After My Husband Ascended and Became an Immortal


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When Zhaozhao was fifteen years old, she picked up an amnesiac young man with an immortal temperament in the snow. He was born with a beautiful face and a jade-like body. His smile was like the spring breeze and the bright moon. He was also very smart. He could understand anything with just one glance and learn anything with just one demonstration.

On the night of she came of age, Zhaozhao sneaked under his window and asked him if he would like to marry her and live with her for the rest of his life.
The young man answered with a smile: Yes.
After two years of marriage, Zhaozhao and her husband were in harmony with each other and were as loving as honey. She originally thought that her days would continue on like this; peaceful and warm. But then one day her husband disappeared without warning and Zhaozhao had a dream.
She dreamed that her husband was the ruthless Daoist master of the Kunwu Immortal Land. He held the power of life and death in the cultivation world. The entire cultivation world bowed down at his feet. However, he was also the villain in the story. In the future, he would fall into devil cultivation and be killed by the male and female protagonists, as well as their teammates, and not even his bones would be left behind.

After waking up from the dream, Zhaozhao traveled thousands of miles away from home and climbed a fairy mountain that was beyond the reach of mortals, just to tell her husband about her precognitive dream in order to save him from certain death.
After going through untold hardships, Zhaozhao was then told by the superior immortal:
“Daojun said that all the things that happened in the past was were just a tribulation of fate. The fate has now reached its end and must be cut off. Girl, from this day forward, he never wishes to see you again.”

Zhaozhao accepted the gift from the Daojun. The breakup fee: an elixir of longevity. Only then did she realize that the perfect match in her eyes was just a brief blimp in the immortal king’s thousand-year journey.
Zhaozhao: F* this! Save him my ass! This scumbag deserves to die!
Zhaozhao turned around and prepared to join the enemy. She intended to join the sect of the heroine of the novel, strengthen her body, practice immortality and live until the day when the hero and heroine stabbed her husband to death with a sword.
Who would have expected—
She was too early.  

The sect that will be very powerful in the future was not only completely powerless right now, it was only one step away from bankruptcy. The male and female protagonist who will stab her husband to death in the future were only five years old, skinny and only one breath away from death.
Zhaozhao’s original revenge plan: Live until the day the scumbag is stabbed to death (crossed out).

Zhaozhao’s new revenge plan: Prop up the endangered Sect and ensure that the hero and heroine can survive until the day they stab the scumbag to death.

After Xie Lanshu returned from the passing his calamity, his cultivation greatly increased and he accepted the worship and congratulations from all the four corners of the immortal world.

No one mentioned the little wife Xie Lanshu had when he was going through his tribulation in the human world. The lifespan of a mortal was only a fleeting moment for a cultivator. Everyone thought that Xie Lanshu would soon forget his two years in the mortal world and go back to becoming the number one undefeated master in the immortal world.
Even Xie Lanshu thought it would be like this.
Until the day the two of them met again. His wife had a beautiful appearance and excellent cultivation. She was already the head of a large sect and there were countless male cultivators who admired her.

There were also two pink and jade-shaped children who were inseparable from her, very intimate, and their eyebrows and eyes…
Seemed to be somewhat similar to him.
#Why is my Master’s scumbag ex-husband looking at me and my junior brother without hesitation#

#Forget it, it’s not important, as the Master said, just kill him#

[Little Sun x Innocent on the Outside, Scheming on the Inside]   
[Reading Instructions] 1. Not a “shuang” novel, not a great heroine novel, the heroine is not OP and it is growth-orientated and healing.
2. The plot serves the emotional line, there is a crematorium plot, and the male protagonist will not be changed out.
3. The heroine is not pregnant, she doesn’t get pregnant in either the main text or the extras.
4. The main text has an open ending (suitable for readers who don’t want to see the male and female protagonists together), and the extras have a happy ending (a big happy ending, buy with caution).
5. I am not a cultivator and the settings are made up for the story.

