Battle Through the Heavens’s God: The Flame Emperor


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“In a world of three realms and seven realms, where there are countless paths to forge ahead, a lone hero ventures through the seven worlds to save the people of Iraq. Along the way, they encounter soul-shattering battles, love in the midst of life and death, and formidable foes like Medusa with her petrifying pupil. Xun’er stands by their side, smiling through the trials. With beauty and grace, they dance in every direction. As ten thousand ghosts rise and the Immortal King smiles lightly, demons, spirits, and gods tremble across the seven worlds. Only when the ruler of destiny returns will the hero soar into the sea of clouds, shattering the sky. The story continues, with the original team dedicated to creating a thrilling, blood-soaked epic in the world of Dou Po!”

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