Be A Son-in-law After Cultivating Immortality


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After ten thousand years of cultivation, he could have achieved immortality. However, his lack of human experience led to his failure to attain immortality.

Thus, he resolved to immerse himself in a century of human existence, seeking to enhance his journey toward immortality. What he didn’t anticipate, though, was that upon entering the human world, he would find himself cast as a son-in-law, facing disdain not only from his wife’s parents but also from his beautiful wife herself.

Armed with a wealth of cultivation knowledge, how could he transform his drab human life?

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Addictedtoreading rated it
September 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Somehow I read the entire novel and it feels very badly written, like it is written by a teenager (though teenagers can write really awesome novels too).

If you like a very OP MC who can solve everything with the snap of his fingers and is very powerful from the start and lots of arrogant people who are constantly looking for trouble with MC, then perhaps this novel is right up your alley.

Almost the only positive thing for me was that MC only liked his wife. There were lots of women... more>> around him who liked him, but he only had eyes for his wife.

There are a lot of things happening that I also saw in Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator, but then worse. I rather liked that story and was very sad that that story was banned in China and writer stopped writing the story. It feels like a poor copy of that novel (and that novel has a very low rating). What is very different that here MC is strong from the start and in Urban Immortal Cultivator MC goes back to the past and has to start all over again.


A few of the things that also happened in Urban Immortal Cultivator (I'm sure I forgot some)

-Inthe beginning MC meets grandfather and granddaughter practicing in a park. Tells grandfather that he is sick

-Gets a luxurious mansion as present and creates a spring there.

-Starts cooperation with several wealthy businessmen to sell product that will help cure diseases. Has to use well to make that product. Others want the well, creates a formation around mansion and has a flood dragon guard it.

-Goes to a riding school with wife people look for trouble with MC

-Witch tribe comes looking for trouble. Want to use a friend of MC.

-Becomes instructor of dragon forces in army

- Japanese ninjas come to China. MC goes to China later on when they keep looking for trouble to take care of them.

-Non-human species are present on earth, like vampires, werewolves, angels

-Getting a very powerful tiger as pet to guard his mansion

-Foreign people / countries / companies trying to get their hands on MC's spring cq formula

-A powerful cultivator who was expelled from China years ago by the most powerful Chinese cultivator comes back to get revenge. They arrange a fight at a lake. MC also comes in a boat to watch the fight. When Chinese cultivator is beaten and about to be killed, MC interferes and saves him and kills the enemy. His sect puts a prize of 1 billion USD on his head.

Writer gives things a little different spin, but they have the same pattern.


Like the description says MC feels he needs human experience to achieve immortality. MC takes over the body of a man who is married. Everyone around him (even his wife) has a low opinion of him because he is unemployed and seems to do nothing. And everyone around him keeps calling him a live-in son-in-law.

At every place MC visits either some guests or the staff try to humiliate MC and cause trouble for him. It becomes very tiring.


MC can kill or beat everyone with the snap of his fingers, he can create pills out of thin air.

He doesn't even fight. He lets people attack him, but they can never hit him, because he has a protective barrier around him. He knocks everyone down without fighting.


There is no tension in the story. In the beginning on 1 day MC runs into 5 people looking for trouble, 4 in 1 evening out with his wife and her former classmates. Author just throws arrogant person after arrogant person looking for trouble at us and MC solving them with the snap of his fingers. And everyone around him constantly underestimates him.

It's all men trying to take advantage of women (or women who try to let other men take advantage of women they don't like) or men trying to get revenge on someone who beat them in someway in the past and return to get revenge. And MC is always conveniently nearby.

And even when they find out MC is much stronger than them or their bodyguards none of them ever let go. They always come back with stronger forces. If there is 1 or 2 or them, that would be enough I'd think. But they just keep coming one after the other.

But mostly it is MC helping lots of different women. And they all fall in love with him, though he is not interested and in most cases too much of a blockhead to realize.

Most of the time it goes like this. 1. Villain wants woman whom MC is having a conversation with or is acqainted with. 2. MC tells them to stop

3. Villain tells MC to back off, don't you know who I am, also always has bodyguards

4. Bodyguards try to harm MC, MC snaps his fingers and their limbs are broken

5. More bodyguards attack, again have limbs broken by MC

6. More powerful family member comes, with more powerful bodyguards

7. Bodyguards get their limbs broken again

8. Villains get limbs broken and leave

In the meantime the woman is constantly thinking that MC is too weak to handle this and constantly tries to convince MC to beg for forgiveness and asks villain to stop.

And a lot of times villain still can't handle being beaten and comes back again later and is then killed by MC.

Several times MC kills a few people of a team but lets one of them go. And of course this person then brings back more people to get revenge. If the team was so bad they deserved to be killed, then why not kill all of them.

So far I don't really see him getting any real human experience, more solving everything with the snap of his fingers and feeling nothing about it and feeling high above everyone. The novel often mentions how MC sees people as ants.

However author makes MC look indifferent, but he helps almost everyone who asks for his help and lets people insult him without him reacting to the insults, until they go too far and they to harm him or those around him. I find that very weird.

You could explain that he does this because MC wants human experience, but this is never really mentioned.

Only at ch 936 does MC's wife find out by accident he is a cultivator. And even then he only lets her know a tiny bit.

Every now and then some Chinese nationalism shines through. For example: The origin of the martial arts the Japanese ninja use is China and the same counts for Bangzi Country (that's how it translates in MTL. Is that Thailand?).


The novel ends with MC still living with his wife on earth. He plans to stay here to live a happy life with his wife. After that he will take her with him to the immortal world.

From my understanding MC already belongs to the strongest people in the immortal world. If he succeeds his tribulation, he will be the strongest person.

Lots of people mentioned in the novel we never hear from again. Like the vampires after MC takes one of them as a servant who is supposed to get every vampire in China back to England. The father of a vampire swears he will get revenge on MC, but we never hear from him again. The same kind of thing happens with the werewolves and angels. We only hear once that the pills made with the water from his well are sold well, but that is all. We never see the tiger or the flood dragon again.

It's just a constant barrage of people looking for trouble with MC, most of the time because they are interested in the women that are with him. There is not much else happening. Except for MC helping to cure people who are sick. MC's in-laws are often sick (or beaten up) and need help.

Until the end his parents-in-law are still looking down on MC as someone who is unemployed and does nkthing. They have no idea who he is.


The description seemed rather interesting, but was poorly executed unfortunately. At least as far as I am concerned. <<less
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