An S-class Adventurer, Banished as the Tank of the Party, Uses His “S*ave Release” Skill To Build the Strongest Country in History!


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I became an S-class adventurer with my childhood friends, using the strength that I’m proud of to attract enemies and have my friends defeat them in the meantime, continuing to play the so-called “tank” role.

I was a paladin, a job specializing in protecting my companions, but perhaps because everyone was protected by me, they did not learn any defense or evasion skills, but only improved their attack skills.

In such a situation, they forgot that they are protected by my skills, and they fired me …… Wait, I don’t care what happens, okay!? Even though your natural defensive power are as good as paper.

But since I had been through a terrible time on my way up to become an S-class adventurer, I decided to take it easy for once and went to the Adventurers’ Guild to accept a request for a relaxing day alone.

I was told that they had tried to cultivate the land in the past, but the monsters that appeared were so strong that all the farmers had run away, so the vast land would be given as a reward to anyone who succeeds. they were rewarded with a large tract of land.

When I went there after being told that “Alex, an S-class adventurer, would be fine!” …… I found that there was not even a village or a house around it, and it’s beyond of what you call the countryside, because it was a land inhabited by monsters.

The land was deserted, with farming tools left unattended, and there was a monster that I had never seen before, and when I managed to defeat it, I acquired the “s*ave Release” skill.

I was told that if I used this skill, it would summon one person of the opposite s*x, who is ens*aved somewhere in the world, to me.

I thought it would be better for the world if I used this skill, and I activated it immediately, and a beautiful elf girl appeared.

After that, a girl with architecture skill, a princess from a foreign country who was a prisoner …… and I kept freeing people who were ens*aved, and before I knew it, a country was formed and I was treated like a king.

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Kabe-yaku nado fuyō to tsuihō sa reta S-kyū bōken-sha, (dorei kaihō) sukiru o kushi shite shijō saikyō no kuni-dzukuri
壁役 など 不要 と 追放 された S級 冒険者 、 ≪ 奴隷 解放 ≫ スキル を 駆使 して 史上 最強 の 国造り
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DescartesSenpai rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: v10c416
Quick review: it will be a hit or miss, no in between, you'll either love it or hate it.

Elaborating: What will determinate if you'll love or hate this novel is your opinion on absurdity. If there is a word the defines this work is absurdity... s*x too, but more absurdity. If you take things too seriously, you'll, probably, hate this novel. If you're easy going and likes to laugh at things that make no sense, oh boy, you're in for a GREAT trip.

Things start... preatty normal, quite common development, MC... more>> gets banned by the "hero" cause the "hero" wants to have a harem party, MC is "secretly" the MVP of the party, a secret for the "hero" only, everyone else knows the MC is the cornerstone of the party, the "hero" gets the short end of the stick, and, for plot armor reasons, the MC gets a bunch of chicks. So far, so good, nothing we've nerver seen.

Things go on as expected, some more girls added, they fight for the hero, and then we reach Intermission 20, and then things start to get REALLY GOOD, or REALLY BAD, it depends on your concept.

What happens afer Intermission 20, you ask. MC gets the magic D. And when I say the magic D, I mean THE magic D. It's big, it's thick, it can make girls stronger, it can get them pregnant 100% of the time, it's addictive, literally addictive, at some point he gets an ability that makes girls get addicted to his D.

Also, girls start to appear like there is some going out of bussiness sale, lolis, thick girls, animal eared girls, lolis, ninjas, pe*verts, S girls, more lolis, for some reason if a girl is OP she's a loli, it's not like the author has a thing for lolis. It's not like the author has a thing for lolis, I said twice because is important.

Since I talked about girls, is also good to talk about the other thing that defines thes series, s*x. Around Interlude 24 the MC starts to have more adult relashionships with some of his wives, and it doesn't take long befor he starts to have s*x, how much sex? All the s*x, what do I mean? He has s*x in the morning, afternoon, and all night, and I mean all night, not gona spoil too much, but he gets a skill that allows him to have s*x all night.

It reaches a point that every 10 chapters he will have s*x in at least 8. Things get quite absurd, and if you think for half a second you'll hate this novel... I mean lose, you'll lose.

