Brother, Be Gentle


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A bloodbath takes Lu Qing’s parents, but gives him the love of his life.

He is always willing to give everything he has to him, not wanting him to be cold or hungry.

The more he looks at his brother, the more contradictory feelings he has towards him.

How can he smell his brother’s scent and feel restless inside?

A quest for revenge has left Lu Ziqu an orphan for the second time, but fortunately, this time he has Lu Qing. He is pampered even when he is naughty, and he is used to him even when he is naughty, because he is Lu Qing.

But… while watching his younger mentor having a good time with another woman, he felt a pain in his chest?

Is it possible that he is lovesick?

A pair of brothers who depend on each other for their lives, a unique love story between them, revolving around a fight in the forest.

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Brother, Be Pitiful
Shīdì qǐng duō liánxī
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