Blossoming Love With A Score of 700


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In First Experimental High School, Tao Zhi, a girl of great influence, had always dominated the world of her school and the finals’ examination room.

One day, there were rumors that Miss Tao had somehow fallen in love with the legendary elite student who was the hope of First High in defeating the Affiliated High School— the provincial champion in the college entrance examination, Jiang Qi Huai.

Tao Zhi knew all about the types of girls that this legendary God likes:

1. The girl had to be good and obedient.
2. She needed to have good academic records. Candidates who had the accumulated scores below 700 points were basically out of the question.

Tao Zhi didn’t fit into either criteria, so she relentlessly worked on countless exercises and turned into a ruthless question-answering machine for half a month. Then, she obtained 350 points in the monthly exams.

After the results came out, Tao Zhi blocked Jiang Qi Huai in the small alley. On the surface, their discussion seemed threatening, “Look, I like you this much, so how about you be benevolent and let me take the test again?”

His peachy eyes raised lazily with a cold expression, “You can get 700 with just two exams?”

Tao Zhi was very nonchalant as she casually replied, “I got 350 for the first test, so doesn’t that mean I can get 700 for the second test?”

Jiang Qihuai, “…”

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_dreamlesscloud_ rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed

I clicked on this by accident and got hooked by the summary because I'm a sucker for 'mischievous proactive school tyrant x cold but teasing xueshen' pairing. I read the only translated chapter and it felt interesting so I gritted my teeth and dove into the MTL preparing myself for the incoming headache. It was surprisingly somewhat easy to decipher.

Guys, I stayed up 'til 5 in the morning for this (ᅌᴗᅌ*) my under eyes probably got heavier and darker because there were some parts in the story that... more>> made me tear up a little. I expected to only eat dog food for the rest of the novel but I got splashed in the face with dog blood out of the blue.



I liked Little Branch (Tan Zhi/ Zhizhi). She is naive and impulsive but I like how straightforward and direct she was when it came to a lot of things. I can kind of relate to her especially when she chased the ML because I'm like that as well when I like someone. She has her flaws but I still like her nonetheless.


When they broke up, I liked how decisive she was in letting go (at least in front of the ML). I liked how she followed his advice of moving forward in her life. I felt like she matured throughout the story.


Tao Zhi doesn't know why everyone thinks Jiang Qihuai is not good.

He is obviously warm and powerful. Even in those years without him, the temperature he brought is still firmly and permanently affecting her. When she is lazy, wants to give up, feels that everything is hard and when she can hardly go on. Tao Zhi once stood alone on the top of the mountain, thinking that she would never find her end.

It was not until many years later that she understood that Jiang Qihuai was never her endpoint, he was always the mountain that silently lifted her up and supported her all the way up. He didn't say a word but silently became all her strength.

Tao Zhi understood that without him, there would probably be no mountaintops for the rest of her life.



When they got back together:

For Tao Zhi, things in the past are in fact the past. There is no need to mention them again. There have been grievances and complaints, but most of them are still distressed and reluctant. People seem to be like this.

When they are injured, they can go on persistently and firmly, but once they indirectly affect important people because of their own reasons, they will begin to question, become confused, and temporarily don't know what to do. Going on, I don't know if my choice is right or wrong. Tao Zhi even put herself in thinking, if she was Jiang Qihuai at the time, would she have made the exact same choice as him? She didn't want him to be imprisoned in the past, what she was looking forward to was the future and future that they would walk together.



When they got back together Part 2:

Jiang Qihuai lacked honesty when he was a teenager, and she was actually a little more impulsive.

It is too difficult to be a perfect person. It is because it is difficult, it is because they will run into a wall, will do something wrong, will regret it, will be unwilling, that they will continue to grow up. No one can be perfect in every aspect from birth.

She held his wrist and lifted it slightly, her fingers pierced between his, their fingers intertwined, and the warm palms pressed together: "Look, we both obviously had faults and misses, but in the end, it's still up to now. This thing is rare enough, it shows how much I like you."

She repeated: "Jiang Qihuai, I like you very much."

Jiang Qihuai's eyelashes trembled slightly and his eyes were deep as they looked at her.

She has been living thoroughly and soberly. Don't stick to the things that have passed, don't entangle the unimportant people, just follow your purest desire all the way forward.

Because of this, she is like an inextinguishable firework, always warm and bright.




Her Royal Highness Princess Lili (Jiang QiHuai/Ah Huai [I don't know why the MTL translated it this way, it seems funnier though (*⁰▿⁰*) ]) Because of *that incident, * I knew that this little f*cker would retract into his shell and close himself off from Zhizhi. He's very careful and guarded but Zhizhi managed to worm her way into his heart. When he was a child, he grew up in an orphanage so he has some baggage he's carrying. Due to his experiences, he thinks of himself as being in the shadows, and of her being his 'little rose' and his 'sun.'

He's very taciturn and cold at first but I liked how he became slightly more talkative around Little Branch.


