After Declaring Divorce, My Husband Became Le*d


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“Let’s get a divorce.”

I thought it would end like this.

For him, this marriage was a duty and a responsibility. He said he could do without someone like me.

But the night I filed for divorce…

“You want a divorce when you feel like this?”

My husband snapped and changed completely.

His usual polite, considerate demeanor was nowhere to be seen.
And although I was afraid of the changes in his attitude, my body strangely responded.

With force, a thick hand slid inside my tensed thigh.

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이혼을 선언하자 남편이 음란해졌다
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shinnace rated it
November 18, 2023
Status: --
Interesting, it caught my attention. Well, it's the same " I want a divorce, please divorce me " kind of thing but I like the story itself. I'm intrigued and I want more, it's only one chapter so I cannot give a clear review but I am curious why Richt (ml) is ignoring Isabelle (FL) when he cared for her anyway? He held her in his arms, he sent her gifts during birthdays and even supporting her family. But why he keeps on ignoring her? It seems he's only taking... more>> advantage of her. Yes, he kinda like her but that's out of lust. If he truly loves his wife he should make effort to communicate with her. Showering gifts is not enough to show how much you like a person. His love is shallow, like a dry leaf on a dry branch it's easy to crack or gone with the wind. He thought he's suffering because he cannot be with Isabelle and is masturbating because she's far away from the capital where he is working. That is the definition of hard to him, such shallowness. He did not even bother to write her some letters asking if she's still alive or not. Well, it's good that Isabelle is out of the mansion now, although Richt will run after her and take her back (haiz). Well, I will wait for next chaps to fill my curiosity. Thank you translator- nim for the smooth translation

I will add this comment:the title should be " After declaring divorce, my husband became a rapist" yeah that is the appropriate one. Well, here's the thing: Isabelle has no bone. But of course, what could she possibly do? Where should she go from here? Her family is broke because of her brother who used her as a milking cow for his own benefits. Her husband who never cared for her only use her as a s*x toy and as a s**en bank. Her mother in law who is the reason of her divorce is pushing her to the cliff of hopelessness. FL has no one to rely on. Eden is like a big brother to her but she knows he has a malicious feeling to her as well. There is no guarantee that Eden will not treat her like the way her husband did to her. I have no trust in Eden as well. Well, I know the husband will get a redemption sooner or later but I hope it's not forced. Y'know, like what happened in "The mistress runs away" or in most novels. <<less
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OtomeAddict rated it
February 6, 2024
Status: c7 part1
The story earns the one star it has from the effort the translator puts in.

After Declaring Divorce, My Husband Became [a f*cking piece of sh*t]

There. I corrected it.

... more>> Before ML changes in any way we learn...

- FL is insecure about the relationship. Won't communicate about that. She does get angry but never actually takes action about it aside from words in the form of half truths and often to the wrong person. Girl needs to get away but the story won't let her.

- Her mother in law hates her, thinks she is beneath them and criticizes her for infertility

- FL's brother is an abusive violent creep who extorts husband for money using her.

The husband doesn't really love her— at least by my definition. He's a chauvinist pig who did the bare minimum of having money not being clear garbage. After she leaves he chases after her, insults her, and repeatedly assaults her. He is more upset that she dares to leave than being upset bc he loves her. He keeps calling her a wh*re, alluding to her being a golddigger bc he pays her garbage brother money and saying how he is doing this to get his money's worth. He doesn't get it, even after her friend hits him and tells him to LOOK and understand what FL's life and situation is.

Worse yet. FL has a 2nd ML childhood friend who is kind to her and willing to stand up for her against her brother and husband against his own best interests. And based on how these kinds of stories are— I have a feeling he is never going to be the end game.

The smut scenes aren't good at all. It's assault, and all of it is for him but the author keeps making it say that "she's feeling it" like... How?!?

I will hate read until the end. Will be back with updates

(Edit) I've returned with the update. I still hate ML.

So we get his POV. He doesn't even really pick up on him being wrong until both Eden (FL's childhood friend who ML is incredibly jealous of) and FL's maid dressed him down about how he knows nothing about Isabelle and has never made an effort to. Eden (the 2ML that Isabelle has never felt anything for) actually picks a fight with ML because he can't stand Isabelle being abused and humiliated. ML even forced himself on Isabelle because he noticed Eden standing within view of the window before this. And the funny thing is from his POV it's clear he's always been a pompous AH because he's actually seething that a maid dare scold him even though he's SA-ing and verbally abusing her lady. He starts to act kinder AFTER someone spoonfeeds him the truth that Isabelle loved him. What? Was he just going to keep abusing her if she didn't like him in the first place? That and after he witnesses FL's brother beating the sh*t out of her (and she can't run from the estate bc she was baby trapped by him and doesn't have a dime to her name). Then — he keeps trying to force an apology on her. He also then realizes he knows absolutely nothing about her.

