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For an entire decade, Shin Tae Pong had reigned as the number one player in the game, Paradiso, but then he suddenly died of exhaustion.

Mysteriously reincarnated into the world of the game as the obese, corrupt and generally unknown noble, Jared Eucalates, he uses what he has learned from playing the game, hoping to prevent the “Great Nasu War” that will take place in five years. Knowing that this war would not spare anyone as insignificant as him, Jared embarks on a journey to prevent this outcome. Armed with his knowledge of the game’s skills, cheats, and bugs, he plans on using everything he has on hand to save himself and the people he has grown to care about, before anyone can rob him of these opportunities!

“Cheats? Bugs? Exploits?! For success, anything goes!”

The challenges in the life of a super obese lord.

Associated Names
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Solo Bug Player
Solo Glitch Player
나 홀로 버그로 꿀빠는 플레이어
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Dorododo rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: v1c1
This story is such a great one, and bwcause I wanted to get it translated I decided to make an entry for it in NU. I don't know why nobody decided to start translating this, but at least now it is in a place where you can see it.

I am not gonna rae the first chapter, but you should read the T/N at the end of the chapter, it will explain some things.

In this story the MC isn't s*upid and has a goal. I believe that to be very important... more>> to a story, any goal will do. He uses one of his abilities called minds eye that he got from making a deal with an evil spirit to recruit talented people to his nation while at the same time strengthen himself.

The story is very well done and gets readers hooked really fast. Even though it is an isekai, it has an very unique vibe to it. It has a good MC and side character, each getting fleshed out really well as the story goes on. The characters are extremely likable and their interactions differ from cute to serious.

The world building is also really well done as it has kingdom building as a major element in it. The MC has a system, but doesn't get s*upidly OP. He has to struggle and grow as an character. Same could be said about everyone else. You will get attached to the characters in this novel.

This novel also shows different view points of life through the antagonists. Not only does it show the MC' thinking, but also shows the ideology of the antagonists and on what principle they govern their own territories. Like this you can see, and even feel the vast sea of values the characters in this novel are capable of expressing.

You will probably like this if you like any of these series':
tr*sh of the Count's Family
The Legendary Mechanic
The Novel's Extra
How to Live as the Enemy Prince
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint
Regressor Instruction Manual

Overall the story is very good. If you are not interested after the first chapter, I still believe you should go ahead and check out its manhwa!

(The story picks up very fast, but not too fast leaving time for world building and for character development) <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: c168
Coming from the manwha to reading the raws I was disappointed to learn this novel was nothing special.

The narrative structure is he cheats the game, gets new friends/abilities and then builds the kingdom. That would be fine but it NEVER changes. No failures, no romance, no politics, nothing. In the 168 chapters that process has repeated 8+ times to the letter.

I wish I could recommend the novel but lack of variation kills excitement. It's disappointing that author lacked ideas, ambition and frankly interest.
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Xuanyu rated it
December 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Story was fine for a casual read. Nothing serious and not something to go deeper in lore wise.

As oblivous it would be for a game based word. Were it is a real world yet also a game, balance went in the garbage during beta. Nobody questions why the guy can stand there without moving for several hours trowing spells and the beast just stands there and take it. Gets boring real quick, besides a few points of interest that barely keeps the story readable. Such as the side characters and... more>> kingdom building. Combat is a joke.

Either MC is op and flies around burning up everything. Or

He hides with a bug and just spent hours hitting the boss while boss is unable to retaliate. <<less
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