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Gu MingYue is absolutely done with being the cannon fodder side character of a novel… To think that she, born with beauty and status, had her life and her man stolen by a white lotus who had nothing on her! What on earth is going on!?

But everything changed after she met the one called “System”. After finding out that she was a mere cannon fodder in a novel, and that by completing various missions, she would be able to achieve what she wanted most – to be reborn into her world!

This is a story of a strikingly beautiful and poised cannon fodder, out on a mission to complete quests, and there is only one way to do so – have sex!

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18 Reviews

Feb 08, 2021
Status: c60
I continued to read the raws of this story. The first 3 arcs are light and leaves you with a satisfying end.

HOWEVER, I just finished arc 4 (not 100% sure if it's arc 3 or 4) where the MC is the step sister of the male lead and I have to give you a BIG trigger warning. This arc contains r*pe, s*exual abuse, blackmail and overall is a very upsetting arc to read.

The male protagonist is really scum of the universe and deserves much worse than the ending of the... more>> arc. I was so angry that I cried.

Anyhow, any book that can make me cry is usually a good book. Arc 4 (?) really gave this book the depth that is needed to make this book deserving of 5 stars. This is really promising and I really appreciate the flow of the stories. I just hope that next time the male protagonist gets what he deserves. <<less
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Jun 02, 2021
Status: Completed
Writing this purely because of arc 3 - cos damn, that broke me. I hate the male lead in this (the step brother), no redemption till the end, still scum.


dont expect any happy ending in this one, it's full angst and non-consensual s*x.


Her main mission in all the arcs is to get the male to fall in love with her.

1. Sick husband

-1v1, historical. 2. Young masters bed maid

-1v1, historical. 3. Brothers toy

-1v1, r*pe, blackmail, angst, tragedy

4. Daddy's little bride


5. Masochist Gang Boss's Bodyguard


6. Post-apocalypse world


not the designated world the system was going to transport her to next, so needed to do a different mission to leave


7. Eloping with a lowly stage actor

-1v1, historical

8. Demon cult's favourite concubine

-1v1 but contains NP events.

connects with 3rd arc


9. Priest x Vampire Queen

-1v1, tragedy.

10. Passer-by in the world of beastmen

Update: 18/06/2023

raws hasn't been updated since 2019/2020 by author. Looks like it's been dropped. Arc10 incomplete.
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May 19, 2021
Status: c40
I looked for smut but arc 3 f*cking broke my heart. F*ck. That was unexpected.

... more>>

I've read novels with pseudo-yandere ml's. Those guys are sissy's and everything they do is romanticized, they're just a little possessive. This man here in arc 3 is a real yandere cuz he's a criminal. Yanderes in real life are criminals, so for the little girls out there with immature prefrontal cortex reading this behind your parent's back for some reason, bad boys are bad boys. If they do drugs, steal, kill, and r*pe you, that's not cool. Just wanna leave that there.

Anyway, I wanna know what happened after the MC died. I wanna see that scum ML suffering to death. All that comes out in this review are curses cuz f*ck that ML. My heart hurts so bad. Song Zhiyi and Gu Mingyue's fate was broken like that. They could've been together for even one lifetime. This relationship could have been the light in GM's dark life. Should've put a tragedy tag on this. I couldn't bear to read the smut between GM and that tr*sh cuz it was so r*pey. I just skipped it and wanted to see if he'll die. Unfortunately he's not the one who died. F#CK. I WANNA SMASH THAT PIECE OF SH*T'S HEAD


One reviewer said that she cried in anger reading the arc 3, I thought she was exaggerating. Turns out I underestimated myself. After reading arc 3, I wanna kill and and transmigrate to the novel to personally assassinate that scum of the earth. Now I'm at arc 4. But I need to rest cuz my emotions are going everywhere.

I'm angry. But even if I'm angry I would still recommend this to those who are looking for QT's with smut and plot. Smut novels can rarely make me feel much emotions. But this one made me feel sad and angry. It's good. I haven't read the rest of the arcs yet but so far so good. I hope it continues. <<less
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Dec 16, 2021
Status: c74
Listing for my reference (contains spoilers)

I'm reading the raws, so some parts might not be translated yet. My mandarin is just half baked. I might be missing some parts of the story. Plan to read my favourite parts in the translated version again when it's done.

