An Inconspicuous Shooting Star


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A love at first sight during a school presentation to a long unrequited love for seven whole years.

It was supposed to be an emotion cherished inside his heart for a lifetime but by chance it was let known to the world.

Yet, he finally understood something: an extravagant hope can come true.

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Daytime Shooting Star
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periperi rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
5 stars

Thought I was on board an angst train with the unrequited love angle but this was a much sweeter family oriented story than I expected. It's quite realistic, a bit bittersweet at the beginning, but it's mostly sweet.

Major spoiler (you will know immediately if you see the chinese summary and heavily hinted with the tags) : ... more>>

ML has a blood related daughter. Who is ADORABLE. And realistic. Many times, children in novels are portrayed as overly smart for their age or just high EQ. But Xiao Man here actually acts her age. Of course in line with novel children she's more adorable than bratty but she actually cries and throws the occasional fit as well (and wants to be spoiled). But most importantly, she adores MC.


As with the unrequited love tag, the love is a slow burn but it's handled like 2 adults and just real sweet. One thing I have on my mind though

does ML ever find out that MC had the love at first sight moment way back in uni?

MC is very soft spoken but his love is strong. And ML is just the perfect gentleman.

And the ending? Just a sweet note. While there are many uncertainties in the future, they are willing to face them side by side and see where it takes them. <<less
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Rubyspecs rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: c45
It was bit angsty for the fact the MC had unrequited love for ML for 7 years.

... more>>

Though I have pet peeve for timid and shy MCs who get all flustered and blush every time, it is interesting to read how they suffer from their unrequited crush and feel dejected, hopeful, at that same time. My nerves were taut the entire time I read the chapters, I guess I am both masochist and sadist, torturing myself to read about shy and socially awkward elf depreciating MC who still retains child like innocence and timidness uuuhhh! (I highly doubt how he managed to survive in the society all these 27 years)

But I guess I never came across the part if ML discovered he has been in love for 7 years. It was disappointing 😞 And after that weird and sudden confession and how they decided to try out together, things were quite rushed.


It was okay okay headache inducing yet somewhat sweet? <<less
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