I don't take this novel seriously at all, and that's why when I see absurd development after absurd developent it makes me laugh so much that my belly hurts, but if you can't buy this joke of a novel you'll hate it, with all your being, so don't even start. <<less
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July 30, 2022
Status: Ch50
some spoilers, but I mean you'll literally get a feeling for the whole novel in a sense

It's rushed, way to rushed. Instead of creating some depth and putting a little more work into the story he gets told "leave" he questions it for one paragraph. Leaves. Is literally miles away without much disagreement within the same chapter. He doesn't talk it over with anyone leaving a trail he's just gone.

shows up in same paragraph miraculously gets the titles's skill and within the next has a s*ave.

Then before the end of... more>> the next chapter without prompt the 2nd "heroine"? Is "romantically jealous" of a childhood friend (who he never explained about or talked about his past except for and I quote "she used to run out of magic and I carried her on my back").

In the intermission the "heroine"? questions why but mostly in her own head. Everyone but the hero (2 other people) understand the mc's contributions. What about the other one? No clue. To rushed to tell.

im going to keep reading but I have a feeling nothing is going to change. It's going to be the template. He's going to free s*aves. They will fall in love, but he won't notice. His childhood friend and co. Will slowly notice that they arnt strong anymore and he will not know why and doubt it has to do with the MC. (which everyone else but him will understand) even the "new" party member will A. Be a girl who will follow when the heroine leaves. Or B. Will be a person who will be blamed because they can't do what the MC used to do. And in a long drawn out way they will eventually find the MC. Which will be several times harder to do rather than the half a chapter it took him to leave and find his way to the wilderness (which seems to be on the other side of the world) that's my prediction. Stay tuned.


Ch. 50

I was slightly wrong. It went somewhat in a different direction, but now it's worse. he's somehow got denser. Someone will constantly mutter something he can't see or talk about something he doesn't understand. There will be contradictions in phrases or information constantly. You get 1 paragraph of plot progression then the rest is females arguing. Or "Alex I want to... no never mind" over and over. To the point now where 3/4 of the chapter is now just making out. So arguing over the MC, making out, plot progression. The maid gets called a "Titty monster".

just leave. Not worth it <<less
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notacomputer rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: v1c1
Though I was originally happy to see a story about freeing sl*ves, this was immediately disappointing.

Within the first 6 chapters the translation skips wildly between first and third POV. Two female side characters are already in love with the MC while he doesn't know, one of which he met moments before. It's rushing through the events of the story. The world building is nonexistent because Mr. Author is desperately trying to rely on bad fantasy tropes in order to rush into a forced harem of NPC girls without actually considering... more>> that "writing" was his job to begin with.

That being said, I don't think that the ideas here are all too bad. The MC isn't a anti-social psychopath (that some of you seem to want for some godforsaken reason) and seems to have a moral system. Maybe someone with talent will write something like this? That would be nice. <<less
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Locabra rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: v1c27
Is it good? No, but it isn´t bad (at least for me)

Traduction could be much better, descriptions are nonexistent. The chapters are short, and the premise is the classic harem, where girls pile up around the MC.

Is it worth it? Depends on the expectations you have, but at least is entertaining I guess. I´m not very exigent, read a little and draw your own conclusions
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Oblos rated it
June 25, 2023
Status: v2c53
This series tried to be interesting, but failed. I have tried reading some chapters ahead to see if anything interwsting happens but it just gets more nonsensical and degenerate as it goes on.

Ex. Magic that creates dolls that are 1/2 the age of the subject the magic was cast on starting to also use the magic/the old fashioned way to make more.

Let alone the absolute bizarreness of that, the implication that dolls that are, on average. 1/2 age of a bunch of 20 year olds, uh, populating, is disturbing.

if you... more>> want a decent series about OP guy in the backwoods with harem and/or farm, literally any other option seems better. Or at the very least, they won't bore you with bland, half censored (unless trying to push doll's rounded down ages, gross), half assed, no results s*x scenes.

Can solidly say that chain store brand, pedobear funded isekai nonbiri nouka is bad. <<less
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promet rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: v1c31
Urgh, I expected it to be bad, coz obvious empty wish fulfillment + Japanese novel, but it turned out to be beyond what I could bear.

The setting is nothing special, but it isn't bad, either, I guess.

The plot... Hmm, it's kind of painful to read. It's kind of comedic, but I'd rather prefer to call it idiotic. Basically an extremely dense protagonist surrounded by crazed women in heat who fall all over each other trying to get him, but can't get anywhere close, and yet still keep on thrashing around... more>> like fishes out of water uselessly (often doing s*upid things or behaving dumbly), and it gets nowhere for a while. I guess it's the dense protagonist + frustrated, clueless about what to do harem combo to the extreme.