Arc 1 (My sickly husband)

Fluffy and sweet male lead. Enjoy it, you will need this for later Arcs

(Happy Ending)


... more>>

She is the wife of a prince who is pretending to be sick. She seduces him and makes him fall in love with her by being a perfect caring wife.


Arc 2 (Young Master's Bed Warmer)

Tsundere male lead

(Happy Ending)



She is the bedwarmer for a duke's son and is a suspected spy sent by the male lead's step mother. She seduces him and makes him falls in love with her. But he still treats her roughly up to the end. Can be considered happy ending.


Arc 3 (Brother's toy doll)

Abusive male lead, with additional loving supportive 2nd male lead


Modern day


I skipped alot of this Arc. It was so hard to read. Step brother with mental issues blames her for his attraction to her and plays with her very roughly. She gets pregnant and runs away after alot of physical torture. She then meets a very supportive guy who she falls in love with, gives birth and builds a family with him. It all ends in terribly when she meets her brother again. He kidnaps her, abuses her, kills her love and in the end she commits su*cide. Later in the story, it is shown that the brother does regret his actions. Became crazy and also commits su*cide in a mental hospital.


Arc 4 (Daddy's child bride)

Mild compared with Arc 3. But still has uncomfortable aspects to the story. Contains underage and in*est.

(Happy Ending)



She is the adopted daughter of the male lead. He planned to marry his son to her when they grow up. But the son dies. To stop him from marrying again and killing the original body, her mission is to seduce her dad and make him fall for her again. He uses lies to convince her to sleep with him (while feeling guilty about it), though she is the one who instigated the whole scenario while pretending to be an innocent girl. In the end they move to a place where in*est is accepted and live happily ever after.


Arc 5 (Masochist underworld boss's bodyguard)

Male lead likes it rough and being controlled. So she gets to be the one in charge for once.

(Happy Ending)

Modern Day


She is a powerful fighter, assasin bodyguard. And when trying to save the male lead, finds out he gets turn on by pain and likes being controlled/ordered around. She becomes his domanatrix lover. She saves his life a few times and it all ends well in the end when his dad wanted to kill her cos he thought she was trying to mu*der his son. But she confesses she loves him so much she wanted to kill him when he fell for the female lead, he was so touched by the seriousness of her feelings he commits to her. I find this Arc quite amusing


Arc 6 (Save the female Cannon Fodder)

Just started reading the raws this Arc, so not much info yet.

Post Apocalypse world


The system malfunctions and sends her into a post apocalyptic world as a zombie. But she becomes human later... to be updated later..

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May 28, 2022
Status: world 10c7
Like other Quick Rebirth Systems, the story focuses on anthology of various stories where the cannon fodder outwits the real heroine of the various stories and steals the ML for herself without resorting to villainous tricks. In fact, she often avoids the FL altogether and focuses purely on the ML.

Originally, I was expecting just another anthology of smut stories that barely delve into any character setting. But regardless of the storyline, the author writes the characters emotions very well. Occasionally, we also get to see the conclusion of those stories... more>> as out of sequence side stories.

Usually, the FL's mission is to have the ML declare undying love for her and promise to only be with her. For the most part, the FL is usually a virg*n. Although, in some stories she may not be. In addition, she may have multiple partners in a single story. I wouldn't call the smut that smexy after so many chapters though. You can really tell the FL is getting really indifferent to using her body, and it's really all about completing the mission. Not all the relationships are consensual as well. In fact there are also bouts of group orgies.


World 1: Defeat the sick & weak: 1v1 Girl marries a fake sick husband. Her mission is to seduce her husband to love and stay with her.

World 2. Young Master's Maid: 1v1 A bedwarmer gets her master addicted to her.

World 3: Brother's Toy: 1v2 Tragic story about an abusive & manipulative stepbrother. The worst story so far. I don't think I've ever hated such a scum bag ML as this one. The only redeeming part is that the FL did find a different partner briefly that gave her the love she deserved even if it was temporary. As horrific as the plot was. The story was oddly very engaging. I'm glad we got to see the deserved final outcome for such a scum ML. Regardless, the story was a bit of a tearjerker.

