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대나무숲의 관리자
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Wylfrydd rated it
February 11, 2024
Status: c66
Read this recently, and it's pretty great.

The basic premise is that MC is a forum mod for an 4ch-lite site exclusive to their college where students (shit) post stuff anonymously.

MC can be considered as pseudo-Hikigaya Hachiman, in that he's a loner and while he doesn't turn away from socializing, he'd rather refrain from doing so. He also monologues a lot. One of the better quotes in the novel is that "If you don't have friends, you are invincible" or something of that manner. It's because people in their college do... more>> typical stuff like peer pressuring and bullying by gaslighting. It doesn't have effect on him because he cares not for others opinion, and he doesn't have any friends at all to appeal to LMAO.

The heroines are cookie cutters, but they have their own insecurities and appeals. Won't spoil much, but they have pretty good arcs.

Give this a try if you guys like OreGairu.

Also remember. S*x. <<less
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