After the Sweet Ending


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Xu Wei didn’t realize that she was the second female lead in a sweet, romantic novel. She loved the male lead for more than ten years.

After messing around, and running out of tricks to go between the main couple, in a fit of anger, she married the second male lead who also liked the female lead. She thought that the two of them would live their next lives tormented by each other, but she never imagined that a one-night stand would change the course of things.

Wasn’t the second male lead supposed to be dedicated to the female lead all his life, pure in body and mind? Now, why would he pester her every night, did he want her dead?

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secret165 rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Damn.. This novel is too hot. So many smut scene.

ML actually likes MC for many years. But MC misunderstood that ML likes Su Jing (her rival that marry to her crush). For half a year of their marriage, ML realised that MC doesnt like his consideration. ML is a very quiet person. He doest know how to talk sweet or explain that he likes MC all this time. But after one night snu snu.. ML realised that he cannot keep his consideration acts anymore and just break through her wall.

MC... more>> is also prideful person. Even when she likes her crush, she doesnt used trick to get him and just silently help him afar. When ML confess that he will wait her to open her heart, MC realised that ML has always care about her and accept him. MC family is wealthy while ML is from middle-class family. MC family likes ML as they saw he was a good person and likes MC so much. ML family also like MC. MC was very considerate of ML family even though she was from wealthy family.

Her crush and rival is very b*tchy.

Their s*x scene was very steamy. For smut lovers, this novel is very hot <<less
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July 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I have a mixed feeling reading this one... Don't get me wrong, I came here purely for the smut, but along the way, it looks... Scary...


Sure, it's fine when the ML 'lose control' during the first few s*x scenes. I thought he will be gentler in the future, but no, I don't think so.

He forcefully enters her even though she already cry, scream & shout 'stop' thousands of time. I have mixed feeling about this. I thought that if you really love someone, you should treasure & cherish her properly...


But I guess this novel focus more on (force) s*x (imo), so I won't say much. If you enjoy a ML that turns a deaf ear to his wife's pleadings when doing sex, you might find this enjoyable. But for people who looks for fluffy s*x scenes, no, I don't think this one is for you.


Okay!! I've just finished this one and it was okay! After the forceful sex, ML was punished by FL and after that, the s*x scenes are getting better (not really forceful since FL kinda enjoys them) but it gets kinda disturbing since the author keeps mentioning the word 'pain' everytime they had s*x...

Because of the forceful scenes (and mtl), I decided to focus more on the story. The plot is kinda nice tbh.
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KichiX rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: c22
Um. So yeah.
    • Dude r*pes her (because, just to be clear, you can withdraw consent at any point and she clearly had withdrawn her consent).
    • She refuses to see him.
    • He puts on a show of being sorry and *conveniently* collapsing from exhaustion, she forgives him.
    • And then they have s*x. And he fantasises about the next time he will be able to have s*x as intense as when he r*ped her. After promising her he won't hurt her again.
It's even worse because this is all clad in the coatings of a "sweet romance" and the dude is kind (?) and caring (?) towards her otherwise. And then he doesn't care if he causes her pain during s*x. And because it's someone she trusts (and even loves?) you feel the full force of what it means when he violates that trust and safety. She literally says she doesn't feel secure with him afterwards.

The premise of the novel would have been good, but as it is, I really, honestly, can't recommend it (unless you've read this far and feel that it wouldn't bother you).
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FourSeasons rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: Completed
this is recommended to those who like smut, BG, 1v1, and HE. it's rare to find this type of chinese novel here in NU~ (i can only remember a few of them i.e. indulging in carnal desire and love me again). Mostly I only find korean ones and they have heavy plot. although it has cliche parts, this one is light (compared to famous korean ones), short and satisfying. this one is not like those abusive ceo novels. also...... more>>

the MC misunderstood ml. ML only like MC in past present and future~ so don't worry :)

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MeimeiXgreetsXNiangniang rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: c30
Their s*x scenes were very uncomfortable to read.

I kept on reading since the other reviews said that it's gonna get better after that car scene. But not really at least it never happened again.

