Arrogant Consort Adored By War Prince


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She was a secret agent that had transmigrated from the 21st century, the “Living Queen of Hell” Zisu. She could defeat her scheming bit*h of a stepmother, pretend to be a pitiful white lotus, and play around with playboys. It was just that her personality was slightly cold and overbearing!

She was played by fate, after her engagement was called off, she was forced to marry the “War Ghost” by an imperial order?

Rumors say that the “War Ghost” was a man who was in control of the military force and had such a high status that even the emperor feared him. However, he was a cold-blooded, bloodthirsty and cruel person who was ruthless in killing others. He was almost 20 years old but not a family dared to marry their daughters to him!

Never would they have imagined that… even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman. When the War Ghost meets the Living Queen of Hell, he becomes wrapped around her little finger, willingly being henpecked by her!

Rumors say that the Seventh Prince adored his wife dearly, as long as the Seventh Prince Consort wishes to obtain this world, he would dominate this world without hesitation and present it to her with both hands! As long as the Seventh Prince Consort was happy, he was willing to do anything…

“Are you really willing to do anything?” Yu Zisu smiled playfully.

“Of course, Su’er, don’t play with fire.” Ye Xiuming replied in a deep hoarse voice.

“I want that man I saw… Mmm… Ye Xiuming, you bast*rd…”

“That isn’t included!”

Associated Names
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Slaughter Queen Reborn (manhua)
惊世狂妃 (漫画)
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: c8
The genre is Mary Sue character transmigrates to Ancient China, you either like it or you don't.

For the genre, this is pretty good. The MC is physically and verbally a badass. There's loads of action. The enemies are hateable (Though not top tier hateable). They do make it up with numbers, so much so you have to wonder how she managed to live to the opening without an M60 and a bandolier of grenades. The ML surprise is handsome and wears a mask (what's up with that?) Final checkbox... more>> there's plenty of face slapping.

The above gets this to a 3, toss in good writing and a solid translation you have 5 for fans of this genre <<less
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