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In the era of Beast Taming, Ye Xuan with his superior Beast Editor, claims that he can turn even a snake into a Divine Dragon that soars across the nine heavens.

Hence, the little monkey he tamed became a Deific Ape.

The little birds he raised became a ginormous roc.

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New kirtil rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: c173
There are many things wrong with this novel.

World building is bad. When the author drops lore, every information given brings 10s of questions that were not addressed.

The way story is told is bad. Everything happens too fast for MC. It was fun in the beginning but as you continue reading you realize everything happens too fast for the MC. The skills he gains are not just OP anymore, they are closer to cheats. It's like you are watching someone uses cheats and speedruns a video game.

MC is bad. He is... more>> way too talented, way too OP, way too much broken. I thought instead of giving him cheat abilities to make him OP, it would have been better to write him as already strong from the beginning.

But for me, the deal breaker was how his relationship with his pets are written. When he first becomes a beastmaster, his first thought is his pet elf. She has been with her family and with him for a long time, and by his definition, she is a sentient creature and is smarter than him. He wants to be with her for many years to come and decides to use his powers so she can be with him forever. This is very good and wholesome.

My problem is

she is clearly sentient. And clearly has a big crush on him. He is also aware of this but doesn't feel the same. He treats her as part of his family, and gets very irritated when other people treat her as a pet or toy, something to buy.

He then proceeds to make all the decisions for her evolution, and keeps ordering her around. If she was a regular pet it would have been ok. But once the writer has established her as a sentient creature that was valued, respected and loved more than a pet, I just couldn't get over his later actions.


dropped. <<less
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Master Fish
Master Fish rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: c30
I don’t even remember where I was reading this novel and that was just 3 days ago. At first, I thought it would be kind of like Divine Beast Adventures, but boy was I wrong. They do have similar cover art though. If it was just a low quality rip off, I wouldn’t really care and would have kept reading for pure entertainment value. Then again, Divine Beast Adventures gets really tedious after 300-400 or so chapters.

His cheat, “Beast Editor”, doesn’t seem to have any supporting abilities, and is purely there to be a cheat. All it does so far is shorten the time for evolution (i think) and tell him how to evolve stuff. To me, that’s pretty pointless, as it has little to no practical value other than a library. It’s not an editor, more so a wikipedia page.


I stopped reading for the main reason of: Aw jeez I’m just gonna show off my talent and think everything is fun and games (which it is as its said nobody whatsoever would covet his talent) and be super cool in this peaceful environment. I don’t prefer it when the MC hides his true strength, but I don’t prefer when the MC is a s*upid idiot who has supposedly lived 2 lifetimes. Hiding strength gets tedious, and I don’t deny it, but the MC is just s*upid. He went to a school in a world about softcore fighting (softcore as in the world is super peaceful, no undercurrents, no chaos, no power struggle whatsoever) and thinks that just because he joined a school, he can get whatever he wants? Sure, they say he can get a dragon of some sort, but he expects it for free? Jesus christ, you join a school, and you just expect them to give you something super expensive for free? He has to compete for it. But that’s it. It’s not the competition that pisses me off, it’s the fact that the MC thinks that he would never have to fight anybody. You have lived two lifetimes so you should have the intellect of at least a wise old man right?

Point is, he thinks he shouldn’t have to fight. If he were a regular 17 year old kid, maybe I would have believed it. But the guy has lived 2 whole lifetimes, and he still thinks the world is all sunshine and rainbows? Honestly crazy and s*upidly naive. His reincarnation has literally nothing to do with the story, and I don’t understand why they would put that in the plot if they would break continuity like this.
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Kanha Sahu
Kanha Sahu rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: c435

MC is demonic level talented, way too much broken, always recieved new talent when levels up, Way too fast levelling...

When u reach 350 chapters u will seriously feel like the author is speeding up too much that u will dislike it...


    1. There are many adventures and many levels he can enjoy after having contracting his beasts...
    1. But the author practically skipped those fun moments for that the reader will be seriously irritated by it.
    1. And in the last 150 ch.s u will see he will achieve levels in just a blink of an eye which is way too much boring.
    1. Although there are good talents he receives but the cheat are too much broken, for which I felt like questioning the author why not directly make the MC most powerful in the universe in one go.

    1. Romance honestly is same boring, though it started good but in the end it's like romance is just for 5-10 chapters then ended just like that.
    1. As for polygamy and harem there is literally nothing.... At the very least I know he married and some other girl wanted to marry him as well but he doesn't have any interest thus it ends like that he only married one girl... Boring....

Honestly I thought the little elf LiL Wan will marry him once she got a good size but till the end of the novel it will not happen even if it happens its just like for some moments "Yeah we married, Let's stay together for the rest of the lives bla, bla, bla" and end...

Truthfully I found it disappointing.



