Awakened by My Cheat Skill [Resurrection] , I Ended up Reviving the Ancient Demon Lord Army. ~The Strongest Healer Who Won’t Let Anyone Die~


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“Your ability is far too dangerous”

Licht, who holds the cheat skill [Resurrection], is executed on the order of the King out of fear of his power.

However, at that time no one could have known— that the skill [Resurrection] would even apply to Licht himself. Licht, who has survived, now stands as the greatest enemy of humanity.

This is a story of how Licht and the revived Demon Lord Army threaten the world.

The skill [Resurrection], which was shunned by the human world, would become the main force behind the Demon Lord’s Army.

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Cheat skill "shisha sosei" ga kakusei shite inishieno maougun wo fukkatsu sasete shimaimashita ~dare mo shinasenai saikyou hiira~
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