Celebrity Lady


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*Celeb: short for celebrity.

A dull body, a timid and kind personality.

The fat princess who was ostracized, Rubetria Diollus.

“Oh my, the princess is at the dessert shop every time I see her. She eats so many sweets, enough to make one’s cheeks burst, no wonder she gets fat.”

Princess Lillia, the ‘swan princess’ of the family, was always surrounded by friends, and Rubetria, the ‘ugly duckling’ who was bullied by them, was a loner.

“Hey, you idiot. Our princess is angry. Eat it, quickly.”


“Oh my god! She really ate that!”

Rubetria was tired of the bullying.

Then one day, she said,

‘I want to live a wonderful life like that woman for just one day.’

180 degrees change.

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Celeb Lady
셀럽 레이디
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New lexxy rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: c24
This novel is extremely amazing! Especially the MC. The twins and the grandmother are obviously a dreadful sight. Also, the 2nd brother is 100% much more better than the 1st brother. I mean I wouldn't say he's awful like the grandmother, it's just that he believes on what he wants to believe. Plus I keep wondering about the relationship that the MC and the 1st brother will develop in the future. I can't wait for more chapters, this novel deserves the hype! :)
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New baerking rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: c21
Love the novel so far. The FL is really cool. Though as usual there seem to be a lot of cliche characters. Especially the evil step mother and step-sister. But that might change in course of the story.

All in all I look forward to the future chapters.

Just as a side note: The translation quality is really good.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aqua_the_idiot rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is a GEM. Like goodness gracious only 3.9 rating??? Really?? It deserves at least 4.5. I was worried that this novel would have fat shamming BUT the author amazingly conveyed the difference between being fat and obese.

First off, the FL is amazing, like LITERALLY AMAZING. I fell in love with her. Her determination, her being hard working, intelligence, being aware of her surrounding etc. Just made me fell in love with her.

The relationship (not exactly a relationship but I can't find words to describe it) between the previous... more>> body owner (OG Rubretia) had me in tears. This is one of the few stories in which the OG owner owner plays a major role and I love it.

I was afraid that we would see a ML which would fall in love with our FL only after she became prettier BUT BUT BUT *drum rolls* we have a amazing supportive ML that loves her in every form!

The relationship between her family is complicated but I hope it gets better over time (it already has some developments until now so I am happy). [P.S. Shoutout to Victor our FL's second brother, he is such a amazing brother ]

I really hope some tr*sh like the twins and her grandmother get what they deserve. They have specials place in hell, particularly Molga aka the grandmother.

I recommend this novel and hope it gets more attention considering how good it is.

Edit : Completed this novel and I 100% don't regret reading this novel. I absolutely loved how she got her revenge and her happy ending. There were some plot twists and some scenes that me pit my phone down and stare at the wall for 1 minute and winder what the heck just happened. This novel had me hooked for days damn. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kingkiller rated it
June 1, 2022
Status: c25
Truly appreciate this novel! The translation is so smooth and I really like the MC. The family dynamics, the magic/spirits, and the reason why our MC is now in this new world---I think it's definitely unique and I can't wait (and hope) for more!!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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