Before anyone victim blames FL on why didn't she tell him, why is she annoying... She's a lifelong victim of abuse in a society that doesn't give women the opportunity to speak over men. He never made time for her, he never even made an effort to. He can't be THAT busy. And also... Think as Isabelle. Who is the decent by virtue of doing nothing abusive husband who has only married you put of obligation going to believe? His mother— a lady who loves him and has an excellent reputation... or her? The woman shoved onto him? <<less
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Pizza singsit
Pizza singsit rated it
January 18, 2024
Status: --
Shitty novel, shitty characters and shitty redemption arc. Seriously the ML treated the FL like a doormat but even after this her body gets excited everytime they do the deed. I was expecting a long like a very long redemption and groveling journey of ML but the FL so easily forgave him.

Like the amount of emotional trauma and physical pain she went through I was expecting a long chapter. And some of the insults made by the ML like this one "I've held you so many times already. I wonder... more>> if you're worth enough to repay your debts." Ughhh I cried. I was bawling my eyes out. This hurts so much as a women. After this insult they did the deed. And let me tell you something. It was so suffocating to read and after reading the ML pov all the smut looked so disgusting.

I had read many novels with the same theme but it's the first I cried because the whole novel feels suffocating and frustrating to read. Like why was FL body getting turned on every time after she received her daily quota of insults, accusations and threats from ml <<less
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llaladeriver rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: --

I thought I was reading a true crime story. I skipped lots of the sm*t part because none of those were sm*t. Sick. They were almost like sick and disturbing SA cases you saw in news. That's why I said it's like reading true crime stories of a serial killer/murd*rer ted bundy to his victims.

Kudos to Salmon Latte for the translation. 1 star is for the plot and the unpleasant experience while skimming the story.

Read at your own risk. It's on me for not checking the tag first when I... more>> found out it tagged 'sex*al ab*se'

I know for sure Isabelle would come back to her abus*r which completes the story to be a true crime. <<less
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under-protest rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: c25
im writing this review because everyone is tr*shing the ML. Honestly I assume y’all didn’t read long enough. There’s a ton of wife chasing that goes on.

and I really agree with the person who found the FL annoyingly dense. And maybe I've become desensitized by reading novels here but the ML is far from the worst piece of tr*sh I've read about. Not to condone any of this s***. Irl non of this would be okay, but that’s why I read novels. If I wanted real life i’d read a... more>> newspaper.

honestly I think they deserve each other.

translation is amazing. <<less
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February 14, 2024
Status: c6 part1
Woah, I don't know... I feel like we're reading different stories after reading the other reviews. Like, ML is the POS here?

As far as I have read right now, the problem seems to point out the FL as the main problem here.


Her husband didn't treat her like a doormat. I'm not saying he is perfect and has done no wrong but he definitely didn't treat her like a doormat. Before the divorce attempt, he acted like a jealous husband and treated her like a proper wife. She, on the other hand, WAS THE EMBODIMENT OF A DOORMAT who treated herself like a doormat. A relationship is a two-way street. They aren't perfect but they could have learnt how to make each other happy except SHE REFUSED TO COMMUNICATE, PREFERRING TO BE A DOORMAT.

She only talks about s*upid stuff and constantly refuses to communicate about things that truly matter while assuming things as she pleases. Part of it probably has to do with her trauma of being abused and her low self-esteem. The ML, on the other hand, was very considerate (even the FL admitted it). He tried his best to be a good husband despite being busy. And, he can actually communicate like a normal person with his wife. Unfortunately, his wife was the avatar of doormats.


TLDR: The point is, I dropped this because I dislike the FL. The ML was not garbage as the others put it (at least, not before the divorce attempt). He was simply busy with life... you know, like normal people whose lives don't revolve around overly dramatic unrealistic romance? Maybe the latter chapters would prove me wrong that the problem truly lies heavily on the husband but... whatever. I don't feel like reading this for now due to FL. It's just not my cup of tea.
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