I Love You the Most in the World [Entertainment Circle]


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Lin An Lan has lost his memory, but luckily, his boyfriend doesn’t mind and still treats him with tenderness, pampering him, and doting on him.

Lin An Lan was relieved until one day he found a photo album in the house where he lived together, full of single photos of him, from his student days to his current status as a popular celebrity.

On the back of the last photo, written in black neutral pen – I want him.

* Cheng Yu has liked Lin An Lan and has done so for eight years. He wants him, but is afraid to make a rash move.

Until that day, when he heard someone knocking on the door as the wind and rain hit his window. He went out and saw that Lin An Lan’s clothes were soaked through, his ink-like hair was soaked with moisture, which made his lips look even more delicate, like a rose in the dark night.

“Do I stay here?” He asked.

Cheng Yu didn’t speak.

Lin An Lan frowned, looking both puzzled and innocent: “Sorry, I can’t remember some things. May I ask, are you my boyfriend? Do I live here?”

Cheng Yu was shocked in his heart, but he smiled slightly as he reached out and led Lin An Lan inside, his tone gentle, as if they were a real pair of lovers.

“Yes.” He said, “You’re back too late, wife.”

I love you the most in the whole world, past, present and future.

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Fujo-Chi rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This is my reaction/feelings while I was reading this book

Omoo!! This is the most most lovable danmei story that I read so far

In the first place the chapter 1 got me hooked and drop meh so many sweets and additional of cliffhanger there HAHHAHAHA.

The ML (Cheng Yu) here is so lovable he is the most gentle, understanding, and handsome, Male Lead I've ever met in the whole danmei story that I read. The way he show his love is sooo critical hit to may heart. My standard to my... more>> future spouse are base now on his character!! Goshh!

My heart was melting on every way that he show his love to our MC (Lin AnLan).

At first the way the ML love is like the standard second male lead he love you with his whole heart and they were standing there in the whole time waiting for their special love one to take notice. But in the story the ML has quite a touch of realism which said that he had greed, gloom, possessiveness, and etc. feelings and emotions toward An'an but he were natural in terms of sincere (pure) love towards to MC and tend to hide all his nega emotions and just show the his most pure feeling of love for An'an. In every chapter I want to scream that I want CHENG YU. Ghad plss gift me a guy or girl or anything to me to be my lover in life just like cheng yu!!!


:But nah that is just my wishful thinking :<

Back to my srs review:

Lin AnLan


He was abandoned by his mother in the guise of buying an ice cream and tell him to just stay and wait for her. He was adamant at first and didn't believe that his mother abandoned him since his mom told him that she loves An'an the most. The one who opened his eyes for the reality he faces is the girl in the same orphanage as him is his female friend Xiao Qiao (Sister Qiao?). She advised him that the one who has a heart to abadoned them are not real and not qualified mother or parents to them. Those who has the heart to take care of them (orphans) and love them should be treated as a real family and parents. This is the reason why he hated waiting because waiting may results to hating the person you want to comebacks. He didn't waste an once of energy to wait the ppl who were not coming back at all.

At seven he was adopted by the Lin's Family who has a son who died while performing his duty in serving their country. He was adopted because of a reason that he is has similarities to their deceased child. He also grew up with his very best friend Jiang Xu.

He is a character that is smart, straightforward, assertive, and take care of the people he acknowledged in his life circle (parents, and Jiang Xu) and anyone who is not considered in his circle was treated by him in politeness with a touch of coldness and indifference. The cause which is why Lin An Lan difficult to capture since he has a high morality and his heart is small and can only take few people. He didn't like not being respect his choices and feelings since he said he also has ideas as a living person additionaly he didn't like being question who is more important and cornering him without seeing what he feels when he/she ask that question and lastly being deceive and lying to him is asking for death.

He is a kind of person who give his all effort to the person he acknowledged. In this aspect it is evident in the scenarios when he take care his best friend Jiang Xu with patience, tolerance, and love and take care of him sincerely as his only friend.

At first I feel like whoa he was quite a Jack Sue? Are you an effin a saint but in the scenes when highlighting his indifference to ML when he didn't give a sh*t abt him I realize that he is not a jack sue since he is quite calm and cruel to other ppl outside his circle. I feel distressed to Cheng Yu in the early chapters.


