1
12/15/23 Novel Cranel c0
12/11/23 Yamete c4
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