Being Trapped by the Paranoid Dominator as His Wife, I Can’t Run Away Anymore


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Before the rebirth, Yuanting evaluated his life as not bad at all. Despite being confined to the villa by Cheng Nanyi and unable to go anywhere, he still had to sleep with him at night.


With chefs and servants to attend to him, unlimited online shopping, and the option to order takeout, isn’t this the ultimate dream for many people? Just lying around like a lazy fish?

Upon being reborn to the age of seven, Yuanting looked at the handsome young man across from him and ran for his life.

At the age of ten, young master Cheng was composed, reserved, polite, and hadn’t yet gone through a dramatic transformation into a paranoid lunatic. So, when would be a better time to escape?

What? Lying around like a lazy fish?

No, the price of freedom is even higher!

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New mxdberries rated it
February 6, 2024
Status: c103
I finished the main story but haven’t read the extras. I don’t know where to find the extras yet but I will update the review if I find and read them.
overall it’s a decent story, a little bit lackluster. The ML’s affection for MC was honestly very sweet and not very yandere. While he does have some unusual habits he’s more of the build a gilded paradise (cage) for his beloved with all the good things and good people rather than an isolation/harm to others yandere. MC’s little money... more>> grubber personality was fun but not overwhelming or overdone. He knew when to pull back but I do feel he acted his body’s age too easily even though he was in his 20s before rebirth and it’d seem like he forgot he was an adult. They’re very cute together they both did things for each other that wasn’t their favorite thing but liked to do it because it made the other happy.

I did knock it down a few stars. Sometimes it felt drawn out and full of filler, other times the author would just use time skips. For someone who wanted to make sure he avoided a dark fate he wasn’t as proactive as other characters in a similar situation. He was equally parts annoying and endearing. Personally I’m not a fan of how gross the MC was as a kid (spitting on ML, licking him, doing stuff to trigger his mysophobia) but the ML liked him that way. Eventually it grew on me and MC did grow out of it, but still a little icky.

I’m kinda surprised that MC didn’t really use his future knowledge to make more money, it wasn’t till he was in college that he really did anything with his future knowledge. Aside from the mom being the main antagonist, there wasn’t much conflict. I expected the mom to have a revenge plot but the most she did was abandon her child again.

Like the reason MC lied to ML and grandpa, try to cut ties was to be the target of her hatred so ML and his family wouldn’t suffer like last life but in the end the mom was a non threat. She didn’t even come back to extort MC when his bio dad started making money again. Unless she does something in the extras.

The only good mom in the novel is the best friends mom and the grandma. ML’s mother also left him to be raised by his grandfather while moving on and having a new family. If she didn’t have a son that ML could use against MC in a moment of anger she probably wouldn’t even be around lol (ex: I can have another brother if you dare to abandon me. And MC was jealous so it worked).


Side note their intimacy was kinda cute and funny, ML was willing to switch & let MC top. It was on the vague side but enough detail to know what was up. Both were adventurous and eventually led back to a habit they had in the old life which was bindings. It soothed ML to know MC couldn’t run away and he took care to make it comfortable. They got matching red string bracelets. Cute 🥰🥰🥰 <<less
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December 25, 2023
Status: Completed
I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣

About the prev reviewers view on MC, I think I can understand why MC is like that

... more>>

I mean I don't think he even finished school? And I think MC was 20 when he died and all his life he didn't really have experience to like mature since after the incidents he was confined until death.

So like as MC said he's just deteriorating or like succumbing to his caged life and probably annoying everyone around ML is the only thing he could do to cope (probably I'm not MC). So as MC said when he turned into a child with ML he saw ML as more like a mini boss than before rebirth so he felt like he could now "fight ML" (& that bf lol) but he loves this family cuz remember MC IS part of the family. So I don't really see MC as being too childish cuz he is still a child inside. He never grew up.


Update: oops o think he's 26-27ish still my point remains cuz maturity requires experience <<less
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Mangacigaci rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: c42
It's actually a good story.

But MC (Yuan Ting-Shou) is a total mercenary. The fact that he is constantly talking about money is starting to get boring. Otherwise, the story is very beautiful, flowing. The harmony between the pair is good and ML values MC very much. So far, MC has a spoil due to the fact that he is 7 years old, and this is too much for me. Because his second life, okay, he can act like a 7-year-old to those around him, but the fact that he thinks like a 7-year-old is starting to get on my nerves

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