Accidentally Become the Belief of the Whole World


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In every world, there is always a vicious cannon fodder.

They are arrogant, spoiled, gloomy, sickly, and they are stepping stones for the protagonists, catalysts for their feelings, and they end up miserably, making the protagonists’ lives perfect.

And Shi Jingge became such a vicious cannon fodder.

In the entertainment world, he is a spoiled and lustful young master who flirts with everyone;

In the cultivation world, he is a ruthless and greedy senior brother who kills and robs others;

In the western fantasy world, he is a hypocritical and cruel holy son who abuses spirit beasts;

But after Shi Jingge crossed over, people were surprised to find that he was not what they imagined—

The young master was actually pure and cute, and he protected one talented idol after another!

The taciturn senior brother secretly returned one magic weapon after another, each one a treasure!

The holy son guarded the whole continent alone in the dark, wounded every day but silent, he should be the faith of the whole continent!

Shi Jingge: You may not believe me if I tell you.

Shi Jingge: At the very beginning, I just didn’t want to die so miserably.

But in this world, who would dare to hurt him?

He is light, he is faith, he is the only one.

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New nainaitou rated it
June 1, 2023
Status: c55
cute. The leads are quite generic, with MC being 'amazingly talented reincarnated yadda yadda that can do no wrong' and ML being that 'omg super op will protect MC with his life'. It's not a bad novel, and a light read if you want to pass some time. The endings are bittersweet if you didn't know they would meet again lol. (For most of the side characters the parting is pain)

... more>>

my fav character is probably heizi from the first arc, lmaooooo water navy who saw mc's cuteness and decided to stan him unironically while fighting against his water army friends. He also gave money to MC for being cute despite being broke and it made me feel kinda bad, I hope he has like an extra where he gets out of that job and finds something that he likes and makes money.

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New 93millionmilesfromthesun rated it
May 30, 2023
Status: c7
The setting of the system is interesting. The protagonist Shi Jingge transmigrates as the cannon fodder character, and his task is to lower something called the "rejection" of the character by the world, without being too OOC (out of character). So he has to stick to the personality of the original character, with some tweaks. For example, in this first world with a spoiled and rich young master, he plays up the "spoiled" aspect so it becomes more exaggerated and cute, instead of genuinely annoying... the best part is seeing... more>> other character's reactions, when they believed him to be a bad person, after it turns out he's not so bad after all. We don't know much about Shin Jingge so far, other than he wants to complete missions and return to his original world... this first world with the rich young master is his first mission. <<less
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