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Qi Yu woke up from a nap and found himself in a world completely different from his own.

And he became a male zerg!

Qi Yu: Great, I can slack off now.

However, within three days of his transmigration, the Zerg race’s main brain system assigned him a mate.

Qi. Non-Marriage Advocate. Yu: Don’t want to eat soft rice, okay?

It’s impossible to eat soft rice with a hard mouth, and as for marital life, don’t even think about it. Qi Yu intends to have a good talk with his newly appointed female monarch, preferably reaching an agreement for a harmonious separation.

However, the more they talked, the redder the female monarch’s face became, and his gaze grew increasingly shy and hesitant.

Qi Yu: “…”

Later, as he looked at the female monarch lying beside him, Qi Yu sighed deeply in his heart, really fragrant!

Mo Yan is the general of the zerg race, known as the walking female zerg template.

At all times, he single-mindedly follows the rules of the female zerg until one day, General Moyan is matched by the main brain to a male zerg.

Then, the template is gone.

Before the match: “Look at General Moyan, that’s how a female zerg should behave. If you can be like him, why worry about male zergs not liking you?”

Just after the match: “What’s the use of being a female zerg template? Isn’t it just matched to a C grade? S grade matches C grade, and that’s it for a lifetime.”

After the couple appeared: “Don’t imitate General Moyan. The rules of female zergs and female rulers have been learned by dogs. Which male zerg doesn’t have a bunch of female zergs? He’s something else, actually monopolizing his own male master.”

Due to his laziness in assessing levels, the S-class male Que Yu has consistently maintained his rank at C-level, prompting him to question: “??? The art of changing faces?”

Mo Yan always thought that his own lord simply didn’t care about him, until one day when he encountered danger, he watched silently as that familiar figure emerged from the fire.

Mo Yan: I thought my lord at home had a tough mouth but a soft heart, but unexpectedly, he’s actually a big shot.

[In order to maintain a leisurely life as a salted fish, the ability-powered big shot who struggles hard to earn star coins, Qi Yu] × [Gentle on the outside, but explosively possessive on the inside, Mo Yan]
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7 Reviews

New Kbisht
Jul 11, 2024
Status: c24
Although I started it bcs it has some different plot from other zerg Stories but it was a disappointment.

Starting off with the MC, I don't him. He' too arrogant and money hungry for my liking. He doesn't care about anything but himself and star coins obviously. Like imagine not even ready to listen to request of your "soon to be wife" for wedding and turn them down sharp and rudely but then when they proposed to pay star coins just to be listened HE AGREED?? His wife has to pay... more>> him money just to have lunch with him !!ON THEIR OWN WEDDING ??? HELLO ?? He acts like independent and don't want anything to do with ML's money or property but at the same won't hesitate to use him as shield and get upset on little things. HE is just reaping benifits off the ML without taking any responsibility in short. He cares lot about having a face. Want to be high and almighty all the time which is why sometimes act way too rudely to ML.

Also speaking of ML, bro talks a lot in his head and make assumptions about MC unnecessarily. The more I read the more I loose intrest.

Also may be it's just me but here, in this novel, while reading I find it weird, the semi formal nature of ML. Either be formal or totally comfortable. But switching between formal and non formal behaviour was a turn off. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New edh
Jun 30, 2024
Status: Completed
If you like the OP MC with stats out of the chart, this is for you.

... more>>

It's satisfying seeing the MC without less hardship can still become the strongest zerg ever. His space and flame powers are the biggest cheat ever (because there is no zerg or someone in the ten thousand alliance has the same power as him).

What I don't like is the ending. Because the MC is too strong, the battle is solved easily. The war between zerg and ten thousand alliance was also descripted with only 2 or 3 sentence. The reunion between MC and ML also too short. I need extra :"

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 08, 2024
Status: Completed

Rating: 4

The novel starts with a marriage allocation.

... more>> Between two people who have given up on love for two different reasons.

Qi Yu (MC), who has never been in love, only thinks of it as a hassle that he can do without.

Mo Ya (ML), who lives in a zerg society and has seen how miserable love can make female zergs, has long lost his fantasy of love.

Both of them aren't ready.

To the extent that Qi Yu is ready to become a runaway and be chased by the zergs if need be. The same Qi Yu, who hates trouble.