Yup he is very ruthless and merciless, though doesn't kill innocent but same time he kills innocents of the enemy party. In one case he gained trust of some people and massacred all of them just because they will reveal him.

OBviously not some random pshyco to kill when he decides to kill he will kill but always play interests first this point will be discovered only when u go plus 400 chs :)...


Being honest I both like and dislike the novel...

There are pros and cons...


    • I like this novel for two things and why cant give up upto 400 chs is that MC is decisive, ruthless while smart also.
    • I also like the his talent at the beginning.
    • The most good thing I like is his smartness and ability to think and predict enemy actions basically plans and 100% success rate

      but when it became too much I got fed up...

After later chapters both the pros turn into cons and it only have cons and cons that even I have gone irritated by it, mostly the way too much broken cheats and and his talent that seems no bound...

Don't think it's fun just imagine ur MC is cultivation just started and after 2 chapters he became the most powerful simply u will fell the sense of loss for having no achivement and challenges...

If I have to ask a question to the author then why didnt u made the MC the peak expert in one go...

Thus I dropped here....

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al103 rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c298
While watching speedrun of some game can be fun, reading it... isn't. And this is more or less speedrun with cheats one. More or less everything but leveling and fights are skipped and they are kinda boring too.
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Kassandra rated it
April 29, 2023
Status: c365
I'm planning to drop this because as I reach this arc in 350+, the pace of the plot is just flashing in my eyes. I haven't even moved on from this one and another one goes straight to me.

I actually like this novel, especially how it started. I like the premise, the settings, and the characters, but it just got ruined as arcs passed by.

Characters are forgotten, which I disliked. I mean– why did you even gave them a name and introduced them in a grand/strong way if they're not... more>> going to be even in 3-5 chapters? That feels like a climax but it actually wasn't.

And the romance, omg, don't let me even get started with it. Too rushed, there's nothing formed between them. I can't even feel sweet about them because I can only remember their teacher and student relationship.

And what @Kanha Sanhu review's said about the MC's ruthlessness, I agreed with his view. For me, I f*cking love ruthless MCs but not to the point of them killing innocent people who didn't do anything wrong to them. What he did crossed my bottom line.

And the beasts/pet interactions, it just gradually disappeared as I go further into chapters. One of the reasons why I love beast taming novels is because of the tamer×pet interactions and what the author did just lessend my enthusiasm to finish the novel.

For the MC's talent, I actually like it especially when he just first got it. It's not super OP, just right amount that I want, but when his talent upgraded, it just became a cheat. It's not talent anymore for me, it's basically a cheat to me, and I don't like cheats that's overpowered. Like why don't you just made him a strong person when he transmigrated, noh? Because that's what you're trying to do eh.

That's all for me, it's 3/5 stars. <<less
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hawlol rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: c135
This is a tr*sh juvenile cultivation novel with beasts.

Prepare for math battles. "Your dragon is a 2 ton hulk of muscle but my Heavenly Devouring Divine Supreme Five Colored Pig is not only of higher rank but also a Five Star Beast. Your dragon even has only one name. HAHA! How weak!" then the pig proceeds to completely stomp the floor with the dragon by using physical attacks even though he's a fraction of it's size.

Unless you're the MC. Then he can try to do stuff to win battles from... more>> higher ranks, but every one else gets a math battle by default.

Author can't stop sucking the MC off every few paragraphs.

MC is supposed to be at a school but he's only traveling to dangerous realms to hunt for treasures and beasts and then upgrade his cultivation and beasts at lighting speed. For unknown reasons, all these realms only allow people at a certain cultivation to get in, so the he can pwn everyone inside without worrying for higher level cultivators.

Schools are sects. Instead of charging their students they'll actually pay absurd amounts of money and resources for their students, while only worrying about being the top College in the world by having the strongest students. That makes no sense.

Where tf is the country's military? Why are universities holding all the world's strength? Why would demi-god cultivators start schools instead of controlling entire countries or at least cities? Author uses the excuse 'there aren't enough bullets' at the beginning and then never mentions modern warfare again.

The money amounts are also incredibly dumb and unreasonable and soon the Author just says 'money doesn't matter' for cultivators, except when it does and the MC needs money... Apprentice Level pills cost 30k each for example. His parents are opening a restaurant for money while in theory each bronze material the MC gets is worth half a million dollars, and he gets them by the bulk per secret realm.

There's no internal logic and the world building is dumb as hell.

Last but not least, the MC is the 'edgy boi' you all know and love from chinese novels. Kills anyone that offends him without a shred of sympathy or regards to the law while the Author sucks him off for being decisive, ruthless and takes away all the consequences of his action for no reason.

He kills an immobile grieving dude that wanted to avenge his brother (who the MC also killed) and the police thanks him for stopping 'future problems' and lets the MC go right away. Facepalm worthy!

