She Retaliated Because Her Entire Family Was Wrongfully Executed. And Thoroughly at That!


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Emilia Fil Salbuveir was locked up in a prison.

The cheers heard from outside indicated that her parents and brother have been executed.

The Salbuveir family, who were a distinguished family in the Fildmerk Empire, second only to the imperial family, fell to their political enemies and were wrongfully executed.

The last survivor, Emilia, who was the fiancée of the Crown Prince Altos, was no exception. Rather, he used her family’s political enemies to break off their engagement.

As her family, relatives, and retainers were executed one after another, Emilia was quietly looking forward to her execution.

All in order to take a revenge against this country…

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Mujitsu no Tsumi de Ichizoku Morotomo Shokeisareta node Yomigaette Houfuku Shimashita. Sore wa Mou Tetteiteki ni!!
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