An AI-powered Supreme Onmyoji Overpowers in Another World ~Enjoying the Second Life with Artificial Intelligence-chan


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Known as the country’s top onmyoji, Yuuma Kisaragi, who lived to the age of 99, awoke to find himself in an unfamiliar forest. A voice echoed in his mind, revealing that he had been reincarnated into another world at the age of 20.

“Good morning, Master. Skip the greetings and please defeat the goblin in front of you.”

The voice belonged to a skill acquired during reincarnation called “AI,” designed to assist Yuuma in his new life. When the skill, AI, took over the form of a golden-haired fox yokai, the familiar shape of Yuuma’s shikigami, he decided to embark on a new life alongside AI-chan.

The onmyoji and AI-chan’s second life began, tackling various challenges and formidable enemies with the strongest spells and shikigami.

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AIある最強陰陽師は異世界で無双する ~人工知能ちゃんと共に第二の人生を謳歌します~
The Strongest Onmyoji with AI is Unrivaled in Another World ~Enjoying a Second Life with Artificial Intelligence-chan~
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