Cherry Bomb


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The youngest military doctor in the Imperial Guard. The only dominant Omega in a nouveau rich miner household.

“Lauren Ismere” was engaged in a political marriage with the third prince, who was blind to the happening in the Imperial Family and the Emperor who tried to covet Ismere household’s wealth.

Contrary to the rumors of him having an ugly mutation-like appearance or him being a Beta, the third prince, “Aslan Campbell” was actually a normal Alpha.

Though he was an overly young Alpha with the scent of sweet, sweet cherry candy as his pheromones.

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체리 밤
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08/20/22 Bleak Ruby c2
08/13/22 Bleak Ruby c1
1 Review

May 01, 2023
Status: Completed
I would give it 4.5 stars.

This was one of the novels I was looking forward to the most, I finally got to read it, so happy~~

I like it, I was already looking forward to reading it, I'm not disappointed. I like Lauren and I like Aslan even more. The beginning and middle are good, the ending... I feel like it was a little rushed, but overall it was good.

... more>>

I already expected their separation, Lauren took care of him at such a young age... it would be difficult for him to see Aslan as a lover if she had taken care of him longer and watched him grow up. So the separation was necessary, there needed to be that shock of "He grew up", to understand that he is no longer a "little brother" but a "husband". I feel like I missed something along the way, maybe the chapter got cut. One moment he was afraid to give himself away and the next "Okay, I like you".


I have nothing else to say, please dive into this novel.

To Lauren and Aslan, I wish you blessings and give you my love. It was great to be on this journey with you. Love u <3. <<less
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