An Ordinary High Schooler Delves Into the Dungeon With a Bucket Helm On


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Okawa Kyotarou, an ordinary junior high school boy, suddenly heard a mysterious voice on his way home from school. When he looked up, a mysterious old man announced through some kind of unfathomable power that the whole world was “welcoming the return of the age of gods.”

There were now people called Awakened Ones who obtained unimaginable powers. Dungeons have appeared, and monsters were spilling out from them. The world as a whole, not just our society, was changing all too quickly.

With various agendas in mind, the private sector has become involved in dealing with those dungeons. And due to the labor shortage, everyone over the age of 15 was allowed to become an “adventurer”.

This is the story about an ordinary boy who lived in such a world and delved into dungeons with his moderately strong power and his slightly powerful familiar.

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An ordinary high school student goes to the dungeon with a bucket helm.
Bonjin kōkōsei, baketsuherumu de danjon e
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