The characters are as mentioned above. Pretty painful to read. I glanced at some later chapters to see if harem was "done" yet, and it was, but the protagonist at least still didn't seem to have changed in behavior.

Long story short, a story painful to read for anyone who hates dense beta doormats that are most harem protagonists from Japan. I tried to give it a chance, but I couldn't make it far. <<less
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DonQujiko rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: v4c1
Yeah, don't bother with storyline. I bet the author is h**ny while doing the latter chapters.

I should have stop reading in v1c2 when the MC show his dumbness by not even asking his girl friend if Roland is saying the truth.

Why Japs MC are always like this? Kinda irritating even to not give a character basic decent trait.
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Nazamroth rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: v8c305
As of writing, read 300 chapters and thats gonna be it.

It has a fairly mediocre premise, but that is no reason to not like a story. This then transitions into the usual sexually-frustrated-harem-with-blockhead-protagonist. Also fairly standard.

Then it just goes off the deep end. I can appreciate a nice bit of debauchery as much as the next guy, but this is just, wtf... A day-trip errand takes 2-3 days because of all the orgy-breaks they need. Hell, there were I think 2 chapters that just straight-up described an sex-pile of ~10... more>> year olds. Just skip those if you get that far. How is that even allowed when the word "s*ave" apparently has to be censored...

If you are hoping that the plot will improve, or at least the premise progresses (i certainly did...), abandon it. The author is so out of ideas that there are now two separate succubi in the harem, the same s*xual gags keep repeating, and the nationbuilding is almost literally in name only. At 300+ chapters, they have less than 500 people and 90% of them are sterile... <<less
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H2oJacKle rated it
May 14, 2023
Status: v6c233.5
at first it quite interesting story. But V1 and V2 is kind of annoying because MC personality. I really bored about air-headed/dull/dump/naive MC he still clearly saw all girls seduced him but he still don't understand sh*t and the girls won't make move on him they stalling stalling and keep stalling for what?!

I think author might get a lot of complain and make Nora but author still can't decide what to do even MC had s*x many times he still keep his air-headed attitude up and I don't see why... more>> they point that keep them tho.

I like her because she is the one who break this air-headed personality and this shitty plot


for someone it might not good that story start to have r-18 scene or more s*x but I won't mind that (rather I kink of prefer this than other romcom sh*t stalling story)

I still fun to read and hope story is fun in long term too

the one think still annoyed me is his 's*ave release' skill I mean it clearly abduction skill. He just use it without think of anything (I mean may there are some s*ave that don't want to be release or don't want to go to demon territory right?) <<less
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AJ219 rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: v6c212
Weel the tags are a bit wrong no pregnancy as well as gay characters. Is a bit of a joke not completely p*rn but far from smut like others think. Confused on actual story and how the whole relationship between him and the girls is. I mean need to add the incest tag if they people really do see the clones as his children. Story would be better if it had a bit more focused on the whole world building or the actual job he was sent there to do,... more>> I mean it seems that the author has literally given that aspect of the story up to the clones. Also confused on the clones' relationships as well lots of swapping between others and at a loss as to why that is taking place since it has been stated they should not be having clone children I mean is it true or just bull. Overall if you are terribly bored and have absolutely no idea what to do in your free time then yeah go ahead and read this story. Maybe if the chapters that it shows the author is up to 731; Maybe the story changes but till what I read to I would say a good time waster here. <<less
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hanjatidio rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: v5c171
First few chapter you can read typical MC who got betray by his member and suddenly got power that can summon and free slev then suddenly everything change when his slev discover his strong duck, now the story is all about his duck, member of MC really like MC duck and demanded MC to play with them all day long.

You can't expect serious story in this novel, this is just slice of life comedy ero novel
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natsuftryuu rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: v3c89
I'll be blunt. This is p*rn. If you came here expecting some grand adventure story you'll be severely disappointed. It eases you into it up until the middle of v2 but after that, it's non-stop s*x. The characters are interesting, the dialogue can be hilarious, but the plot is basically non-existing. It's a "slice of life" story with our MC surviving and growing in a barren wasteland along with an ever increasing number of babes who fall madly in love with him the moment they meet and can't get enough... more>> of his peerless D. <<less
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