World 4: Daddy's Child Bride: 1v1 Adoptive child hooks up w/ her adopted father. It's written emotionally well, but still it's a bit stomach churning knowing that the two are in a non-penetrating relationship when she's 12 years old, and then a full relationship at 13 years old. Keep in mind, she doesn't even have her menstruation until year or so later. The age difference isn't that bad. But just the fact that she's really still physically a child and being in such relationship even though the FL is the one that planned it, is still a bit morally uncomfortable.

World 5. Female Bodyguard Who Shakes the M World: This is a first type of story I have ever seen the ML as a closet M-type character. It's quite amusing for the FL to be such a dominatrix and teasing of the ML. The ML keeps trying to one-up her to no avail.

Here's a funny quote, "Gu Mingyue sat quietly watching him eat. Although the woman's demeanor was normal and she didn't even move her eyebrows, Xiao Jinglin still felt a strange sense of sight, similar to that of livestock to be slaughtered after being fattened in autumn. "

"Gu Mingyue is like a mutated new virus, which makes people unable to be immune and unable to resist."

World 6: The Female Cannon Fodder in a Yaoi Apocalypse: 1v6 Reverse Harem. The FL ends up in a body of a zombie in a post Apocalyptic World that has very few females. Unlike the other arcs, the FL must collect a certain fluid to leave this world, while preventing the ML from getting involved with with the other male characters so that he will hook up with the FL only. The relationships were often in multiple orgies at the same time. All of it is consensual.

World 7: Eldest lady of the warlord eloped with an Actor: A wealthy Warlord's heiress elopes with an actor. This is the only world where she stayed until she was around 50 years old.

World 8: The Demon Lord's Concubine: 1v? Non-consensual. Tragic story where a demonic cult leader r*pes and kidnaps the wrong twin sister. The FL is a mentally disabled character that is like a child in an adult body. The worst part is that she was forced to be with others as well.

World 9: The Vampire Queen who fell in love with a Priest: 1v1? The FL had previous partners before hooking up with the ML. Another tragedy with an interesting romantic plot.

World 10: Passer-by in an Orc World: 1v1 The FL is a girl who accidentally gets sent to an Orc world. The FL meets and hooks up with a young Panda orc. Cute story. Currently it is ongoing.


I'm not positive if the original series is still ongoing or discontinued. I didn't see any new RAW chapters.

Overall, the stories weren't all to my taste. But they were all well written and interesting enough for me to read it all. The FL is a very 3-dimensional character and doesn't come across as overbearingly arrogant. The system also barely interacts with her. <<less
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Sep 26, 2021
Status: c18
After looking at the reviews I decided to skip tragedy arcs 😅. Can someone please tell me where to read the rest tho please 🥲 I can’t find it on mtl please. It looks like some of u guys have been reading a lot so can u pls recommend me a website to read the rest ch like machine translation please 🙏🏻
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Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leave
Feb 09, 2021
Status: --
This is the first time I’m leaving a review about a novel. Well at first I thought this was just a pwp story but I was really surprised especially in the arc 4 (the stepbrother-sister). I really liked how things are not just HE and how the Male Protagonists of every arc did not just fall for her at first sight. They’re very 3 dimensional and have their conflicts regarding their views and feeling.
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Nov 08, 2021
Status: c151
I love this novel. If you want smut and don't want too much dog blood in quick transmigration this story can accommodate your needs. This is the best smut transmigration I read.

My thoughts: There is no need for a male lead to appear yay.♡ (ӦvӦ。)

I love the gentle doctor to be the ml, but that scum ML of the world killed him (╯︵╰,)

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Feb 18, 2022
Status: c24 part2
I'm not sure how I feel about this one...

I'll not mark this as spoiler cuz is something any prospect reader needs to know:

I like the way they built her character from an ancient prude woman into accepting her own sexuality and how she thirst for knowledge in modern worlds. She have a lot of room for growth, I'd love a strong FMC who feels good about her own sexuality and doesn't act like having s*x with someone means that either he owns her or her life is over. I'll keep... more>> reading wishing for at least part of that to happen because until this point (start of 3dr arc) it didn't. The only strength I feel from her is the mental strength to not break after being abused. And I don't mean it in a good way.