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hobbes rated it
December 5, 2023
Status: Completed
wow.. this was a roller coaster ride... I wasn't very keen on reading this as I saw the ML was the scum who abandoned her. But I have been looking for a good Xianxia novel. So I still gave it a try. I am glad I did. It was an amazing read.

FL, She is great. she is smart and not OP. She does things within her own power. Her feelings are also shown very real. Just because he abandons her in the beginning she doesn't go on hate mode and... more>> start hating him. You cant just stop loving anyone just because you want to. That can be seen here. As it says in description she goes looking for her husband and when he says they cant be together she doesn't pester him anymore and decides to find original FL and ML. She is also a super practical person and doesn't say things like "I don't want any compensation. Etc", she uses jealousy of her husbands admirer and takes a lot of useful stuff from them. She will be wanting to use these items to protect herself. Which is super smart of her. In the cultivation world with so many dangers and strong people you have to be powerful to protect yourself or you have to have strong weapons. The weapons she gets saves her life so many times.

The ML is very very very pitiful person. He was only genuinely happy for the three years they were together, rest all of his life was hell. We also get to see all scenarios where our FL dint come in search of ML, or if FL doesn't save the ML at all. All of them were filled with misery for him. Even if the FL dint come in search of him, he goes in search of her. He wasnt a good husband, but he was really good person. He helps FL a lot even before he realizes he loves her. There is a scenario where they lay out a trap to catch his killer, when he comes to know its her he doesnt rat her out. He protects her.

The reason for ML to abandon the FL


ML would be from a special bloodline who will be good at cultivation. So he is raised like a dog by his master and constantly brainwashed and made to think he is a tool to protect their sect and the world.

After a major fight, the ML would have lost his memories and been thrown to the mortal world. He meets the FL and she rescues him and names him "Xie Lanshun", after 1 year they fall in love and marry. After 2 years he gets all his memories back. Memories of 1000s of years. His 3 years of memories and feelings with her gets suppressed by all this and before he is able to think about it peacefully, he decides to leave her. This was his mistake. He should have taken sometime to sort it out.

He never accepts the Xie Lanshun as himself, he always thinks it as an alternate memory he has and will want to forget about it. But as each day goes that feeling starts growing and finally it goes completely out of control. Humans want to be happy, so obviously subconsciously he will want to be happy and do this he has to accept his love for her. This battle keeps on going in his mind.

His sea of consciousness will split into 2, one which wants to love her and the other where he wants to let her go. this causes him to lose a lot of his powers and he will be become unable to use his sword intent and it goes out of control and would also be stabbing him 1000s of times a day. He lives like this for many years. But no matter how he feels he always tries helping the FL and making her life easier. Its really sad to see him suffer so much.


Story flow, very brief


FL and ML fall apart.

FL goes to another small sect where original ML and FL are. She also had a contract with a demon dog and a fox. Both are really nice. The sect master will also be a very powerful person who would have lost of a lot of his cultivation. Its nice to see that they dont get stronger at once. Its step by step. FL is also able to completely let go of her feelings because she gets the red line between them cut by a spirit. Although she has memories it doesnt bring her pain anymore. And to connect this back, the ML would would need to die again.

The MLs feelings goes completely hay wire. details in spoilers above. ML helping her behind the scenes.

The FL dies protecting a disciple and ML goes bat sh*t crazy and finally accepts his feelings for her and abandons the cultivation world.

50 years later, her master would have given her something which would have made her soul to grow up as a tree and not die. So they all try to resurrect her. It was really sad to see ML hurt so much and I also felt bad that the FL dint show any emotions towards him, But the red line would have got cut so its not her fault either.

FL resurrects, ML dies trying saving her disciples. FL gets all her loving emotions back after this as the red line gets connected again.

In the extras, after 100 years, she finds him again (his reincarnation) and they get back together. He also gets back all his memories and he proposes to her and she accepts.

