Breaking Matchmaking


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Should I do it or not?

“Hey!” As her counterpart grew agitated, Chaewon looked around the melodramatic house with a smirk.

“Let’s postpone the divorce.” Kim Hee-ju, who seemed to have lived more foolishly than expected.

She wanted to sue her for defamation if possible, for living so disgracefully with the same face.

And then there was Choi Yugun.

During a brief period of impersonating her comatose sister, she unfortunately caught the attention of Yugun, a mere fleeting connection…

“Don’t be too flustered. It’s just a matter of making a beneficial deal for both of us.”

The fiery promise she had to keep with him, amidst her double life impersonating her sister.

Her secret life, identical yet not, had begun.

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맞선 위반
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