Bailonz Street 13


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“Sometimes, secrets we can’t fathom crawl through the shadows of London.”

The protagonist finds herself trapped in a horror VR game that was set in 19th-century London, a city teeming with crime. She wakes up in the body of Jane Osmond, the assistant to the cynical and socially awkward genius detective, Liam Moore.

Her goal is simple: reach the game’s ending and return safely to the real world. However, as she and Liam unravel the mysteries of their cases, the game’s features gradually disappear, and the world, which should be mere data, feels disturbingly real.

“Who am I?”

To make matters worse, her memories of her real-life self start to fade, plunging Jane into shock.

Then, she realizes one more unsettling truth: the gray eyes of Liam Moore, who is supposed to be just an NPC, are always fixed solely on her.

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베일런즈 가 13번지
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New BeanEmperor rated it
June 30, 2024
Status: c73
I'm shocked that I'm seemingly the first review on this.

First off, kudos to the translators. You're doing great, not only are the translations clear but you've really captured the mood.

Where to start? I've read so many transmigration, reincarnation, world hopping stories that I was starting to feel like I would never find anything truly unique, but this series has revitalized me.

The elevator pitch for this series would have to be Sherlock Holmes meets Lovecraft but it's honestly much more than that. It doesn't just feel like a retread of old... more>> works, and the characters don't just feel like thinly veiled Sherlock and Watson (although they are a clear homage). There are some obvious similarities and parallels but they are still their own unique characters and their dynamic is really lovely.

The "romance" is both slow burn and fast paced at the same time. What I mean by this is that Jane and Liam have a very close and affectionate bond from early on, caring deeply for each other and performing a lot of casual skinship. While they haven't kissed, they give the feeling of an already married couple in how familiar they are with each other, as if they've known one another for ages.

The characters feel fleshed out and full of life. Jane is pragmatic, strong-willed and adaptable. She's honestly a bit of a bad-ass. She struggles with issues of morality and identity in a way that feels both thoughtful and realistic. She's practical and self-reliant but she doesn't feel like one of those characters who would step on someone else out of supposed self-preservation. She's a good person even if she doesn't think of herself as such.

Liam is seen as a bit of a cold-hearted brat by others but is infinitely warm and soft towards Jane. It's refreshing to see a male lead who is so emotionally vulnerable and generous with a whole series of quirks. He actually feels like a person rather than an archetype.

As for the plot, the story arcs whiz past but they are jam-packed and still feel incredibly impactful for how short they are. Each new side character introduced is unique and a fun addition, the world building is fascinating, the horror and mystery is tantalizing. I'm very much looking forward to where the rest of this adventure will take me and I recommend others to check out this gem. <<less
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