After My First Love Who is My Classmate Became My Family, My Childhood Friend Became Really Sweet to Me


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Yuto is in love with a girl called Asahina Hinata AKA “The Sunflower Goddess”. Asahina Hinata is very popular among the students and teachers as well. When Yuto found out that his first love Hinata is her half-sister , he thought that he will be broken hearted. But instead, somehow Yuto and Hinata started living together! Since Yuto and Hinata started living together, Yuto’s childhood friend, Tsukino Saya AKA “The Angel of The Moon” became really sweet to Yuto. So then, a romantic comedy with these two girls begins!

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Hatsukoidatta doukyuusei ga kazoku ni natte kara, osananajimi ga yakeni amaete kuru
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New titor420 rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: v2c18
This novel is really bland. There's a lot of drama but the author has no flair for the dramatic. Nothing ever happens, and not in a good "slice of life setting" way. There are basically 3 characters in the whole story, and they are in a cliche love triangle. There's very little comedy either. It would have been a great mercy to let us readers have fun or laugh once in a while, considering how silly the story is, but I guess that's asking for too much.

Nothing interesting happens and... more>> the MC is the plain indecisive guy with two school beauties who love him. Both heroines are unremarkable, inconsistently written, and underdeveloped.

The biggest sin of this novel though is it's incredibly boring. Development is always stalled before anything fun happens. Reading this is akin to eating a damp cracker. It's not offensively bad, but there's nothing that tastes good or has nutritional value. <<less
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noodlesandrice rated it
September 17, 2022
Status: v1c37
Underrated gem imo.

The premise makes it seem like things will quickly devolve into an angsty trainwreck. But so far things have been executed well.

All the characters act thoughtfully and maturely for the most part. MC is honest and responsible when he needs to be, instead of keeping all his thoughts locked in.

There’s definitely a chance things could quickly go south with the current setup. But I’m still looking forward to how things will develop regardless.
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