Auspicious Pattern Lotus House


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Li Lianhua and his nemesis Di Feisheng who no longer cared for worldly affairs become inspired by the young and idealistic Fang Duobing as they join hands in solving mysterious cases to uphold justice.


Ten years ago, Li Xiangyi, the master of Sigu Sect, dominated with his superior swordsmanship and was a symbol of light in the martial arts world. However, he suddenly disappeared along with Di Feisheng, the leader of the Jinyuan Alliance, after they arranged to battle in the East Sea.

Ten years later, Li Lianhua is a countryside doctor on his travels while dragging around a lotus tower. He accidentally becomes “famous” and gets pulled into the pugilistic world that he no longer wanted to have any connections with. Fang Duobing, a passionate youth who dreams of becoming a hero, realizes that Li Lianhua is not a simple man and vows to find proof that Li Lianhua has been impersonating a famous doctor.

Associated Names
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Auspicious Lotus House
Ji Xiang Wen Lian Hua Lou
Mysterious Lotus Casebook
The Lotus Casebook
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blacksamantha rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c95
I am really a BL reader but this is my first time reviewing a non-Danmei story.
For me, I will categorize this story as shounen-ai (forgive this hobby of mine).
Most of you will come to this page, just because you have watched the Mysterious Lotus Casebook and was very unhappy with the ending.

I'll give you a spoiler from the novel:


The novel has a "kinda" sad ending... not bad ending.
The author created a "peaceful" ending for the readers and I think that's what matters most. We may wish for LLX/LLH to have the best ending but the author still chose the best "reality" for him. :)

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Qiaoyishanren rated it
December 8, 2023
Status: --
Why ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ? Well, the drama version of this novel is the best Cdrama that I've seen since 2021. And it's not even a danmei. Nor a BL drama, And that's saying something.

To be honest, just like the previous reader, I came here to read the novel just because I'd like to know why the writer of Mysterious Lotus Case book chose to give Li Xiangyi/Lianhua a open ending. I just want to know if they managed to help him at the end, but since the finale of the novel... more>> is still not here, ight. I'll wait. Lol anyways, 谢谢! <<less
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DreamyTheAuspiciousLotus rated it
March 19, 2024
Status: --
I love this book! The story is very interesting, and the characters are so different and unique. I might be biased since I love the drama so much, but honestly I don't care... LLH is the loML 🤣❤️
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