After I Died, He Died After Me Too


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Edith Cordelia, a high-ranking class Esper belonging to the imperial family, sacrifices herself to end the ceaseless streams of creatures.

In the end, she meets her death due to a sudden rampage, leaving her Guide, Mikhail, engulfed in shock.

Afterwards, she reincarnates into the body of Bianca without any abilities. However, she suddenly suffers from an unexpected awakening fever as a guide and ends up encountering the crown prince in the garden in the middle of a birthday banquet.

“Lady Astri, I’m being generous with you right now.”

“P-please… heut, help.”

Bianca, who became an S-class Guide with a 98% match rate, was confused by everything that had changed since she was an Esper. To protect her family, she becomes his dedicated Guide under the condition that she wouldn’t imprint. She was confident that she wouldn’t fall in love with him. Once the contract was over, she planned to leave without any regrets.

But when her brother’s sudden death and her parents’ disappearance left her with nothing else, everything became irrelevant to Bianca.

“Do you really intend to stay by my side? Even though you’ve been through things you shouldn’t have to go through?”

“…Yes. I told you I would. I have no reason to leave, so I intend to stay by Your Highness’s side, the one whom I’ve imprinted with.”

The unusual occurrences happening around her.

Even though she is worried about his habits that keep reminding her of someone else, Bianca decides to remain by his side.

Until she found out it was all a coincidence riddled with lies.

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After I Died, He Died Too
내가 죽은 후 그가 따라 죽었다
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