Anata no Koto ga Sukina Watashi wo Oshite Kuremasu Ka?


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A romantic comedy where I, a ‘Fan,’ get supported by my oshi!

“Kei’s Game Commentary! I really like that channel!”

Nozomi Yukina, also known as Yuki, is a member of a popular idol group and is also my oshi. But unexpectedly, she is also a fan of mine!?

Thanks to Yuki’s declaration of being my fan during a live stream, I, a game streamer who had single-digit subscribers, became an overnight sensation!

Furthermore, when Yuki found out that we’re classmates, her usual cool demeanor completely changed, and she became obsessed with me!?

“To have the real Kei-kun right in front of me is the best…!”

But it doesn’t stop there. A super popular VTuber (who is actually my childhood friend) and a legendary cosplayer (who is actually my sister) on hiatus both start publicly declaring their love for me… It’s a romantic comedy where I, the fan, get supported by my Oshi!

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Anata no Koto ga Sukina Watashi wo Oshite Kuremasu Ka?
Will you support me, who likes you?
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03/01/24 VampiraMTL v1 epilogue
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02/23/24 VampiraMTL v1c4 part4
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01/24/24 VampiraMTL v1c2 part5
01/22/24 VampiraMTL v1c2 part4
01/15/24 VampiraMTL v1c2 part3
01/12/24 VampiraMTL v1c2 part2
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Touch-San rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: --
I don't generally do call-outs to other reviewers in my reviews, but I felt that this needs to be said here.

There's a reason you don't see this done too often aborednerd, and it's because it's a whole other level of pathetic even when compared to the usual JP wish fulfillment harem genre. Every love interest just so happens to know him or he knows them. They also just so happen to be absurdly famous, and just so happen to appear in his life at the moment in time he... more>> gets into streaming, thus propelling him into stardom instantly. I don't mind a bit of handwavy wish fulfillment, but holy shit this is entirely too much. I wish I had this kind of luck and these kind of convenient connections in my life, but I don't because it's just infinitely unrealistic, even for my low-brow taste.

It's times like these where I wish you could reply to other people's reviews directly rather than having to make a review of your own. Seriously, get on that novelupdates. <<less
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aborednerd rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: v1c2 part4
TLDR: 3.5/5

Its average, with a half star added on for the mostly excellent translation by VampiraMTL.

Cons: Super dense Japanese protag, so if you arent okay with dealing with that check out now. One of the three female leads is a Tsundere (deservedly so IMO given how dense the MC is).

Pros: famous female stars give a huge boost to MC is a relatively uncommon plot point. Curious how that will play out and impact the MCs streaming.
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