Blind Beast


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I was slain by the husband I cherished with all my heart, pierced by the blade wielded by my own disciple. In my final moments, as my breath ebbed away, Matthias’ voice caressed my ear gently. “Teacher, may your next life know no regrets.”

And as consciousness slipped away, I awoke, transported seven years into the past, reborn as the twin sister of the woman my husband had coveted. Was it divine intervention or a second chance? I couldn’t discern, but one thing was clear—I refused to endure such suffering again.

This time, vengeance would be mine. Traitors would face retribution. To ensure their reckoning, I needed Matthias. “The hand you should have held first belonged to your disciple,” his words echoed in my mind. If only I had reached for your hand first, would my fate have changed?

Wait for me, Matthias. I am on my way to you, here and now.

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눈먼 맹수
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07/20/24 Keopi translations c7 part2
07/20/24 Keopi translations c7 part1
07/09/24 Keopi translations c6 part2
07/09/24 Keopi translations c6 part1
07/01/24 Keopi translations c5 part2
07/01/24 Keopi translations c5 part1
06/25/24 Keopi translations c4 part2
06/25/24 Keopi translations c4 part1
05/10/24 Keopi translations c3 part2
05/10/24 Keopi translations c3 part1
04/18/24 Keopi translations c2 part2
04/18/24 Keopi translations c2 part1
03/18/24 Keopi translations c1 part2
03/18/24 Keopi translations c1 part1
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