Now, if you are familiar with zerg novels, marriage is nothing new.

And if you read until the marriage agreement, you probably would expect them to cohabit and eventually fall in love. (I did.)

But that doesn't happen.

Instead, they become a nominal couple, agreeing not to be part of each other's lives, living separately, and completely letting go of any responsibilities.

One thinks the other is a bit silly and cute, while the other finds him too gentle to be a general. Haha.

That is the first few chapters. (Not spoilers)

And the tone of the novel shifts after the 5th chapter (I think?), as Qi Yu looks for a way to earn star coins.

And I see a different side of Qi Yu.

Cold and ruthless.

Ah, my kind of MC, I think.

Though there is no Mo Ya for quite a few chapters, I am ready to suck it up.

I will warn you here. Mo Ya has a very low presence in the beginning.

Their love is slow, but extremely sweet.

They eventually grow on each other.

And when they realize they have fallen, they do not hesitate—one to confess, the other to accept it.

They are never indecisive.

The novel has three arcs with a big event happening in each as a wrap-up.

A lot happens in those arcs. It's an adventure after all.

I won't spoil them.

I don't see any glaring plot holes. As for minor ones, I don't care much about them.

I loved the novel until the very end of the last arc, the last being my favorite. As Qi Yu is terrifyingly strong in this arc. He is like a one-man army.

The only thing that docks a star is the ending.

It is not bad but too rushed, with a lot of loose ends that never get tied. A bit disappointed about that. Ngl.

But if you want a unique flavor of zerg novel, don't let this deter you. Its uniqueness rivals all other zerg novels. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 28, 2024
Status: Completed
I binged read this whole novel in mtl, I actually wanted to put 3 or 3.5 stars in ratings because the story is fine and unique enough to where I can differentiate it from other novels. But I’m here from just finishing the novel and feel very dissatisfied with the ending.

The ending felt so rushed that when I read the last chapter, I was like “What? That’s it?! That’s the last chapter?!!!”

I won’t say much other than that about the ending to not spoil others. The story was a decent... more>> read for if you’re bored. There’s minor criticism towards the MC where I get confused with his actions and motives, especially near the end of the story. I say read this with an open mind not expecting too much as a casual reader then it’ll be fine. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 03, 2024
Status: --
It was supposed not too bad read with quite interesting world building and some adventures but MC action and motives... As self proclaimed salted fish MC could just sit at home and raise children with robots help or with basic courtesy of roommates, as someone who brought contract, he could stay away from ML money. But he took money and abandoned responsibilities:

Having lunch together for money on wedding day.

Colluding with actual assaulter to cheat ML on money as ml's team pointed that he was male.

If they wasn't supposed couple... more>> and MC had guts to go against system and refused to marry ML than ok. But he used ML as sheld for his convenience, but didn't bother nor about ML face and had lunch together only for money nor to hear him out and just colluded with others females. That too much scum for me. It look very much like MC at any given chance start sucking money out of ML while pretending independent and unintrested. Maybe somewhere in the future he will do something for ml, but I have no interest in continuing reading. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 18, 2024
Status: Completed
This story is mostly an adventure with a small sprinkle of cp. Everything about it is fine but the couple. Seems like the author just added the romance to pull in readers. I liked the characters so this was disappointing, But it would be a good read after a super sweet fluffy novel and I look forward to the translators complete work. Great job tl.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 15, 2024
Status: c61
Ah, I quite liked this in the beginning, I feel that it has a reasonable storyline and I like the characters.

I rated this only 3 stars because of how ML treats MC. Not that it is bad in any way, they actually have quite a healthy relationship even when they are in a contract marriage.

... more>>

At the start is was funny and made me smile a little when ML picked up and carried MC out from the volcano and into the starship, with the female zerg all seeing him being carried and held. I didn't have a problem with it, but then it happened again.. And I really dislike it. ML doesn't listen to MC when he says no or to let him down when he is being carried, ML makes some excuses and I get that it's there to be cute, funny or whatever but I didn't like it.

And then when MC is upset that ML did that the second time and he was seen having lost 'face' his anger didn't even last a couple sentences!! He was angry and then ML just had MC pat his head and everything was all better.


Anyway, I'm dropping this novel. Although it's cute and it's good, I just can't continue reading it without getting bored and upset. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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