After Being Told by My Fiancé That He Wanted Me to Become His Second Wife, I Lost My Temper and Punished Him With a Fist (Goo Punch). Afterwards, I Enrolled in a Magic School Located in the Royal Capital


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Misha, a viscount’s daughter living in a snowy country, was suddenly told by her fiancé, “There is a child of mine in her womb.” To her dismay, he had no intention of breaking off their engagement. Instead, he proposed making Misha his second wife, planning to pass the child off as the future viscount and even wanting to use their marriage funds for the child’s education.

Hearing this, Misha, who regained the memories of her previous life, punished her fiancé with a single punch and decided to cut ties with him. She had long admired a certain magic school and resolved to enroll there and make a life for herself.

Though Misha managed to apply to the magic school, she couldn’t avail of the scholarship program due to a past mishap caused by her uncle, who had also attended the school. As an ordinary magician, Misha almost gave up on attending the school, but an opportunity arose when a teacher from the pharmacology department offered to pay her tuition in exchange for managing the medicinal herbs used in class. Consequently, she was assigned to live in a cabin near the greenhouse where magical herbs were cultivated.

Despite the school being fully residential, Misha began her life in a cabin without a housemother, taking care of her own cooking and laundry. Her eventful school life unfolded with visits from a supervisory student who was also a future grand duke, being adored by a tsundere duchess’s daughter, and employing a rare gem slime. This marked the beginning of an exciting and enjoyable life at the magic school.

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