Bastard Swordsman


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Fight moderately and play well, this is the ideal life in another world!

The bastard sword is a sword of moderate length. It’s slightly longer than a short sword, making precise handling a bit challenging. Compared to a long sword, its reach falls somewhat short, making winning in direct clashes difficult. Capable of everything, yet not particularly adept at anything. Embracing such a moderate bastard sword, I, Mongrel, a guild man and middle-aged fellow, had a dream. A dream of living leisurely in peace. With my abilities, I could use gifts to defeat strong magical creatures if I wanted, and with my modern knowledge, I could potentially transform this different world. However, I choose not to. Working casually at the guild, immersing myself in cooking and fishing… and if I can occasionally be of help to others, that’s more than enough. This is the tale of a moderately laid-back guy, an adventure that doesn’t seek too many adventures.”

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Bastard Swordsman
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