Cheng Yu


He was born in a rich family and born as a noble son. When he was young he was attached to his parents but grew up hating and indifferent to his Father and Grandfather. His mom loves his Father but his Father is quite romantic man who hunts and sleeps with beautiful flowers. His Mom Yu got sick and died young because of Cheng Feng (Cheng Yu's Dad) derailment. He grew up watching how his Father came home with the perfumes of women's he sleeps. So he grew up lacking familial love and longing for it. But he didn't came out like his Father and didn't hate the word love because of his parents failed "love" and become a romantic like his dad.

He grew up with sincere and stubborn character, he is persistent to anything and invest his all feelings to Lin AnLan but he didn't dare to confess and love him silently for 9 years. He didn't dare to cross the line and when Lin AnLan stop him he didn't dare to raise a comment. He follows what he said all the time even when they were not yet together he still follow what he says and silently follow An'an back for so many years.

When An'an got amnesia and go to his house asking if his house is where he lives and if he is his boyfriend he grab the opportunity with the thingking that he will accept even if this is just an act to deceive him or the him with amnesia. He just want to give himself a short memory or dream to cherish this given opportunity even if its short. He lied to Lin AnLan to the boyfriend thing but in their short relationship he didn't dare to lie about other things he always tell the truth and give him the truest feeling he had for him.

In the movie they have acted together the blades are sharp and I almost vomit blood for stopping myself for cryin'. it is because of Cheng Yu's role that was worn and like himself which dare to love but did not dare to drag down the people they love and silently and sincerely watch them to be happy.

the confrontation which when Lin AnLan got a clue that cheng yu lied to him about being lovers is quite distressing and sad because of Cheng yu statement which is "are you going to leave me?" Then he said next "i know you won't go back anymore just like them" ahhhh la~

Cheng Yu I rrly want to hug dat taym but im not an'an la :<

but damn I luv himm~


Jiang Xu


He grew up with Lin AnLan. Selfish and Self-centered kind of guy. He thinks that he is the most has miserable life in the whole world of the story.

He is hostile to Cheng Yu. Then he wish he is miserable too when he learns that they have the same father. He wish to ruined him and be desperate as him. Jiang Xu mother abandoned him when he was in highschool because his mom new man didn't want a her child to follow and raise him. So, Jiang Xu thinks that he is the most desperate and miserable in the whole world. He promised to Lin AnLan that he will not tell to Cheng Yu that he is the child of his Father in exchange that he will ignore Cheng Yu. Jiang Xu knows that Cheng Yu likes Lin AnLan and didn't dare to make a step to hurt Lin AnLan so he dare to plan despicable things to Cheng Yu.

at first I think he is quite their stepping stone or the cannon fodder slash villain of the story because I found him pitiful to what he experience but the result is I quite hated him and he is not that pitiable and worth of sympathy since he dare to take choices and promises on his own then don't dare to blame it to other ppl. He is quite shameless on the other side *sigh but I'm the same as Lin AnLan I wish he finally reflect on what he do wrong and finally live a fulfilling happy life.


Main Story Fanwai


Announced their lovers status and marriage to the weibo. Join the variety show that has topic for dating. Adopted the child of Cheng Xiao (Cheng Yu's Grandfather) sister grandson. Cheng Xiao sister died and her daughter didn't have time to take care of her grandson because she has her own family to take care of. While her son didn't want to take care his own child because he was busy chasing his new foreigner lover. Cheng Xiao decided to pick up the child for Cheng Yu and Lin AnLan to take care of. They name the child as Cheng Lin with a nickname "Xiao Lin". When Cheng Lin grew up as 3 year old child they adopted a big brother for Cheng Lin which was later name as Lin Cheng with a nickname as "Xiao Qi". Cheng Lin is extrovert and bubbly while Lin Cheng is introvert and like to read books as Lin AnLan.


Fanwai 2 {When they met while they were younger}


Start the extra story when Cheng Yu was young and wanted to have a younger brother. So he bother his mother because he wants to have a younger brother. After that they've gone to the orphanage and the Little Cheng Yu and Little Lin AnLan met and got attracted to each other and want to be stick with each other all the time. They become bamboo horses (childhood sweetheart).

    • Cheng Feng was in crematorium for 10 years and begging for forgiveness and chasing Mom Yu.
    • Mom Yu decided to have a second child for the continuation of the bloodline of the Cheng Family and be the son of Cheng Yu and Lin AnLan.

The rest if Cheng Feng and Mom Yu is reconciled is according to fate.