I don't understand why the author wrote the story this way.
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Kairi645 rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: --
I have the same thoughts as the review above the concept and storyline seems sweet but the interc**rse scenes are.. ya know atrocious... ... more>>

The review above was right, she was in pain Every Single Time and when you think she finally set boundaries and punished him, he still barely changed. It makes you think if he loved her or loved her body because with the way it is, he does not have respect for how she feels in that situation. Although the whole reason for this novel is the smut, the smut scenes make me uncomfortable

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sweetbitch___ rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: Completed
come for the smut but it literally spooked me out... lyk omg is he trying to rip her apart nd the author used blood pain nd how he didnt stop when she was crying honestly made the snusnu super unenjoyable for me. the plot is lowkey nice. after reading the extra I understand y he has deep urges for her but he could ve solved it by doing it every often instead of doing it super aggressively
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doomscur rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: --
i.. uh.. I dont know... felt uncomfortable with the smut (some of you may like it if it is your thing- no judgement here). it is unrealistic but since it is a novel- I had to imagine it like it's real and possible in their world and uh... yeah it is quite uncomfortable. I am going to believe that the FL has a goddess body with enhanced endurance.. otherwise I can't see why she's not at the hospital already holding onto her last breath lol.. let's not forget the infections...... more>> nop her body is too golden- no infections or issues the next day. haha

5 star for the brave translator.. but the novel overall is a 2.. to me which averages my total rating to about 3.

definitely close the blinds, lock the door and throw away the key 0.0.. I stopped at chapter 18. that chapter was too much for my poor soul. I reopened the blinds, searched for the key I had tossed away, unlocked the door and am yeeting out. <<less
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Serisenki rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a short steamy and good novel. I really like the interactions between the ML and FL. It doesn't have a lot of drama and every problem is resolved in smooth pace. Really enjoy reading it even though I MTL it. The only problem of the novel is the translation I think. Since it is edited MTL and there are some weird words and sentences, but the story of the novel itself is good. It worth your time ?
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: Completed
The plot was good for a short and smut novel. I rated this a star lower bc some smut scenes were felt uncomfortable and forceful.

FL (Xu Wei) was always deemed as villainess bc she kept chasing a guy who didn't like her. She's sometimes misunderstood bc of her background and strong personality who "allegedly" love to bully "kind-hearted" Cinderella. For me, she's not unlikeable character, she maybe insensitive and playing with emotions esp with the feelings of ML but some of her actions were understandable... While ML (Yu Shizhuo) might... more>> be a good husband but he's literally beast in bed and became muddleheaded & forceful.

I initially thought it's about system or rebirthed/transmigrated villainess in novel plot... glad that's it's simply love story of "villainess (Xu Wei) " and "Supporting Guy (Yun Shizhou) " after the marriage of "White Lotus Cinderella (Su Jing) and Prince (Wan Lijue).


I'm glad that ML only loved the FL too much from the start... and just misunderstanding about his closeness to Su Jing when actually he's using her to have close contact with FL (lol)



I don't know but I felt sorry for Wan Lijue bc he never knew that Xu Wei was the one who helped him and not Su Jing... alas, why their Cinderella marriage didn't end well bc of their incompatibleness and Su Jing's white lotus fakeness.

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chande rated it
October 2, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn't know that the translation was dropped so I had to MTL the last few chapters (it made me dizzy but anyhow, it's better than left it hanging). As for the story itself, it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience because both MC and ML were unlikeable for me.

... more>>

MC was the one who asked ML to marry her but she treated ML horribly during their marriage. She didn't regard her as her husband at all and always talked harshly to him. She also didn't hide her love for Wan Lijue in front of him and repeatedly hurted him in the process. She did it because she thought that ML loved Su Jing (Wan Lijue's wife and MC's love rival) so he wouldn't care about what she did. But in reality, it was only her assumption and she never really asked ML about his real feeling. Also, she often made a trouble for Su Jing because she snatched Wan Lijue from her but did she really snatch him? The fact was: MC herself was too proud to fight for Wan Lijue's love and she hadn't even confess to him all these times so what right for her blame Su Jing?

As for ML, he was quite okay in the beginning but after he "tasted the meat" for the first time, he often acted like a beast on bed. He was too lustful and often forced himself on MC even after she begged him to stop. Aside from that, he was actually a devoted and caring husband.


Btw, the description mentioned that MC's world was a novel and she was one of its character but it wasn't mentioned even once in the story so the description became a bit misleading. But I don't know, perhaps I missed it? <<less
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Erudite.Cielo rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: Completed

Aaaannndddd bec I was excited, I read the mtl and it's readable. There are lots of smut. (♥ω♥*) And I was sooo glad that the FL and ML ended up together despite the FL being a lovesick fool to her childhood sweetheart.. (=^・^=) And lastly, the plot is Golden! ML and FL also had a cute son.. (˘ ³˘) ♥

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Ihartkimchi rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I really liked this so I decided to MTL it and it was great! Its short and sweet and filled with spicy smut.