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hastingsj rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: Completed
The premise is unique, the writing is good, and it has a compelling narrative arc. There is a solid begining, middle, and (most importantly) end. Though, I would warn that the established end is a tragedy with something of a poignant opened ended nature. The real end, is in the 10 extra chapters where everything is given closure and is much more happy.

my thoughts on the main story: ... more>>

The ML makes a series of unforgivable selfish mistakes (hes still a hero) and the MC has to live her life and repeatedly rise above them. She starts cultivating in a ruined sect on the verge of colapse, grows stronger, becomes a leader, and never stops loving and caring for everyone around her. Her ex-husband, the ml, casts her out of his cultivation sect because he cant aknowledge her being strong enough to join the world of cultivation and thinks she will hinder him (backstory trauma blah blah blah), threatens to destroy her cultivation should he find her practicing (a lie to hurt her and make her give up), and repeatedly lets her down by being unable to fulfill his promises to her and refusing to aknowledge his own feelings (putting his sect and trauma before her). The best things he actually does for her are done in secret. The MC recognizes his extreme selfishness and chooses to cut off her love for him and see him for what he is. The MC is very practical and an overall great character. The ML is doing a regret and chase your wife to the crematorium story all on his own. I almost wish the MC was allowed to actually move on and have a relationship with someone else after her first husband. By the end it almost feels inevitable that its the MCs job to make sure this selfish yandere doesnt hurt anyone by sacrificing her limitless patience to occupy his obsession


extra spoiler for ending of main story:

The ultimate death of the ML (the heroic sacrifice [hes pretty suicidal for her love at this point]) feels more peaceful than anything else. The MC spent so many years mourning her husbands "death" (abandonment and betrayal). it finally feels like she might be able to do what he suggested at the very begining... move on because a few years of time are nothing but a drop in the ocean to an imortal cultivator. She regains the severed love string, remembers all her love, and is finally able to cry out her pain at his death


My thoughts on the extras (extra extra spoilers)

100yrs pass and the MC has truely moved on and smoothed out all the emotions of the main story. Did you think the ML was gone? nope! at this point there are something like 3 versions of the ML. ML1.0 (the thousand year old imortal sect leader with stunted emotions), ML2.0 (the MCs short lived mortal husband who really loved her and was absorbed by ML1.0), and the brand new ML3.0! This new version is a reincarnation who is born a mortal, meets the MC and starts his journey to become a cultivator because he is instantly struck by her beauty. When the MC meets him, they start dating so fast everyone is screaming "GIRL YOU FOUND A LOOKALIKE REPLACEMENT??!!" and she super 100% did. Even ML3.0 thinks hes the replacement. Their relationship progresses really fast and I wish it didnt because he seems so sweet & likeable. I wish he got to be a character. Unfortunately, he regains his memory real fast and becomes what I would say is predominantly ML2.0 with the memory and crazy of ML1.0. Justice for ML3.0!! The MC deserved to not babysit the selfish yandere hero her whole imortal life. Even if ML3.0 was the reincarnation, I really wish he looked different and never regained his past lifes memory because he was really disdainful of 2.0 and 1.0s mistakes. Author gave him a clean slate and some healthy mentality only to take it away


The real highlight is the MC. She is brave, smart, and learns to be independantly strong despite having started the story being fully dependent on her man for everything. Her interactions with other characters are entertaining (especially her buisness sense). This could easily have been a villianess conquers the world & gets revenge story, but instead the best revenge is living your life to tye fullest while continuing to geuininely love and be loved by the people around you... no love for the ML tho ;) <<less
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Yang Xi
Yang Xi rated it
December 19, 2023
Status: --
I did it with mtl so I can’t really judge the writing (though it is very mtl-friendly). Plot does not have the dog blooded tropes of “malicious childhood sweethearts/parents” the ml’s CS is actually quite endearing once she grows on you. The story focuses on fl’s self improvement and child-raising in addition to the cultivation world sideplot and romance.

Will read again!
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