Anchor Effect


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Yuxiu’s acting career is over at the age of twenty-eight.

He is banned as soon as he becomes an actor, and riding a roller coaster was not so exciting.

On the recommendation of his assistant, he comes to a mountain villa to relax.

The owner of the villa is a fair-skinned and beautiful sick man. He has a little wolf dog by his side, who cares about his health and is considerate to him.

——But eight years ago, Yu Xiu was that little wolf dog.

Ye Yuchen and Yu Xiu recall the old days: What a mess.

Yu Xiu ignores it.

Ye Yuchen: Do you want my help?

Yu Xiu: What’s your condition?

Ye Yuchen strokes his chin and thinks for a while: Hmm… Come to my room at night?

Everything seems to be back to the original point, everything has changed yet nothing also has changed.

It is only later that Yuxiu realizes that it is not the origin, but the anchor in his heart.

Yu Xiu × Ye Yuchen

Beautiful, strong, and tragic movie king top × mourning hidden from the world gold master bottom

28 years old × 30 years old

Yu Xiu is attacking, it’s not the reverse!

The two are only two years apart, and they were seniors and juniors in the early stage.

Dual perspectives, not many scenes in the entertainment industry, interspersed with college days, reality, and memories are divided between 50-50.

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Solivagant rated it
October 8, 2023
Status: Completed
I've always like this author's works. But somehow this novel is a bit meh.

Maybe because I can't bring myself to like the main characters, either the gong or shou.

It's a story about the reunion of gong & shou 8 yrs after their break up. The gong (ML) somehow found out that shou (MC) still care about him.

Their break up is due to shou's (MC) illness which he kept it secret from the gong, causing misunderstanding to the gong which makes this novel quite angsty. So if you don't like a... more>> misunderstanding story with poor communication, this might not be for you. Tbh, it's quite frustrating for me too. The one with the poor communication is the shou, the gong is straightforward with his feeling.

But I couldn't bring myself to like the gong too. Because he is really possessive, an act immature and impulsively due to his jealousy which is one of the reasons of their break up. He loves to monopolize the shou and can't stand seeing the shou being close to others, even to shou's brother! And after they reconcile, he always ask shou for s*x, despite shou refusal (and of course shou will eventually indulge him every time), and being stubborn about whatever he wants to do to shou that it seems like he didn't respect the shou's opinion.

But for a secretive and defiant person such as the shou, it is the gong's stubbornness that make it possible for their reconcillation to happen. <<less
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