After Practicing S*x With My Childhood Friend I Don’t Even Like, I Started Becoming Popular With Beautiful Girls. However, for Some Reason, My Childhood Friend Starts Acting Cold


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“…Will you have s*x with me?”

Spring break.

I, Amakawa Suzume, a boy in his second year of high school, lost my v**ginity by “practicing” with my childhood friend I don’t like.
It was part of my childhood friend’s “high school debut plan.”
As the new semester begins soon, my childhood friend makes a splendid debut in high school and becomes known as the “angel of the school.

And behind the scenes, I was getting contact details of three beautiful girls in succession――!?!?

“Amakawa-kun, I love you, I love you, I love you~!”
“Hey, sen~pai♡~ Let’s do something that feels good together~”
“Would you like to be my boyfriend?”

Is this finally my popular period…?

According to my childhood friend, it seems that if styled properly, my look isn’t bad, and perhaps thanks to losing my v**ginity, my air has become more positive and my confidence has grown. This year, I might be somewhat different from before.

“Hey, let’s do it again… Let’s ‘practice.'”

Huh~!? Whaaaaat~!? Practice again!? Huhhhh!?!?

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Touch-San rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: c19
The biggest issue with these kinds of novels is that because it's set in the modern day, nothing is ever gonna go anywhere with any of the harem members. Though it may not be the mc's intentions, because of that one simple fact, he's essentially leading them all on.

I really don't see why so many jp authors are so fixated on making their mediocre-at-best stories a harem.

Despite having "experience", the MC is only slightly less of a pushover than his virg*n counterparts. There really isn't much else to say since... more>> this is exactly like every other jp MC harem novel, despite what the first reviewer seems to desperately want us to think. <<less
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kyrios95 rated it
October 7, 2023
Status: c8
i don't know why so much *1 the story isn't that tr*sh and actually quite good, read it first buddy and don't tricked by description alone

... more>>

Ok so first of all don't get tricked by the description, the childhood friend actually loved MC so much but because she is kinda unsocialized and introvert nature and only know MC and put extreme Tsundere personality of her then you got the recipe. "You stink, get away from me !" (I feel shy being with you and please do not close with me as i'll explode if you even close with me) - yeah that kind of feel when I read how MC speak with Childhood Friends.

and MC itself actully has good looking face and personality, still it's kinda mystery why the girls started to get close to MC when he got changed, I mean on first year they could go for him. But yeah it's casual rom com story, there's nothing like cheating or NTR tag here as the Childhood friend is not a bithc but rather heavy caliber tsundere person

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