Fanwai 3 {When they met in Highschool}


Highschool Setting

Lin AnLan have been dreaming and his dream is connected to his classmate Cheng Yu. Which is his lover according to what he dream.

Because of dream he saves his Mom Lin and they become thankful for the help of Cheng Yu that given to them. Cheng Yu become close to the Lin Family. He also lives in the Lin Family House and he sleeps in Lin AnLan room.

da rest? You read them... It was wonderful so read. it. now!!!


My English is quite poor I know la~ but idc anymore HAHAHAHAH <<less
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OhMyKokoro rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Sweet, extremely sweet.

At the beginning due to the synopsis, I thought that this novel would be full of dog blood, misunderstandings or would be really dramatic, but in reality, it is not like that, from the beginning to the end the ML treats the MC with such affection, patience and pampering that it is enviable.

This couple is one of the cute ones I have come across, from the daily interactions to the crucial plot moments, it was a very satisfying novel to read. Chef kiss
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teagsho rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: Completed

It's fluff and sweet but why do I feel like my heart still broken

Especially the flashback, it's really sad seeing Cheng Yu nostalgia of being ignored by Lin An Lan.

... more>> Cheng Yu my baby you are great and you deserve the love and kindness don't be so humble and pessimistic I am going to be distressed to death

BUT HONESTLY the climax of the truth "when Lin An Lan found out that Cheng Yu actually isn't his boyfriend" is whitin my expectation, not to bloody but it's indeed gauge your heart, esp if you see how sad and in despair Cheng Yu is.

It's solved pretty straightforward and fast for me. I think this happens because MC is having a really good principle, moral value, and three views so any problem that seemingly will result in a long misunderstanding solved fast and rational. ML himself is really good, he literally fall for MC for a whole 8 years and he's really gentle! He always tell the truth about every fact and he never ever slandering Jiang Xu! I am really sad every time ML defending JX lol

So when MC in amnesia he never do anything that makes MC uncomfortable, always tried his best to fulfill any of his demand and spoiling and petting MC all day long. That's why in the end MC also fall for him BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT THE "STOCKHOLM SYNDROME" kind of thing.

I should repeat this again that MC, Lin An Lan, is really a person who have a good three views and rationality.

ML, Cheng Yu is jealous, envious, uncomfortable, angry, sad, when he got a cold shoulder from MC but he never blame him. ML also has a really really good EQ and IQ. This makes me really happy honestly. He also has a good three views and his POV of life and problems is positive.

(at least if it was me I would be in sadness and sorrow and maybe I will commit su*cide if MC do that to me, even though I know it's not MC fault (sarcasm to Jiang Xu /this is spoiler lol/)

The most fatal mistake he made is the fact that he lied to MC about their relationship. But even though he said that they're dating, I think ML will never touch MC, if MC didn't let him. But even so, I know he is still wrong BUT I CANNOT HELP IT ML IS REALLY PITIFUL.

He knows that MC will never in love with him, only give most of his kindness and gentleness to Jiang Xu, but he never become so jealous that he give up his life, let alone pestering MC. Of course, he indeed always want to be friends with MC by following MC from high school until they both become a successful actor. But ML's behavior still within stranger comfortable range.

He never force MC, never make a move on Jiang Xu, because he knows that no matter how Jiang Xu makes him uncomfortable, JX is still an important person to MC.

WHEN EVERYTHING IS SOLVED like MC agree to officially become ML's lover everything is back to the fluff and sweet text like when MC is amnesia but with happiest and cutest ML of course! Because ML didn't have to hide, because ML is officially recognized by MC! I am so proud and happy for ML!

Congratulation, Cheng Yu!

After that everything is full of dog food, the family drama come easily and solved easily too. Basically the part of the story can be described as:

  1. Fluff and sweet pet (but ML's secretly distressing)
  2. The truth is coming but solved happily (but with MC leave ML for a while and ML in despair until he got sick)
  3. Fluff and sweet pet (with cutest and happiest ML) (the extra also really fluff)
Basically everything is sweet except the part when the truth MUST come out.