He's also a transmigrator which has zero contribution for the story in general, specially when he became a Beast Tamer at age 18 and uses no previous knowledge of his world. Take out all mentions of transmigration and the story stays the same.

His cheat can evolve beasts and considering how there's an interplanetary war going on, you'd think the MC would help as much ppl as he can to strengthen his planet forces, but no, he'll only help himself and try to hoard as much stuff as he can because he has to become the strongest! For no reason, of course. He just wants to be on the top of the world for ego's sake.

In short, secret realm after secret realm where our edgy MC kills people and beasts, finding treasures to upgrade his own beasts and cultivation, doing math battles and getting stuff from plot armor. The author will try to throw as many battles as he can to keep the reader from realizing how dumb and illogical this world is. <<less
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June 27, 2021
Status: c280
Decent story until like ~200's where the author drops the ball and starts adding stuff into the book that he just didn't write. I don't know if he went through revisions or what but the way it appears is that there's clearly content missing; examples would include whole conclusions on mini arcs and things such as 'removing evil gods seal to contract a beast' which as you could imagine would be really f*cking important and crucial to the story wouldn't it?!

The biggest flaw, however, is the translation. Its really elementary... more>> and almost poor should I say. Gender pronouns are totally messed up but that's not even the worst of it- to me the worst is COMPLETELY REVERSING THE POINTS. What I mean by this is that sometimes in this book the translation is so f*cking messed up that when it reads 'I didn't do X' it actually means 'I did do X' and its honestly so, so very annoying. Its gotten to the point where its almost not worth it reading due this. Only very slightly redeeming quality here would be the 'proofreading for typos' which is done decently as I can't really find many spelling errors and such.

Plot wise its nothing special either. Very mediocre but still somewhat enjoyable. Characters are pretty 1-dimensional and I have yet to see any growth in any of them. World building is very minimal and usually any descriptions are just names of the places ie. 'Shadow world', where from you can obviously gleam some kind of imaginative 'milieu' for context, combined with very slight explanations such as 'there's no light' or 'the trees were made out of two-colored flames'.

All in all this book DOES have some potential. Give it a top tier translation and slightly work on the missing parts and its almost as good as 'Godly Model Creator' or maybe even 'Monster Paradise'. As for the whether you think those books are any good, well that's your problem. I like them anyway. So maybe do try reading it?

In conclusion and for tl;dr = It's kinda crap but could be sort of good. 2/5

edit- Apparently the story has gaps due to missing/misplaced chapters so I would be on a lookout for those. <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
February 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Pretty enjoyable offering from Qidian. Won't win any awards for its writing that's for sure, very basic sentences and style. Plot was somewhat cohesive and translation was solid, plus a semblance of an ending. The romance was not bad relatively, and the author didn't shy away from implying sexy times.

Don't go in expecting much out of the battles. Our MC is OP as f*ck with his talents and system, never really has an opponent or loses anything. Which makes reading very relaxing, can't complain. Story really picks up the pace... more>> in the last hundred or so chapters with our guy jumping up like 7 grades in 50 chaps. Not a bad read for extreme casuals. <<less
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evvoiathssofias rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: c302
MC is a murder crazy psycho. He kills people left and right for every little thing. It still made sense at first when there were active antagonists trying to wipe out/ ens*ave the human race, but then he ... more>>

initiates scorched earth tactics against a relatively human-neutral alliance of a few thousand planets in the name of his one country on a planet with dozens of countries.


He's paranoid and justifies killing hundreds

of alliance members who are actively cheering him, albeit when he's disguised as a different species, even though he's already been granted privileged status as a noble/species-representative for his native planet for God knows what reason (apparently to assassinate as many alliance representatives as possible for the crime of the alliance of a few thousand planets thinking that they're stronger that a singular planet,


This is nationalism on an unreasonable scale. It's illogical to claim that he's fighting for his species when his species isn't under threat by the people he's killing. The only thing being lost is hegemonic power, and no state is truly deserving of this level of loyalty when it isn't actually morally superior.

The 'enemies' aren't actually antagonistic; they're just bigger and pushing their weight without actively killing anyone, and the MC starts killing when they are only making verbal threats that even these guys acknowledge they would retract if the MC would just join them. Hell, they're willing to let the MC eventually rule them if he joins them and gets strong enough.

Is it good? No. Do I recommend it? If you want to kill time. It's not that long (only 500 chapters) and things move pretty quickly even if they're repetitive and unimaginative. It's like junk food that isn't as good as major junk food chains--junk food but somehow slightly worse. <<less
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warrock4862 rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c52
Bland. This accurately portrays this novel. It isn't that it isn't good but just isn't interesting. It's like a school textbook that just doesn't catch your interest but is good. I would suggest reading a few chapters to see if this novel matches your tastes, when you are desperately searching for a novel to read.
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