Among These, The Princess Must Have At Least One To Her Taste


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The main character was a producer of an idol survival audition program in her past life.

She died while doing the evil editing and was reincarnated as the daughter of Count ‘Prodia Ducer’ in another world.

She has to nurture contestants in the Empire Sire selection competition in order to wash away past karma to avoid going to hell.

The Grand Wizard of the Magic Tower.

A high-ranking priest of the Temple.

Heir to the upper echelon.

A promising General in the South.

Even the Grand Duke of the North.

However, the competition for choosing the princess’s husband seems to have some strange evaluation criteria…?

[The special performance of the Empire Sire selection competition participants will be revealed in 60 seconds.] “Among us, the princess must have at least one to her taste!”

… Singing along to a tune with a strange repeating chorus.

And on top of that, all participants must perform a dance?

Hey, isn’t there something suspicious about this competition?

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이 중에 황녀님 취향이 하나쯤은 있겠지
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