Absolutely recommended,

9.8/10 <<less
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StrangeMoon rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: --
This novel surprised me for being a bit different from other novels I've read with this same trope. In other stories, the ML lies to the MC about extremely unnecessary things that will only create problems for him in the future, but in this novel:

... more>>

Despite the main lie that they've been dating for a week, the ML is pretty much honest with the MC about everything of their past. Cheng Yu (ML) makes it clear to Lin AnLan (MC) that even though he liked Lin AnLan for a long time, they were never close because Lin AnLan's best friend didn't like him, so he obeyed his best friend and kept his distance from Cheng Yu. He also explains that he was always the one who ran after Lin AnLan, even though everyone around him told him to give up. Because of his sincerity, Cheng Yu gets a lot of sympathy from Lia AnLan, who wants to make up for the times he was so cruel to Cheng Yu.


And about the s*x scene... after reading the reviews here, I imagined a lot of things, but it was very different from what I expected:


While they were watching a movie, a s*x scene appeared, and Lin AnLan asked Cheng Yu if they had ever done anything like this before, which he denied. He asked Cheng Yu if he wanted to try it, which he denied again, despite much insistence from Lin AnLan. Cheng Yu is honest and says he's afraid MC will regret and be unhappy about it when his memory comes back. Lin AnLan then decides that he wants to go back to his own house (he is living together with ML) so that his memories return faster and so that Cheng Yu can do anything he wants with him without worrying. Of course, Cheng Yu panics when he sees that Lin AnLan wants to leave him, but manages to convince him to stay, and so the two have s*x after Lin AnLan asks again.


If you want to read this novel, you must understand that ML is not emotionally stable. He would never do anything that could hurt MC, but this novel is tagged "obsessive love" for a reason. Sometimes it's painful to see how hopelessly in love the ML is with the MC, and you feel a lot of pity for him. But of course, let's not forget that the real victim here is MC.


I still can't imagine how Lin AnLan will react when he regains his memories. Before the loss of his memories, he never hated Cheng Yu, but Lin AnLan definitely didn't give a damn about him, as he had no problem keeping his distance just because his best friend asked him to, and didn't care about how Cheng Yu felt either. But the present Li AnLan admitted that even though he was initially suspicious of Cheng Yu, now he loved him. Lin AnLan's agent warned him that he might regret his actions in the future when his memory returns, but Lin AnLan responded by saying that this is something he doesn't worry about, as his present self is content and happy with his actions.


Soooo... yeah... it's really hard to say how this story will unfold, but I'm looking forward for the next chapters. I'm so in love with the main characters <3 <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 24, 2021
Status: dropped
I shove my 5 cents at the speed of light, because I really couldn't handle how it starts and didn't bother to continue. YES, I read only few chapters, but found that it was ENOUGH for me. I may be wrong being too radical about this novel in particular, but I have a grievance with this author and their odd beginnings. By that I mean how strangely they start their novels and later have hard time to wrap it into some logical way, but in my opinion they fail miserably.... more>> With this novel the first several chapters and the summary basically sum up the whole premise of this novel. We have 1 guy, our MC, who lost his memory, and we have another guy, future ML, who used the situation with amnesia to his advantage and lied to MC they were in love. Are you sane? Don't tell me you found it romantic and not entirely creepy? Not to mention it's like cheating s*x and feelings in desperate hope that MC will actually notice his feelings. Notice me, senpai~.
You know what's unnerving when you start it? The fact that MC who has no effing clue about his past lives with a person who lied to him about their relationship. I see ML as this creepy existence that couldn't get what he wanted when MC was his original self, but now he simply seized the opportunity. He didn't think how MC would feel after he finds out, I see it as being really selfish. Honestly, if such story happened in real life I bet you anything a group of people would run after ML beating him for being a scum, he'd drown in your spit. But of course it won't happen in the novel, no-no-no, MC will feel sad, ML will run after wife in the crematorium and author will make it all flowers and sunshine in the end anyway. Because they always rule things out in convenience.
I'm sorry, but sometimes the whole "but it's just a novel" argument makes me itchy to hit someone in some of the novels.

I wish this author would deal with their problematic beginning problem, it's not funny in many of their novels, it just creates unnecessary trouble that is later resolved in a weird way. The only more or less normal beginning was in tool man, two guys just hooked up, though later the author's humor and never-ending ending spoiled the whole thing, but it's a different story. Some beginning they portray can be simply disgusting tbh. That's why I can complain endlessly about their style starting the novel. <<less
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msbwhy rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: --
Probably around 3.5 stars.

Reasons why are because I'm getting bored in the middle of the story. Surely the mystery behind Lin An Lan's amnesia is something interesting & makes me want to read more (more like I'm waiting how Cheng Yu's lies revealed). Also I reeeallly love the romantic moments in the early chapters, kinda make me tingly inside. (idk if u prolly should add "Early Romance" tag???)

