Burning Paper Every Day, I Became a Taoist Ancestor


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When Wang Hun woke up and stood in a mass grave, he found that he had become a ghost… Burn “three pheasant feathers” and enjoy the [Black-bone White Phoenix Fragrance]. Burn “half a volume of broken scriptures” with one stick and enjoy the “Ten Thousand Buddhas Chaozong”. Incense] Burn “a foxtail” with one stick, and enjoy the “Incense of Bliss” with one stick… “When you are alive, you should burn some treasures for yourself!” In a world where gods and Buddhas are everywhere, and demons are everywhere, Wang Hun Looking at the bright fire in the brazier, I enshrined myself as the Taoist ancestor! ! !

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Burning paper every day, I became a Daoist ancestor
Tiāntiān shāozhǐ, wǒ chéngle dàozǔ
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