After the Secret Marriage to My Top Star Partner


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As an idol with top influence, Mu Nan’s biggest wish was to sing the hottest songs, act in the most popular programs, and snag a man with an eight-pack along the way.

But before he could find his dream man, a sudden marriage contract fell from the sky, hitting him hard. And guess who the other party was? It was none other than his arch-nemesis since debut—Cheng Han.

Mu Nan: [Indifferent.jpg] Marrying him is worse than death.

Cheng Han: [Resisting.gif] I’m a straight guy, no homo.

But then—

Rumors of “Mu Nan and Cheng Han kissing for two hours in a car passionately” spread like wildfire, and netizens suddenly realized: So, you two are not enemies but secret lovers!

Mu Nan jumped out of bed, clutching his butt: It’s not true, I’m not, stop spreading nonsense!

Cheng Han smirked, wiping his mouth: Thanks for the invitation. My enemy tastes very good and fragrant.

Mu Nan lost his balance in anger: I’m done with this entertainment industry!

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