I would say the plot is about 3/5 and the smut is 5/5 so I settled with a total score of 4/5 stars. The ending felt a bit rush for my taste but then again this is more of a smut novel.

I love how short this is compared to other Chinese novels that reached 1000+ chapters, so the story doesn't drag on forever. Very easy to read as... more>> well even with MTL and I truky enjoyed reading this. <<less
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peachcloud rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Smut scenes kinda intense, but overall it wasn’t too bad of a short story. The FL knows how to stand her ground and is a badass. The ML only has FL in his eyes from the very beginning and he gets jealous really easily. All in all it was pretty cliche but if that’s what you’re looking for, then this is for you!
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Nelle rated it
December 26, 2022
Status: --
Smut scenes are bad, unscientific, and just outright disrespectful towards women. Non-smut scenes are ok, not too bad for a smut novel, but again, it’s just “ok” and not really that well done. I won’t recommend this.
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Smtha rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: extra 1
The translation not finished there's should be 2 more extras. Read this for the sm*t, not disappointed. I always don’t understand ppl want to read something exiting but need to put it or comparing it to reality... there’s no such thing.. all this romances, s*x or the after s*x cares that written out mostly are fantasy. If not who gonna read it ? Lol I can’t says there’s none out there.. (there also alot ppl like some bdsm or fantasy s*x) but it’s will be very minority... there’s still... more>> alot of ppl don’t do oral s*x (either male or female) or ppl doing it for hours... then still have energy to take cares of the partners... , writers write those wild and unrealistic “good” sm*t or wildly situations so readers can get excited for those thing very seldom happened in real life. (whether it’s feasible or not) So do read the the tags.. there’s always non con or dubs in those tags that writers writes stuff that sensitive to some readers. So pls don’t read it. And for those who love this genre I do recommend it, really fun read. Thank you <<less
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May 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I read this story because it's stuck in my library for a long time so why not read it. Anyways, It was a good read. I actually did not notice the 'smut' tag at first. Maybe it can be said fluffy and sweet kind of story if weren't for the smuts.

I like that the MC isn't like the typical desperate kind of 2nd female lead because apparently she is a 2nd lead character in her childhood sweetheart's love story just like ML. She uphold to the fact that she is... more>> noble person unlike in every character in chinese novel wherein they'll always try to scheme against the FLs.

ML on the other hand, I think is really patient because he actually wait for MC to fall for him. Also, I can say that the ML is like the epitome of the saying that in lust a only one head of the man function. By the way, I don't know what's with the author's kink that every smut scenes will always be rough and really forceful.

Now let's talk about their childhood sweethearts who apparently were the so-called main character. Actually, the part wherein Su Jing was late for an hour I already smell something fishy. I mean, if she's really that kind she would atleast explained that she was at fault instead of acting like she's a victim.

And amazingly I'm right, almost all throughout the story she would always instigate rift between the MC and the ML and she's quite self-centered. Also MC's childhood sweetheart, he's really irritating too I mean I know that Su Jing is his wife but he grew up with the MC how it is possible that he misunderstood the MC? Good thing he didn't try to separate the main leads.

All in all, it was like a story of two pairs of lover wherein one started in love but ended up regretting things up while the other start with nothing yet ended up being so in love. <<less
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Foolish Mysteries
Foolish Mysteries rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: c1
I've just read up to 2-3 chapters but I don't like the FL already. She said that the other girl snatched someone she loved, but did that person belong to her? No. Did she confess her feelings? No. She just cowardly kept her feelings inside yet blamed others when it was now late.
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CaptainxCres rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: --
Well, I come for smut but since the author want to write it with the plot (・ั﹏・ั)

If MC's pride didn't stop her from confessions. She might already end up with her childhood sweetheart. Really it wasn't like the guy hate her, but he think she doesn't like him to begin with so he love everyone else but her.

Her husband that's she think he's the 2nd ML is actually love her too much. But also because MC obsessed with her childhood sweetheart+ gibberish about ML/FL/2ndML/2ndFL so he shut his... more>> own mouth and didn't confess. ¯\_ (͠° ͟ʖ °͠) _/¯

I wish they could just be complete stranger and have hot s*x ಥ╭╮ಥ but for plot sake I've to endure MC personality. <<less
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Moistmeter rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: c22
The plot is decent and interesting and the smut scenes were pretty good too.

... more>>

The two are a decent duo, I just wished that the smut scenes would be less 'rapey'? No, well. Its just that the FL always seems to be in pain whenever the two would have s*x. I want her to be the first one to move although I know that its part of her character to be pure but I just want some boldness and let her be the one to make the move in the smut


Other than that, Everything is pretty good. <<less
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