But BRUH. The author inserted so many unimportant details (like for example... talking too much about the drama MC & ML starred... more>> in???) I literally skimmed through chapters, mostly because I only want to know when will Lin An Lan recovers his memory. I'll give u a little spoiler of WHEN he will recover from amnesia:


chapter 100. I jumped straight to that chapter & didnt feel like missing anything

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NovelenthusiastIDK rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: c163
Just started with the 1st chapter but read the reviews and I don't understand how you all can view ML as innocent and pitiful baby. He never had bad intentions, however he still tricked MC when he was the most vulnerable. He did kiss, touch and have s*x with MC (when MC lost memory), their relationship wasn't as innocent as you all had me thinking with those reviews. Whatever you all say, ML is still a creep. I'm not that bothered by it but let's not try to cover it... more>> up. Though I do understand why you all like him, simply a perfect lover, who wouldn't want a lover like that. If I lost memory and someone like him tricked me I would be so grateful. I would absolutely tie him down myself. Edit: The story is coming to an end everything is so smooth and sweet I'm getting annoyed. They even won double award. Where's the drama where's the spice. There is none. I'm joking, I'm glad it's a HE. I'm scared of almost 100 extra chapters, what did you do author? <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Super Emotional novel. It's not Angsty. But you will be Emotional...!!!

ML is Heart-breaking. Makes me want to wish his Happiness so badly!!! But also pinch him...

Sure ML is Manipulative aka when he presented with the chances, he took it immediately. He lied about his relationship, yes, but he doesn't lie about anything else! He has Stalker tendency. He need to know about who MC in contact with since they're in relationship. BUT he won't ask about what MC say to people. He even told MC how eager he want to... more>> get close to MC since long ago. How he always longing for him and he said so.

He never restrict MC's movement. He's so Grateful with this chances he has to be together with MC, so he think he doesn't deserve to get Sad or Angry. He prepare for the day where MC would remember everything, and he will accept all the Hate and Disgust.

He make line he won't Cross. He won't make Another Mistake since this One big Lies. And so far, he did Great!

While MC... His Characteristic is Amazing! Seriously, the author did Great Job writing his Personality. He's not Perfect, but he will do thing that he believe is good. And he's not pushover! And Thank God he's NOT s*upid!!!

This personality of his that make many Readers probably pray so hard the Truth of before Amnesia wasn't Bad for his Characteristic.

He's really not bad! (I know this because I took a peak of the MTL version about the revelation chapters. Lol. I can't help it. And so much relieved knowing he's not a Bad guy and really deserve ML's Unconditional Love and Endless Affection!


Anyway this Novel is Amazing. I just pray sooo hard the Translation won't stop and the rest of the story is as Great!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Finished at 20 May 2023:

I almost can't believe it's finally ended...!

The journey both MC and ML had gone through.

Seriously has one of the BEST MC for keep loving and understanding ML and see their relationship through not only his own view, but also ML's. The years ML had gone through longing for MC, now with the mutual Love, MC won't let ML wait anymore.

ML would never force MC even when they were apart before. But when MC give him slight hope, he dare himself to reach him. And that's different kind of Strength!

They did gone through separation when all truth revealed, so MC had gone through all the thinking. So don't fear, their relationship is HEALTHY!!!

And let's talk about the side characters. The bad friend, the author doesn't Evilizing him more than his flaws.

The one who could have been a cliche character, actually tried to help the relationship between MC and ML when they were apart.

The Bad ML's family... Took them a while, but their brain finally works again. Lol

Anyway this Novel has Nice Satisfying end and gives me a Tranquiled feelings...


Note: Finished without the Extras <<less
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Nokiyoh rated it
August 28, 2021
Status: Completed
What a beautiful gem this is it, come on read it this has to be one of the most enjoyable read for me in awhile.
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Eueu rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: c164
One of my faves. Honestly, the Li Anan's amnesia is quite unrealistic (even the characters acknowledges it) but here, it's the perfect plot device to give the MC and ML a chance to fall in love.

Edit: I've finished the main story and some of the extras thru mtl. It was a very satisfying read bec you know that the ML is down bad and the MC became less uptight after recovering his memories. What I'm dissatisfied is the thing with Jiang Xu.

