After The Rabbit Hunt Is Over, The Hunting Dog Rest


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Summoned to another world, the knight Lee Hwan willingly wielded his sword for the sake of his beloved.

However, what awaited him upon his return was only the chilling betrayal of his lover.

Feeling the imminent approach of death, Lee Hwan, in order to take control of his own fate, threw himself off a cliff.

And as if it were a lie, Lee Hwan found himself three years back in time.

To avoid the same future, he runs away from people, dreaming of returning to Earth.

In this journey of Lee Hwan, his friend Absalom, expressing a desire to protect him, intervenes.

Though swayed by Absalom, Lee Hwan could hardly trust him. After all, Absalom is the dragon who betrayed him at the last moment and had to be defeated.

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토끼 사냥이 끝난 후 사냥개는
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Date Group Release
04/06/24 Chrysanthemum Garden c2 part4
03/30/24 Chrysanthemum Garden c2 part3
03/30/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c2 part3
03/23/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c2 part2
03/16/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c2 part1
03/09/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c1 part8
03/02/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c1 part7
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01/21/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c1 part5
01/20/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c1 part4
01/19/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c1 part3
01/18/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c1 part2
01/17/24 Chrysanthemum Garden v1c1 part1
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New Salim125 rated it
April 21, 2024
Status: c2.4
I womder why there wasnt any review

Well, I LIKE IT!!♡♡~~

The plot, the betrayal -the twist and the start off is sooo intruiging...I cant stop, went to search for more chapters but couldnt find more...

Translater -nim, plizzz more

I beg!? (´*ω*`)
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