Becoming Grindelwald’s Descendant and The Next Dark Lord


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In a post-war wizarding world, where the Alliance Party—an organization that once stood for unity between magical beings—has fallen into obscurity, a young wizard named Wentworth emerges with a determination to resurrect its ideals.

Wentworth’s efforts to revive the Alliance Party are met with skepticism and resistance as old prejudices and grudges run deep within the wizarding community. However, his unwavering determination and ability to inspire hope gradually draw a diverse group of supporters to his cause. With Cedric by his side, Wentworth navigates through political intrigue, magical battles, and personal sacrifices.

Ultimately, Wentworth’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of hope, resilience, and the belief that a united front can overcome even the darkest of odds. The Alliance Party’s revival becomes a symbol of progress, reminding all magical beings that their shared future is worth fighting for.

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Becoming Grindelwald's Descendant and The Next Dark Lord
Hogwarts: I Became the Third Dark Lord
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