Baby Pharmacist Princess


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I just missed a click, but I became the princess in the game!

[ Modify the user name to ‘debtor.’ ]

Even if I can’t pay off the 100 million gem’s debt, I can’t log out.

I have to be clever to survive in a system and even shed blood and tears!

“Are you not afraid of me?”

Huh, should I be scared?

When I was asked like that abruptly, I covered my eyes with both hands and bowed my head.

“I’m scared.”

“…I guess you’re not scared at all.”

Hmm, actually I…

I rolled my big eyes between my fingers and looked at the status window.

There was a single sentence that bothered me a lot even before.

It was a sentence that is briefly hidden by the First Prince’s brilliant visage…

[ Current status: Gastralgia (100%) ]
Associated Names
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Baby Pharmacist Princess (Official Manhwa)
아기 약사 황녀님
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Rizen Lizz
Rizen Lizz rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: v1c1
This story was fluff & our FL was pretty smart. The plot feel fresh.

Unfortunately the translator dropped it. I wish there will someone pick it up.
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Syncletica rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Honestly, the plot of story defied slightly from my prediction. But if I must mentioned one element in this story that I liked so much, it was the ML. But it was because of him as well, that towards the end of the story, the plot was a little rushed.

In this story, you could see from the ML's perspective how he tried to protect the FL and get rid of every obstacle in her path. Because of him, her journey was smoothly sailing. So, if you liked the story about... more>> ML striving to protect the FL and make her journey smooth, I recommended you to read this. <<less
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