But more than that I can't force myself to like the male leads. At least most of them. They are awfully abusive and don't suffer near enough before deserving her.

There's a big difference between a woman using her sexuality to empower herself and a woman having to use her body as the only mean to get a man and making him stay loyal. And the system's missions make her the second type. And that's not a view on women I like.

Honestly some of those male leads should be left where they deserve to be. The tr*sh. Or better the jail. Nowhere in hell that seducing a man and being ab*sed and assaulted is the same thing. I know this is smut fiction but if you need to "pretend" to be forced to get a man's heart... you better take his heart... with a knife.

I will certainly skip the tragedy arcs. The HE already look tragedy enough for me so I can't fathom how mad I'll be reading those. Same with the inc*st/fauxcest ones. No matter if blood related or not that's just a no for me. As someone with an adopted sibling that disgusts me to the end! Not only I find it offensive personally but I hate how it is usually romanticized when most of the cases in reality involve r@pe, ab*se and pedof. So, big no no.

I'll keep reading it fow now in hopes she betters herself. I'm keeping in mind that the 3rd arc, is her first time in a modern setting so I do hope that she will learn that letting herself be used like that is not the only way to seduce a guy.


In this arc specifically I wish she had convinced her mother to send her to an all girls boarding school so she could learn and mature a little before trying to "seduce" that tr*sh. That would also reduce the inc*st feel of it. And the mother being a successful career woman and understanding her discomfort with the situation and supporting her, independent of how good the new husband and son are, would be the cherry on top.


And lastly... really, what the frick is wrong with that system??? Choosing such tr*shy mls, not giving an ounce of advice or help or even letting her change targets or skip a world when the ML is too far off the scum cliff to be saved!!! Frick, s*x is not the cure for mental problems nor sh!tty personalities!! Wtf is wrong with it? What kind of sicko would create a system that would force a woman to "seduce" aka get used like a fl*shlight/onah*le/s*xdoll like that?? Being s*xually ab*sed in a myriad of ways by many scum guys in n lives for centuries over a chance to redo her OG life? It looks more like she went to hell than getting an opportunity.

The more I write the madder I get... so I'll stop here before I decide to drop this for good. I know it's smut, but sometimes I feel it was written by a delusional guy that doesn't understand women or how s*x actually works... I really really really hope it will get better but for now this novel is disappointing. <<less
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Jun 19, 2021
Status: c39
I randomly came across this, found it interesting, searched raw and I am continuously reading it and Omg.. The third arc broke my heart so much I am bawling.. I cant get over it.. The tiny hope for a happy ending for the MC was broken by that scum of a person. Just shattered my heart to pieces.

Initially I was skeptical about it cause of all tags but since I had nothing to read I just wanted to go through and
So far from what I have read this novel is beautifully written. They are so good that story from all arc can actually turn into individual novel minus the excessive smut.Its like reading those reincarnation/transmigration to cannon fodder (sometimes angsty) novel but in less chapter with smart MC, with smut scene and system that gives mission.

And at the ending of arc 3 I cant stop myself from reviewing it.
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Airi Ai
Airi Ai
Jan 18, 2023
Status: c150
I'm in the 9th arc (the panda orc arc) and is sooooo cute and funny, she deserved those vacation, lol!

Tbh this story is goood, don't get discouraged by the dog-blood drama with her step bro, I knew we all hated him till some extent (or really wanted to kill him), but the next arcs will give u life~

Small spoiler related to him:

... more>>

He will appear once again in certain arc, plus he has his own ending of his og world (I felt sorry for the og FL but she was nice and I respected her), so trust me, he'll pay and he'll do more than paying in the future. That arc was really unexpected and is very healing somehow. She's ruthless but also shows how much she has changed and mature, I think that arc will leave satisfied to the people who wanted him to experience more


Anyway, I won't get into much details about the arcs because there are already comments about that. I just want to say that this is snu snu with plot, sometimes the plot is very interesting

What I really appreciate about the story, is that every arc is different from the other

The author improves in her writing with time, she has a nice and pretty style of words, plus some unique ideas that makes several of her arcs refreshing

I'd love to know if the story is dropped or if there is more, because SERIOUSLY, I loved the story!

