Can I Be Loved In This Life?


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Even if you call me with such a lovely voice, I won’t look at you lovingly.

“It’s not Bebe. It’s Bebeana”

“Okay. Bebeana. What did you do today?”

“Why do you want to know?”


A moment of silence. Anyone would have freaked out when they saw me speaking rudely. Seeing that the emperor, no my father who directly listened to me had a very bad expression, it’s clear that he was shocked and hurt. Yeah, you get hated when you say nonsense like this!

“The child’s wounds must have been big.”


“Come here. Bebe. I’ll give you a hug. Hugging you like this will heal your wounds, right?”

Nope? Nope. That’s not it. I’m not that hurt. I just said those words to you? Get angry! Hate me! But the misunderstanding led to misunderstanding. But uh… do you guys like sadistic things? The more I went out to avoid receiving any love, the more my father and brother became dynamic. Oh my god, these guys… are they M’s?

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Can this Life be loved
I Became The Sacrificial Princess
이번 생은 사랑 받을 수 있을까요
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Rena Rain
Rena Rain rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: c7
I seriously don't get why this novel got buried and didn't get an update. It didn't even get a rating or a review!

It's some sort of spin to the usual child protagonist novels who first come out as poor beggars or orphans. This princess actually doesn't want love. As in, really, no. She doesn't filter her words. This is like amazing. Probably because she's confident she won't be killed for great disrespect to the emperor or be punished by superiors like teachers or siblings. Tho they do insult her. Which... more>> she pays back with more crude insults.

She doesn't act cute for affection but she's still waaay cuter than the other 10 year old brat. She is cute in her own way.

I want more updates of this or someone please pick this up because I really wanna find out how and why they started treating her like proper family. And I wanna know if she still wants to be sacrificed to get away from the Palace. <<less
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Dell_hakimura rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: c7
Our MC dont want to be love she just wants to be hated lol lilian (i think) the fake princess well I dont really like her but I was shocked

the original novel lilian actually was the person who got sacrifised insted or bebeana

witch is very shocking since she was the loved and favorite princess

(Sorry for my bad english its not my first launguage)
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HC rated it
March 4, 2023
Status: c49
honestly, instead of father-daughter, the relationship between the dad, the fake daughter, and the MC feels more like a man torn between favoring his mistress and the legal wife.

in one chapter, it starts off with him clearly being bias towards the fake daughter and asking the MC to leave because fake does not feel comfortable with her, then the next second, he starts trying to appease the MC and reprimanding the fake for disturbing their moment. If this is not scum behaviour, I don't know what is.

if he just starts... more>> off cold and slowly warms up to the MC, it would not have been as disgusting. But he can't just make up his mind.

the dad and the first brother also keeps talking about how they have the same scars as the MC. I think the author is trying to use these 'scars' as a point of reconciliation for the family, but from my perspective, it feels like they are just seeing themselves in the MC. So their affection is not because she is family, but out of self-pity. the MC and her dad were completely on different pages several times in the novel because the dad just keeps casually interpreting MC's actions without any attempt to truly understand her. In other novels, these 'misunderstandings' may look cute and funny, but it is not delivered well here.

I'm only at 40% of the novel, so maybe there will be a twist later explaining their behaviour (as usual of kr novels) but I honestly don't think they should be forgiven easily because


the original Bebeana's soul was destroyed in the last life

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