Be a Little Landlord


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Transmigrate into a scholar turned fool; work hard to live a good life.

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New Akira19 rated it
February 26, 2024
Status: Completed
It's a good book. Lovely slice of life book. Not sure why the rating is less than 4. It was a good read to pass time. Loved the boon and tha characters. Liked the way it was written. Everyone should give it a try.
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Jamieee rated it
February 1, 2024
Status: Completed

Route: Business

Magic Golden Finger: X

... more>> Protagonist: Gong

Premise: A CEO of a big company passes away due to stomach cancer. Receiving a new life, Lin Lixuan swears to do right by his stomach this time.


The house he lived in was of poor quality. The coin purse was empty. Worse of all, his new body was once a scholar who threw himself into the river after his fiancée married a rich man and turned into a fool who was supported by his parents.

With his mother and newlywed wife to support, Lin Lixuan does what he does best.

Build a business.


Thoughts: Torn between 4.5 and 5, but decided on 4.5 since there were some storylines and aspects that I just wish got more focus.

That aside, I really loved this one! The MC isn’t all-knowing, he does have an advantage with his modern knowledge, but they’re mostly not applicable to the timeline.

He’s not good with cooking either, but manages to do business in that field because the ML, Ji Yan, is talented in that field, and with MC’s ideas and ML’s application, they make it work.

I also like how the retribution of the antagonists weren’t out of scale, and that characters can have flaws but manage to turn over a new leaf.

Rather sweet and relaxing. Translation is also high quality so will read again after it finishes! <<less
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