An Unexpected Exile and the Slow Life that Followed?


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“Someone like you, working in an unstable job as an adventurer, wouldn’t be thinking about the future, right?”

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Touch-San rated it
September 27, 2023
Status: c37
The synopsis section is about as empty and uninformative as Korean novel summaries, but this is yet another cliched modern day dungeon novel. Literally everyone who wronged him gets punished in a few chapters.

The guy who stole his ex gf gets a pay cut and is moved to a less desirable branch location, at least from what I could gather from the shitty mtl. Ex gf herself actually just dies, though the ending to that chapter was sort of ambiguous and hasn't been followed up on since, so maybe she's still alive. Some jobber in a store turns MC away at the door, and is promptly fired in the next chapter.


Temper your expectations when going into this. It's not bad per se, but there is absolutely nothing original or groundbreaking about this novel.
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May 2, 2024
Status: --
Do not recomened, I could not make it more than a few chapters without closing it from frustration. MC is supposidly one of the most powerful people in the world, but he is a complete beta b**ch, he is often viewed as weak, and pretty much no one recognizes him for who he is, even his girlfriend of 5+ years thought he was a weak low rank adventure, even guild employesees who should have had access to his information did not know who he was. But worst of all is... more>> that many wrongs had been committed against him, and he took it like a sniveling worm, and when said wrongs come to light he demands they only recovered a light punishment because he doesnt want to cause them problems, like, if they did what they did to anyone else, that person would died crying tears of blood, and he wants to let them off with a slap on the wrist. <<less
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dragonulera rated it
April 29, 2024
Status: v1c34
The more I read it the more it annoys me and frustrates me. And it does so from the first chapter.

How can someone, at the SSS rank, the highest rank in the world, have their data easily acessed by some self-entitled nobody?

I would understand if his ID would be made to look normal so that he could maintain anonymity, so that he is not swarmed by the people wherever he goes. But within the organisation? Only a few people should have access to his data! Everyone else sould be restricted!... more>> Heck, if the author didn't learn this from basic IT knowledge, then from some army/spy films, no?

Then is his ex-girlfriend. She complains about the quality of dates she has been taken to. Yet, later is revealed that all the places she has been to, were incredibly expensive.

As someone who works in a brand company (the ex-girlfriend), I refuse to believe she was oblivious to the rest of the world. That she did not know the expensive places around and the brands she was gifted.

The author introduces characters that are too s*upid for me to accept. It even makes me believe that this is a self-insertion story where he can mess up the lives of equivalent people from the real world because he can't do it himself in the real world. Some sort of pseudo-revenge or a petty behaviour of a child. And this idea makes me even more disgusted by the story. <<less
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aborednerd rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: v1c30
Its solidly average to me. There are much better things to be reading out there.

Also the Main Character feels like they have only been in about 50% of the chapters so far, if that. Much of the work seems to revolve around the characters who get involved with the main character rather than the MC himself.

Also, very little harem so far. I'm pausing reading for now, maybe I will come back to this, maybe not.
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roriconknight rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: v3c72
The title should be: SSS-Rank Adventurer Smurfing in Low-Levelled Dungeon with a Gal After Being Rejected

Author wanted NTR premise but glossed it over with a train of info dump.

... more>>

"Why are you looking so clueless? It's obvious, isn't it? You're an adventurer with an unstable job. What's the point of marrying you? You went to college, but you're doing a job that anyone could do, even high school students. Your dating ideas are just as unimaginative as when we were in school. Sure, you're putting in effort today, but let's be real. Back in school, I thought it was cool that my boyfriend was an adventurer, and you made more money than part-time restaurant workers, so we had better dates. But you've never taken me to a nice place, and your rank as an adventurer hasn't gone up that much, has it? You lack prospects. I can't marry someone like you. Besides, I was proposed to by someone else recently. We've been dating for about six months, but unlike you, he takes me on mature dates. He takes me to nice restaurants. He's a Guild employee, and an elite one at that. Unlike adventurers, Guild employees are government workers with stability. Plus, he's just two years older than us, but he's already in a high position. He has a better future than you, and I've decided to accept his proposal. So, I came here today to say goodbye."


Yeah, its an entire paragraph for a single speech from the b*tch. The other b*tches also have the same disease, perhaps it was intentional?

Storywise there is nothing revolutionary. MC with doormat personality as getting wronged and just let it slide. Though personally I think it was the definition of how adult should handle things, don't bother with insignificant thing.

The story focuses on MC getting a new disciple on each volume (called chapter in kakuyomu). The disciple shares the same premise: having live problems. MC would solve the issues with literal slapping money at it or pushing his disciple to be more productive. So far he had 3 disciples, 2 female and 1 male.

The story doesn't dwell much on the romance. Whether his female are into MC or not still hangs in the air. It is hinted that a member of his former guild - Twilight Tea Party - had a thing on him. Even so, she didn't get any screen time and practially zero progress on the romance.

The translations are decent in quality but drops a bit at later chapters. The usual misgendering, inconsistent names (Reito, Ray, Rei), and duplicated paragraphs that often we found with this TL team can be seen here and there. Fortunately, its not as bad as the other series. <<less
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aPizza rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: c34
This is kinda boring to read. As the review by Touch-San says, everyone who wronged MC is punished and there is nothing groundbreaking about this novel.

Lemme add on to that, there is nothing going on for MC. Hell, I think MC's disciple is the real MC. So far, there has been multiple POV chapters that goes on to the people who wronged them and adds nothing to the story. At this rate, I have no idea what to look for because MC has no drive at all and doesn't have... more>> much character to him. Pretty sure a good chunk of the 34 chapters I read weren't even MC's pov. It feels like MC hasn't done anything.

As I always say, maybe it gets better later. Maybe MC will do something or something interesting happens. Honestly, it just feels like a really bland slice of like because there's no action. The momentary conflict gets solved like a manhua face slap. There's just something lacking, so read at your own risk. <<less
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