When they got back together, he discovered that she still kept his book, hidden away in her bedroom bookshelf. Their names were still written together but with a new addition: '--don't belong together, Zhizhi, Jiang, ' littered with damp watermarks. I actually wanted Zhizhi to torture him a little more before getting back with him but he seems to have regretted what he did sincerely. I reluctantly read on because I just want her to be happy.


"Are you not too happy today?" Tao Zhi said suddenly.

Seeing him like this tonight, it didn't seem like he was drunk. Jiang Qihuai paused, smoothed the wrinkles on the bedsheet, and turned his head. He sat on the edge of the bed and raised his hand to her: "Come."

Tao Zhi walked over and got into his arms.

He smelled very good, not a bad street brand of men's perfume, the laundry detergent mixed with his own breath, just like his whole person, cold and clean. Tao Zhi liked his taste very much. She hugged his waist and buried her head in his arms and rubbed it.

Jiang Qihuai let her rub: "Puppy, you are."

Tao Zhi wrinkled her nose: "So you are not happy?"

Jiang Qihuai hugged her, fingertips wrapped around the wet ends of her long hair. Resting his chin on the top of her hair: "Well, I'm not very happy."

Tao Zhi dragged his other hand in her arms and held him, playing with his fingers: "Why are you not happy?"

Jiang Qihuai put her on his body. The towel was pulled off, and then he pulled the quilt over and wrapped her in, and said in a low voice, "I think I did cruel things to you."

Tao Zhi agreed too much. She nodded deeply, and said painfully: "You should have stopped when I was just getting soft."

Jiang Qihuai: "..."

Tao Zhi accused him, "You are really too cold."

Jiang Qihuai's lips were slightly curved: "You mean this?"

"Then what do you mean?" Tao Zhi was inexplicable.

Jiang Qihuai lowered his head and said calmly, "I was wondering, maybe I should have given you an explanation from the start."

Tao Zhi was stunned, staring at him in a daze.

Jiang Qihuai didn't know if he had been able to be more confident that one day in the future, he would still be so lucky to hold her in his arms, would he have made a choice that was completely different from that at the time. When I was young, I was too naive and immature, and it was always easy to think too much and too little. Worrying about the past, planning for the future, thinking that he rationally makes the most suitable choice, but forgets the frankness, forgetting the present moment, whether this choice will harm the person he wants to protect.

Jiang Qihuai gently hugged her and lifted it up, pressing his head against her neck, and said in a low voice, "I was thinking if I was as brave as my Zhizhi, would I still make you cry?"


I thought I was too old for school romance novels but I guess I'm still young at heart (˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡) There was one point in the story where I thought she was still a child though. Ever since Zhizhi gave him new textbooks, I felt like there was this ambiguous tension between them. I was squirming and violently gushing over them on my bed. That or I'm just lacking romance in my life lately haha.

I also like the side couple. I actually had my 'shoujo-senses' tingling when I read their interactions. Turns out I was right (ღˇᴗˇ)


How fast the main couple got together was how long these two fell in love with each other. I like how slow-burn their love was. The main story ends in 86 chapters, the rest were dedicated to these two.

FXL was timid because of being bullied during her elementary and junior high days while JF was short-tempered and likes to fight with others the way a hot-blooded youth is.


Non-verbatim (not really accurate but it kind of went this way haha) :

JF: "Are you scared of me?"

FXL: *shakes head*

JF: "Speak honestly."

FXL: *looks down* "...A little bit."

JF: "Why?"

FXL: "You're short-tempered..."

JF: "I lose my temper at others but I won't lose it at you."


I quite like these two as well. He constantly adjusted to her and tried to not make her uncomfortable.


He repeated a year just so he can go to her university. Went abroad to pursue his education because he remembers she likes serious guys. There was that time with the nickname-calling as well. They are honestly soooo cute.


These two show how long it will take if there is no proactive partner in a pairing hahaha Their story has its own charms though.


This story may or may not be your cup of tea but I suggest you give it a try for at least 10 chapters. It's very refreshing in a youthful kind of way. I kinda thought of them as little kids stumbling as they learn to walk in life and I am honestly satisfied albeit, left a bit wanting for more, when I read the very last chapter.

Before I end this lengthy review (I think this is more like a spoiler already lol), let me share this passage I really liked:


Tao Zhi had always felt that there was a regret that could not be made up between them anyway because what they missed was each other's best years.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt that the definition of the best time should not be judged by age. It can be the best when you are in your teens, or you can be in your twenties. If you can only meet the most worthwhile things and the people you love until you are thirty, then the best age is thirty.

It is not that I met you at the best time, but from the day I met you, every day for the rest of my life will be the best time in my life.

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ClaudeCastle rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c3
I already swooned from the first chap! (≧ロ≦) Aaaah! I always crave for cool, wild and rogue characters AAAND definitely that kind of crude and clumsy yet still the same classic romance (which had not happened yet by the way but I'm expecting to! Don't stop me, I just feel it cominggg) Now I def hold so much expectation for this one, there's just so much potential here.

(Will come back in the future to add further review while waiting for more chaps out) Thanks for translating this!
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