... more>>

Like I get that Li Anlan's character is this stubborn and uptight person who gives ppl no second chance. JX's 'mistake' is basically this:

1. JX met up with his illegitimate father despite reassuring LAL not to because the guy has his legitimate family. Mind you, JX's mother already left him and he has no one. And his best friend tells him to never connect w his father bec it's wrong. Indeed JX has a shitty father but can u blame a kid in a broken family wanting familial affections? While LAL was indeed abandoned and an orphan, he still grew up in a loving home.

2. JX asked LAL to approach the ML, deceive him, and destroy the ML's image to his father (father wont agree to ML being gay).
Lyk I get these are mistakes but I don't think they were unforgivable ones.
So I didn't finish the extras and didnt reread the TLed chapters bec on second thought, I didn't like LAL's attitude towards JX. Friendship can't replace familial ties!!!
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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy rated it
November 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I really like it.. It's very cute, heart warming and heartbreaking.. It can emotionally influence us a little bit.. But sometimes I felt some what bored..
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Perry_08 rated it
January 21, 2024
Status: Completed
The characters are so realistic. I like how they portrayed cheng yu. Despite his obsession he still retains rationality, which, coming from personal experience is really hard. I have also been in love with a person for 10 years but it was also me who broke up with them because I knew reality will get in the way. It's like a worm in your heart that sleeps most of the time but when it wakes up you feel bittersweet. I, also, like cheng yu don't know why I'm able to... more>> love someone like that. For me, this love has no future because that person is already engaged to someone else. When I read about the characters they were acting as in the movie I couldn't help but empathise 100%. It's unhealthy, and it's lonely and it's also painful but I already don't have any way to give up on it.

I also like xie hui, it was a surprise when he came to lin an lan and said cheng yu was sick. <<less
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shuulys rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Chapter 27 - Up to this point I can really say that I'm moved to tears by Cheng Yu. It's like you don't even need to experience it. Just by reading and feeling from the words I can already feel the deep love and devotion from Cheng Yu and the more he is like that the more I'm worried and distressed for him. I wish that Lin An Lan will forever stay with Cheng Yu and not get angry with him after he regains his memory. (Although according to the... more>> reviews it wasn't that bad)

Chapter 42 - What a mix of sweetness and angst. My heart aches for Cheng Yu 🥲

Chapter 53 - Bruh save me I'm tearing up at work right now 🥹


Chapter 55 - I'm dead from laughing hahahaha. The way Jiang Xu doesn't know anything but thinks he does and they way Lin An Lan just went along with him thinking that its all just a bad script written and acted out by Jiang Xu is so hilarious.

Chapter 66 - At this point I'm so worried for Cheng Yu. I really hope that when the time comes where Lin An Lan remembers his past it wouldn't be so angst and drama. Otherwise Cheng Yu will definitely suffer a lot from it...

Chapter 92 - I'm lighting a candle for Cheng Yu praying that everything will go well for him in the upcoming chapters :")

Chapter 95 - Everytime Cheng Yu says that he won't regret it, I believe in him. But just because he won't regret it doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt after Lin An Lan regains his memory and finds out that Cheng Yu had lied to him 😭😭😭

Chapter 115 - I am happy :>

Chapter 152 - Cheng Yu is a gem. A BIG BABY! I just want to swaddle him with all the love and kindness in the world so that he is happy forever 🥹

Chapter 157 - I think Lin An Lan is really someone amazing. When he doesn't like a person, he can be really cold but when he really loves someone, he really loves with everything he has. For that, I'm thankful because Cheng Yu deserves that love, even though he lied at the very start. (Which I feel is totally understandable in his case 🥺



Anyways, although I give up rewritting, I have to emphasise that Cheng Yu is one of the bestbest MLs among all of the danmeis I have read before. Despite lying to Lin An Lan at the very start, you really cannot deny that he is such a wonderful and amazing lover. The love that he has for Lin An Lan is so deep and precious that I am so jealous. In my opinion, Cheng Yu is way too good for Lin An Lan. Don't hate on me pls. I know at the end it can be seen that Lin An Lan really loves Cheng Yu but that doesn't take away the sufferings that Cheng Yu has been through. I'm just that biased to my lovely sweetheart okkk :< <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
April 17, 2023
Status: c20
Well, didn’t expect this story to be this slow and filler-y. Even though ML is very VERY my type, obsessively protective and attentive in any way to his lover, I couldn’t enjoy this novel. Tried 20 chapters but it only gives off a repetitive feeling. I’m sure it gets dramatic enough afterwards but I’m not up to this long wait.
I also didn’t enjoy how ML doubts MC’s amnesia and even MC is using him, he is okay with everything. It made me question: What do you like about her... more>> so much?
The author has a tendency to write fiction in fiction, which I couldn’t care less...