The sect arc was so unexpected and gave me anxiety many times, it has angst but trust me, read it! Maybe except the ceremony, idk if it was only me, but that made me cry a lot. Also the relationship between the twins) ":

Anyway, it was sooo good, I didn't understand much at the beginning, but at the end everything made sense, except how it was possible. It has a good ending and is wholesome despite all the pain imo.

The vampire one was good, except that the ML was kinda dumb almost at the end. The ending was cool haha, I just wonder if she was the one who took him at the end, or it was something or someone else 😆

The orc arc is aww, adorbs (finally, something cute)

The zombie arc was unexpected, I didn't think she would have a NP arc, lol. I enjoyed it, she was kinda ruthless at the end, which I respected, especially because none of them deserved her.

The mafia arc was muah muah, haha. She took the top position in the relationship (most of the time) which was perfect. I was left speechless several times because of the snu snu scenes, I'm not very much into that 😆, but it made me laugh a lot. An M ML which I think it was well deserved. She also got a good set of skills from this arc.

Anyway, just read it and judge by yourself. I wouldn't recommend skipping the angst because is well written in most parts, but I get it, do what is good for u. <<less
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Mar 31, 2021
Status: c1
Im currently readin arc 7 or 8 where the FL is a zombie and she gets a harem and her main mission is to get the male lead and the female lead marry. So far this novel is great I like how it's not always the male lead and the fl. Im rating this 5 star my phone is lagging so maybe I pressed a 3 star

... more>>

Arc 3 the FL fell in love with someone. Arc 7 or 8 she did not fall in love with the ml. Sooooo this novel is greatt

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Oct 20, 2021
Status: c18
I have to say this is what you kinda expect from a snu snu novel but ✨with a plot✨.

So our FL is a supporting character in her prev life, she was betrayed and killed unjustly.

With the help of the system she can be reborn in her own world but of course after doing her missions.

... more>> Her mission is basically have s*x with the mainlead at the same time get them hearts.

I really like how the female lead helps the main lead by using the knowledge she recieves from the plot.

In some reviews they have reached chapter 40+ and I'm really begging (๑•﹏•) for them to give me links. <<less
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Sep 11, 2021
Status: --
I love it, (♥_♥)

Her thoughts really has a emphasis on the story. I mean she has feelings, Even though she's just carrying through her mission.

In the 3rd arc I'd be happy if the doctor was the ml. She genuinly loved him, considered him as her child's father. But, that was my wishful thinking him to be the ml. A human tr*sh was ml. I really cried when 3rd arc came to an ending. The shadow of his mother's su*cide overlapping with FL was the best pain she could... more>> give him (ML deserved it) .

Currently reading 4th arc, I'll write when I'm done with it. Actually I wanted to write when I ended but after reading 3rd arc, the frustration toward 3rd arc's ML was overwhelming. So I just wrote. 😝 Edit; I take back the feeling things, she's losing it by every arc. Currently at the arc 9. <<less
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Apr 26, 2023
Status: 76 part2
really love the smut and the plot. Nowadays, it's very hard to find a good novel with decent plot and smut. Every time I read novels with arcs, there are some arcs that I dislike and find it boring. But, every arc in this novel is delivered very well so I really enjoy reading it. Special thanks to the translator for translating this amazing work.
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Apr 19, 2024
Status: c255
This is still aan on going arc. Smut with plot. Same with other QT smut, she has to earn points by completing mission to save her mom in he original world.

So far, latest is a vacation world - Orc world for her given by system. Just her and the panda guy.

My fave probably was the step sister arc due to the passerby guy who saved her and died, the first guy she loved deeply while doing QT
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Apr 16, 2023
Status: Completed
8.5/10, some arc is really good and I like the variety of plots, there is 2 NP arcs if I didnt rmb wrongly but the rest are 1v1. Some arcs are interlinked :3 sadly author dropped the book in 2019 hence the orc arc was left half way
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Nov 16, 2021
Status: v10
Too simple.

We need more texts.

We need more explanation.

There are times that

*one arc is too brief..

*One arc is like fleeting paragraphs.. *One arc is just a description..... Ow

It is not a complete paragraph even.
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