Ancient Land Convenience Store


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An accident sent him to the prehistoric era and Luo Feng opened a convenience store that led him to adventure in the Ancient Land.

Friend, I have some laundry powder here, it can help you wash away the karmic fire on your treasure!

Friend, I have an electric rice cooker here, you can use it to cook pills without any effort!

Fairy-sister, I have a magic waistband, not only will it increase your beauty, but also… wait, let’s talk it out, why are you pulling out your sword?

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Date Group Release
05/19/22 Moonlight Novels c15
05/18/22 Moonlight Novels c14
05/14/22 Moonlight Novels c13
05/13/22 Moonlight Novels c12
05/11/22 Moonlight Novels c11
04/28/22 Moonlight Novels c10
04/27/22 Moonlight Novels c9
04/25/22 Moonlight Novels c8
04/24/22 Moonlight Novels c7
04/22/22 Moonlight Novels c6
04/22/22 Moonlight Novels c5
04/21/22 Moonlight Novels c4
04/19/22 Moonlight Novels c3
04/19/22 Moonlight Novels c2
04/18/22 Moonlight Novels c1
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