Calligrapher’s Beautiful Character Life in Another World ~Daily Life Matchless With Collection and Character Magic? ~


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One day, without any explanations or assistance, I, Takuto Suzuya, found myself thrown into a different world. Determined to make the most of my abilities and find my way, I have no choice but to survive in this world!

With the ‘Calligraphy Magic’ and various collections, I will strive to continue a peaceful and eventful(?) life!

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カリグラファーの美文字異世界生活   〜コレクションと文字魔法で日常生活無双?〜
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digitalword rated it
October 18, 2023
Status: c414(wn)
Note: this is a review of WN version not VN and I still did not read the VN version yet

Love it! Almost catch up with the latest chapter and still 5/5

If you love story with magic+ invention+ problem solving, slow slice of life with less drama and action give it a try. There's a lot of heartwarming and sweet moment to savor.

It is a very slow slice of life story. I could say it have a very similar kind of story as Izakaya Nobu but with more invention and characters... more>> community growth, innovative in middle age with church in the central like Ascendance of a Bookworm but less restriction and drama. (Story are not very push toward about noble and politics too. Simply watch protagonist make this and that then how that impact society around him+ community contribution)

Protagonist in this story also go VERY roundabout of invention in order to introduce things to community town bit by bit before he started to receive calligraphy job.


Took it to the fifth arc before people start to give him a proper calligraphy job and the path he take to this make people recognize him bit by bit make it quite sweet to watch him react happily to receive a job. At the same time he able to spread 'love in alphabet' to people


I could say Protagonist is a fully grown man but according to that world he is a kid. You have to be 25 first to be accept as adult in the community. This is a world where people can live 300 years or more so---


What more is you have to be 35 before you can actually married. Until that while you are an adult. People still considered you as 'young' and should relied on elders more. At least, that how protagonist's parents want that to be.


There's a lot of character in the story a bunch of name and place but introduce with situation and push on later. Each of them have their own relationship toward this and that (I could say it too much? But since it not an info dump I never think much about it and this kind of thing remind me of game like Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, Stardew etc.)

Conflict in this story are focus on about person vs society as a whole, each character have their own problem to solve and sometime protagonist are just a little push toward answer rather than a person that solve them. There's a lot a character growth as community. There is no absolute villain even a person who seems to be good as story progress you can see that person bad side that contribute to the current society problem. There is a reason why the world seem stagnate while protagonist seems OP and once that stagnate have been solve little bit by bit people around protagonist also grow to be someone protagonist can talk and consult with. Once you hit 5 Arc you can feel that certain character that antagonize toward protagonist pretty much open to him.

The current society relied on god belief and magic. There's a Bible that translate in incorrectly which is one that behind conflict on each character.


The romance is subtle and very slow. Not just protagonist who a have a relationship development but character around him as well.


It take to very end of the third arc for protagonist love interest to fully show herself with backstory while her presence pretty much there and there before that it never impact the protagonist directly until that.


I LOVE magic in this story and how story demonstrate on using them in solving problem and invention. It's remind me of Witch Atelier. It's about how system work and how you combine and using them to do something not just grinding exp. Practice make it perfect, since protag limiting some magic to protect himself from being taking advantage or avoiding problem. The story also focus on what magic to use in other to solving problem instead.

Protagonist is OP due to modern knowledge and there's a bunch of time that magic needs to be practice and lot of knowledge to be able to fully push that power to highest rather than OP because he's OP (People around him able to do this and that with proper knowledge as well, sometime protag realize or learn something new because of people around him rather than do everything himself). Protagonist is a pacifist with middle ground moral and won't have anyone take advantage of him. He takes contract and trust when doing business very seriously (and I like that too)

If someone bad mouth at him he's not the one who will say 'it's ok' but talk back in a way that satisfying to some extent. He's help a certain person in town selling thing he invented sometime he get a request that he do not want to accept but help out anyway. Result?

When that person thought he can just go around selling thing outside scope of contract because protag is kind. Protag go ahead and cut the contract immediately. A bunch of character note out to that person as of why this happened. He does regret but not act bitter toward protag though, even want to apologize.


Very super normal level headed person reaction. He's never on about 'revenging' just a normal person react to things and rather avoid troublesome stuff.

Story is about 'trusting' than 'learning the truth'. Protag never lie but never tell the whole truth. This is a way he protecting himself to not 'betraying anyone trust'. Other character also accept as it is. His parents never pushing that too as they have their own story keep to themselves as well. They decided that when the time the truth is needed they will talk but if there is no need to do so in order to living peacefully then it's not necessary. (It is explain with how the town is build and what kind of people living in this town is, they know it's normal for people to have a secret or two.) <<less
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