That’s it, maybe it’s just not for me. <<less
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FYalimar rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: --
Well I think Lin AnLan has a pretty serious personality problem, treating people like sh*t just because you didn't grow up with them is completely ridiculous!!! He doesn't like being lied to and making decisions for him, it wasn't exactly what Jiang Xu did before when he asked him to ignore Cheng Yu, but he's fine at that moment because he grew up with him???? It's not like he can't see that there's something wrong with the character of his best friend, Jiang Xu, but he doesn't even question whether... more>> it's right or wrong to listen to him, is that having personality? no, forgive me but that is dependency, not wanting to contradict your friends so they don't get away from you, it's very bad, he has many problems, I understand that they are generated because his mother abandoned him when he was little but so what? Is that why you can treat others badly? I sincerely believe that Cheng Yu deserves someone better!!! He is not well either, he should not have become obsessed with Lin AnLan, what he really had to do was look for a psychologist to help him get out of that toxic feeling he had, it is not normal to have to suffer so much for love, that is not healthy !! love should bring you happiness not bitterness, if it does it is not love it is toxic and must be treated!!!!! If I were Cheng Yu I would have sought professional help, recovered and then moved on with my life and Lin AnLan... well screw him for a fool!!! for not wanting to get ahead by himself, he feels very happy living to please his friends and not to be abandoned, why wake him up??? <<less
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h4dr rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Flowers here, flowers there, flowers everywhere! So so sweet! No misunderstanding just more and more fluff!



Other than the ML saying they've been dating for a week, everything is pretty truthful and the MC did sort of have malicious intentions anyways

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January 7, 2022
Status: --
4/5 only because this author has this frustrating habit of inserting "fictional" stories into the actual story. For example, going into detail about the movie/drama plot both protagonists were acting in. In another novel, it was a fanfiction the MC wrote.

It's frustrating because the author will literally fill 2 chapters or more just talking about this "fictional" story. It's fine if it was done in passing or if it's connected to the characters' growth and plot development (like in The Star Around The Sun) but nope. The focus is entirely... more>> on the plot & characters of the "fictional" story and the main story becomes a mere accessory to get this "fictional" story going.

Without this, the author's novels are definitely at the top when it comes to comedy, fluff, and unique situations. The ML in this novel will even break your heart because of how insecure and fearful he is. <<less
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CaisAngelsPearl rated it
April 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Awesome story but I gave it a 4 simply because we didn't see them announce their relationship, get married etc etc was so looking forward to the netizens' shock especially!

Sweet patient ML, equally sweet albeit slow to fall in love MC, all's well that ends well!
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Zavira rated it
January 23, 2023
Status: c135
Istg this novel really wrench my poor heart : ((

I started reading this novel aboul a month ago and I can say for sure that this is the longest time I spent to read a novel (which usually takes 2-3 days) WITHOUT losing interest, just because I cant take the sadness every 3 chapter istg. Cheng yu is really pitiful and I alwaysss cried every his inner dialogue, his love for lin an lan is really humbling, he looks like a death row prisoner that lives his life day... more>> per day, even sometimes I hope that lin an lan can love him more so their love could be balanced

Ill wait for the translation to be completed at least until the main story to read again because I dont want to ruin my mood bcs of confusing mtl 😞 <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
October 2, 2022
Status: c50
I love the ML! He’s such an ideal lover ❤️ He really deserves the MC

I’ll just stop reading this for now because I really tried to persist but after the initial plot (up to maybe chap 20) the following chapters became somehow dull for me.

As one reviewer said, there’s too much padding.

I wanted to continue reading until the MC’s memories return but at chapter 50, I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon and the ongoings right now are sweet and all but I agree that there seems to be... more>> too much padding.

I understand that it’s so time goes on before MC regains his memories but still, I’m stopping for now because the plot right now seems to just going around in circles.

Note to self

To reread? Maybe and if I’ll reread, start at chapter 50 because there’s not much going on anyway below chap 50. Just that Cheng Yu really loves MC for many years but MC doesn’t take notice of him because Jiang Xu (MC’s bestfriend and ML’s half brother) doesn’t want MC getting close to ML. At this point, MC and ML are just in love and all

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