Bigyumota!? (How Did It Come to This!?). In a World Feared for Its Curse Power of 360, I, Who Trained Excessively, Reached an Unprecedented Curse Power of 13,584. Treated as the Final Boss, It’s Causing the Grass to Wither. Am I the King of Curses?


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The unlucky office worker protagonist, one day, gets hit by a car and dies. In his dying moments, he thinks, “I want the power to break any misfortune.” When he wakes up next, he’s born into a family calling themselves “Jujutsu Users”!? “I don’t want to die anymore. I’ll train like crazy!” Thus, the protagonist, through rigorous training from an early age, becomes feared in the industry, unleashing “13,584 curse power.” “He’s a monster (nothing can faze him…).”

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【悲報:月間ローファン1位】「びぎゅもたぁ!?(どうしてこうなった!?)」 呪力360で危険視される世界で鍛えすぎた俺、 ◤異例◢の呪力1万3584に到達。ラスボス扱いで草枯れる【俺が、呪いの王?】
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