After Birth, I Discovered that my Mother is an Emperor


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The main villain and owner of a reverse harem in the 19+ gold-covered Ropane 『The Mad Emperor’s Red Bedroom』.

She was born as the daughter of the tyrant Zeusia!

Having narrowly avoided the fate of almost dying at birth, I have only one goal in life.

Instead of getting involved with my mother and other crazy original characters, i will save money and runs away from the annex where she is almost imprisoned!

But a problem arose.

“The more I look at your face, the cuter it becomes.”

“I will give you the newly occupied territory. Why do you make that face? You said you needed a playground.”

“Not ‘Your Majesty,’ but ‘Mom.’ “If you call me ‘Your Majesty’ one more time, I will hold your etiquette teacher accountable.”

My tyrant mother, whom I reunited with after 6 years, likes me more than I thought…Is this what it looks like?

It ended up like this, I was just trying to correct my mother with her terrible personality into her new country and her new adult!

“Princess, are you really not going to be friends with me?”

“If you’re by my side, I think a kid like me can accomplish anything.”

“Sino loves Lira so much! Marry me, Lira!”

As I happen to become involved with the main characters of the original, the spicy original taste begins to change to the sweet and fluffy taste of cotton candy.

“Lira, what should we do today?”

As I held the wounded hand of the boy with a faint smile, I dared to think.

‘I hope you don’t die.’

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태어나 보니 엄마가 황제다
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